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A Wet Good-Bye

(free three-minute promotional video script with some production tips)

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This page last updated on or about 1-24-09
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ORIGINAL CREATION DATE: September 28, 2008

A necklace promotion

Keep in mind 'branding' the end of your video with the domain name/URL of your web page selling the necklace featured herein is essential to the clip possibly boosting your site traffic.

MORAL/THEME: Magic memories


SCENE 1: Girl is walking along a beach, close to the surf, and stumbles across a necklace buried in the sand. Digs it out and keeps it.

She hears a splash above the surf, looks for the source, and sees a large fish tail disappear below the water.

SCENE 1 HOW-TO: Shooting upwards from ground level with a camera enables you to get film of people against the sky walking towards the camera, and not show the ground. If the people are dressed as if at the beach, and you add some sea shore noises, it will seem like a beach scene even if you are nowhere near the ocean.

Sea shore noises can be gathered from lots of films or TV shows with beach scenes.

Shots of bare feet in sand at the necklace's discovery can be close ups taken in any large playground sand box in a park, or even done by gathering or buying sand yourself to set something up. You can also smooth the sand and wet it, to make it look more beach-like. For these shots the camera will be shooting nearly straight down from approximately head-height.

The shot of a tail fin splashing the water can also be a close up to avoid backdrop problems. Maybe done in a swimming pool or lake where it's practical to have someone wade in to manipulate the fake tail fin beneath the water for the camera.

If you want a sea-like horizon setting, hang a water proof blue or green piece of plastic for a background to the shot, to make it easier to add a sea horizon with video editing after you have the tail fin on film.

It may be possible to get a decent effect with a fairly small tail fin prop the size of a tablespoon or so, due to the visual perception being easy to fool if there's nothing to compare it to in the scene size-wise.

You should be able to create a good looking tail fin craft-wise for this (make sure its waterproof). Or you might even use a stinky real fish tail fin if you're willing to buy a whole fish at the market and use it for the scene.

SCENE 2: Girl is tossing and turning in bed; dreaming; mumbling unintelligibly. The necklace can be seen on a dresser or night stand.

SCENE 3: Girl is conversing on a phone to a friend, discussing her recurring dream, which seems related to the found necklace. Friend suggests she try sleeping with the necklace under her pillow, or wearing it.

SCENE 4: Girl dreams of an older woman looking sadly at the photo of a younger one. Wakes up and quickly jots down on paper two names she saw in the dream. Then seems to recall something else, and feels compelled to write a letter.

SCENE 5: Girl's voice over narrates the contents of the letter as the video shows her writing it.

"This feels so weird. Writing to someone else's mom, pretending to be her daughter. But still right, somehow. Dear mom: please don't worry about me. I'm fine. Really! Better than I've ever been! I finally found my place in the world. I'm finally happy. Or at least I will be if you get this letter.

I'm sorry I couldn't write you earlier. But things sort of happened very fast, and where I live now is very remote. Very difficult to communicate from with the outside world. But I love it so! It is an unusual place, with no official addresses I can give you. But the people are wonderful, and the landscapes breathtaking!

I think I shall live here forever.

Please don't worry about me. I've found the place I always wanted to be.



Girl sits back, finished with the letter. Then retrieves an envelope and inserts the letter. She moves to write a destination address on the envelope, but then realizes there isn't one. She frowns and sighs with frustration and disappointment.

SCENE 6: Some days later, after getting no hints as to what to do next, the girl begins researching on the internet the names she got from her dream: Melinda and Nadine Rothkin.

She finds an address for a Nadine Rothkin, and applies it to the envelope. Then she mails it.

SCENE 7: Some days later, the girl is asleep and dreaming again. She sees the same older woman, reading the letter and laughing and weeping in joy and relief. The girl wakes up and smiles. Looking at the necklace on her nightstand.

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