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Sometime soon humanity should be hitting a techno-economic tipping point, after which all the basics of life like food, shelter, transport, and medical care would logically become dramatically easier and cheaper to obtain

America's de facto domestic and foreign policies of artificial scarcity and institutionalized poverty (part one)

This page last updated on or about late 7-5-07
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When will we reach the tipping point where there’s no longer any doubt that economic scarcity among humanity exists wholly by the choice of an elite few, and not actual economic necessity?

Or, in other words, when will existing knowledge, wealth, and technology become sufficient to completely eliminate poverty in terms of basic sustenance, comprehensive education, and healthcare for everyone worldwide?

Or have we reached that point already?1

Are the non-rich worldwide being played for fools by a tiny fraction (perhaps just a couple dozen families) of the super-rich?2 Could it be that we might ALL enjoy more-than-adequate living standards, via little more than a change in modern society’s rules and policies and priorities?

And-- perhaps most importantly-- who gets to be the ultimate judge of whether the tipping point has been reached or not? Surely not the handful of families who already sit atop 99% of humanity on the pyramid! For it’s in basic human nature to want to retain a definitive edge in power over others, merited or not.3 If we allow the same people who’ve always been on top to make this decision, it’s likely they’ll never formally recognize such a tipping point-- even when it’s far, far past.

Or worse, they may actively try to prevent the tipping point from arriving (by squandering vast sums of humanity‘s wealth, rather than allowing a more just and practical application), or hide its arrival entirely, with some grand campaign of distraction-- such as unnecessary wars, or the hyping of tiny actual threats into monstrous hypotheticals-- the meat and potatoes of TV shows like "24", and the Bush-Cheney Administration. Or perhaps take all these actions simultaneously.4

MORE in part two...


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Note 4:

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