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The Atlantis That Could Have Been

Could we eventually uncover a lost civilization like the fabled Atlantis on the sunken portions of the southeast asian peninsula? And if so, what might it have been like in its heyday?

Approximately 25,125 BC- 13,875 BC: By around 25,125 BC the lowlands of the greater southeast asian peninsula had arisen from the sea, exposed by declining sea levels of the Ice Age.

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[Caution: Speculation ahead]

The receding coastlines drew people already in or near the region ever further out into the expanding saltmarsh swamps and barrens in search of the seafood available along the retreating coasts. By 24,925 BC (200 years later) the inland lowlands had been transformed into lush grasslands, crisscrossed by hundreds of streams, rivers, lakes, and ponds, encouraging still more colonization by animals and people. By 24,625 BC (300 years more) dense forests populated various parts of the lowlands, inviting even more diversity of incoming fauna and flora.

The people of the region were forced to adapt rapidly or leave, in one way or another. A continuous stream of new immigrants from the Asian mainland refreshed and expanded the human population. Other, older peoples also descended from the highlands. By 22,425 BC (another 2,200 years) a network of thriving and sophistocated city-states had sprouted up all across the lowlands, while the remote highlands remained for the most part as primitive as they'd been 2,700 years before.

Note that the rapid changes in the environment on the lowlands would have pushed human adaptive capacities pretty hard during the first few thousand years.

Lost Civilizations and the South East Asian Peninsula (25,125 BC- 13,875 BC) Table of Contents

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