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Bag of Change

(free three-minute promotional video script with some production tips)

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This page last updated on or about 1-24-09
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(promotes a reversible bag)

MORAL/THEME: Adaptability, control over your own life

SCENE 1: Girl is walking through a mall or other large and busy public place. Notices a man who seems to be trying to unobtrusively follow her.

NOTE OPTIONS HERE: The girl's facial expression reaction to this can be puzzled, worried, angry, or amused-- just choose which is preferred and adjust the script accordingly.

SCENE 2: Girl continues walking to confirm her stalker, and decides he really is following her.

SCENE 2 HOW-TO: We might accomplish this wordlessly, with shots looking over the girl's shoulder so the audience sees the guy in the distance, and a close up of the girl watching the guy out of the corner of her eye, or in the reflection of a store window.

SCENE 3: Girl is seen entering a public rest room.

SCENE 4 consists of a brief montage of video clips depicting the girl using various adjustments and the contents of her bag to completely change her look in moments.

SCENE 4 HOW-TO: Achieving a total make-over in minutes with a minimum of changes to clothing and accessories will seem dramatic and ingenious.

We must try to keep the contents of the bag and what is done with them plausible for the audience though.

Hopefully you already know ways to pull this off. Or can get ideas from other women for it. But if not...

Some suggestions here: if your first look is with loose, long hair and no head gear, tucking it all up to fit under something like a baseball cap (which could easily be carried in your bag) will make a big change.

Another option would be wrapping a bandana around your head, etc.

If you wore no glasses at beginning, putting some on now will be a significant change.

You'll also reverse your bag's look in this change-of-appearance, before exiting the rest room.

If your first look includes significant makeup, maybe removing it or changing it will be helpful.

Remember: we're after a sufficiently drastic change in appearance here that you might truly lose or confuse a stalker in the real world due to the difference. So some sort of rearrangement of your clothing, or the application of an easily used or removed article for a visible change might also help. For instance, maybe a wrap previously used around the hips might be moved to the shoulders, or vice versa.

If not just your bag but also maybe your jacket and even belt are reversible, those could help too.

I've seen women use various tricks for similar look quick-changes on TV and in films before, so using ideas from those might help you work out a scheme here.

Other tricks to try include changing your body shape or proportions to really throw someone off. But your options for this will depend greatly on the clothing and accessories available. Some small but effective changes can include a bit of improvised padding of your shoulders beneath your clothing, for instance.

Remember in the montage of the change you only need give the audience enough hints of the process that they understand the plausibility of it: they need not see it continuously from start to finish, or every detail of how it's done.

Always keep in mind the change must be a believable one from the audience's viewpoint.

Any cooperative guy can serve as the stalker here. But who you use may also determine what reaction you show in facial expression before.

SCENE FIVE: Girl exits rest room without glancing stalker's way.

SCENE SIX: Girl reaches a safe vantage point from which to sneak a look back, and sees man still waiting and watching the restroom exit. Girl laughs, turns, and leaves.

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