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An online epic from the
journals of Jerry Staute

A science fiction dream-- or nightmare-- which may someday engulf us all.

Staute may have been the first victim. Might you be next?
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NOTE: This portion of Jerry Staute's life was preceded by many of the events detailed in The Shadowfast supercar driver logs. To be more specific, the time-traveling epic below both begins and ends in a matter of mere weeks during 1972, within the period otherwise documented in Breaking up. For many years afterwards all Staute would recall of these events would be a frustratingly brief campus relationship with a girl of Asian descent, whom he subsequently never heard from again, after she was abruptly called back home overseas.

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  • Prologue: Critical Mass
  • My heavily regimented 1990 life in Boston is suddenly turned upside down when I'm briefly abducted and released by some mighty strange folks. Something they did to me made me afterwards recall lots of all new events from my college life almost 20 years past. Events apparently encompassing many months of truly bizarre experiences, of which I'd not been aware since.

  • Chapter One: Something Different
  • Beware of hot college girls who are too easy to please.

  • Chapter Two: Learning the Ropes
  • The seemingly magical environment of 500 plus years hence.

  • Chapter Three: Drafted
  • Being shanghaied by lost future tourists might be better than such abductions in past human history-- but it can still be scary and confusing for the victim.

  • Chapter Four: Navigator
  • Talk about crazy expectations...!

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  • Chapter One: Contact
  • As if I didn't already have enough problems: I pick up a bizarre hitchhiker-- in my head!

  • Chapter Two: The Farthest Reaches
  • Humanity's far future seems to be lots different from that described in the science fiction books of my youth.

  • Chapter Three: Baptism by Fire
  • Being a primitive throwback country hick amongst super-smart future folk isn't necessarily all bad.

  • Chapter Four: Putting a Genie Back in His Bottle
  • Containing a super powered being can be tricky!

  • Chapter Five: Inner Space Wars
  • Somebody make it stop!

  • Chapter Six: Sol Mate
  • One of my fondest dreams comes true-- sort of.

  • Chapter Seven: Fractures
  • Loving a real-life goddess can be a soul-searing experience.

  • Chapter Eight: Not to Be
  • Mark this down as one of the worst moments of my life.

a - j m o o n e y h a m . c o m - o r i g i n a l

The Madness of Dreamers is now available as a Kindle ebook!

  • Chapter One: A Fantasy of Chaos
  • The awful personal playground of one rich S.O.B. will go down in history as one of the biggest and most heinous crimes ever committed...

  • Chapter Two: Descent into Chaos
  • Can we successfully fetch what we need from this madman's fantasy world?

  • Chapter Three: Hell and the Human Spirit
  • Although it's fascinating in its own way, I sure wouldn't want to live here...

  • Chapter Four: The Terror
  • Let me out of this thing!

  • Chapter Five: The Taking of Amphitritium
  • Seizing control of an underwater city sounds like fun (until someone gets hurt).

  • Chapter Six: The Siege of the Seventh Palace
  • Some vicarious thrills from the experiences of those truly trapped in this scary virtual reality, courtesy of high tech implants...

  • Chapter Seven: The Battle of Belphi station
  • Things go from bad to worse to-- huh? What the hell just happened!?

Rebellion to Oblivion

  • Chapter One: Me, Myself, and a Nano Eye
  • I finally get a chance to seize back control of my own destiny-- or do I? The mysterious alien entity now sharing my mind has its own agenda.

  • Chapter Two: Bad Bad Boy
  • Probably the last thing these future folk expected of me was a real life Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde transformation...

  • Chapter Three: Bright Lights, Hard Vacuum
  • Taking down an artificial intelligence from 2483 AD can be quite a chore! It's a good thing I've got help!

  • Chapter Four: Return to Origin
  • I'm blindsided by one last shocker, before being returned home again by my abductors...

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Thantia's list from chapter eight of Meeting of the Minds

What could have been: Parallel universe tales of the Pagnew and its crew-- and abductees-- as well as other vessels in such straits

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Ovizatataron's list of unsung 21st century heroes from chapter three of Rebellion to Oblivion

The historic heroes-- unrecognized by their own generation-- which the dying Ovizatataron urges Staute to aid as best he can during the 21st century

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