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Never give up inspirational office poster fax from 1970s of stork swallowing a frog

Above is a scan of the actual old fax (artist unknown).

Scan of the word TEXAS from the real-life 1970s Texas license plate of the original Shadowfast super car.

Years and years ago my dad showed me the latest goofy fax making the rounds at his factory office. It was a crude drawing of a stork trying to swallow a frog. The frog had its webbed fore-fingers tightly wrapped around the storkís neck, preventing the bird from swallowing him. But the frogís own head was already stuck in the back of the storkís throat. So everything basically came down to who suffocated first, as to whether the frog was eaten or not.

In the 1970s Iíd come to find myself feeling a bit like that frog, with Texas playing the part of the stork.

Fortunately Texas choked first and spit me back out. Or we both choked simultaneously; whatever the case, I escaped the place pretty much unscathed by the authorities (though Shadow and I did get scarred up in other ways). Thatís what happened in a nutshell.

For those who'd like to know more, there's the links below.

The accounts below were inspired by actual events. Details like names, dates, and more have been changed for reasons of privacy and readability.

Please click on a selection below:

  • An introduction to J. Staute and Shadowfast

  • Read Too close to the bone for free! Too close to the bone doesn't offer a lot in supercar antics, but mostly details how Shadowfast and I put ourselves in the Texas pickle to start with.

  • No good deed goes unpunished; I frustrate one bad officer's chase-for-fun.

  • Kissing the wall; Who knows how to save your ass from an impossible situation? Your subconscious knows-- at least if you've faced something similar once before.

  • When push came to shove; One angry officer just doesn't know when to quit.

  • Shadowfast versus the tornados; The title pretty well sums it up.

  • Heartbreaker; Heartbreaker would mark the sudden shocking end to my long Texas summer that year.

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