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The dirty deeds of Republicans get little attention in the mainstream media-- partly because they're often so heinous and unbelievable

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Yes, much of Republican misdeeds doesn't get reported in the mainstream press simply because the Republicans OWN most of the mainstream media. But even those outlets with some measure of independence may often avoid reporting the worst of Republican behavior too-- for the simple reason it's so unbelievably awful, disgusting, and depressing. Especially as many of the Republican criminals are leading public advocates AGAINST the very crimes they commit-- prior to being caught. YUCK!

As many Republican voters/citizens profess to possess a strong religious bent, and near unshakeable confidence in their leaders, such news about Republican politicians and their allies or subordinates can seem akin to someone catching Jesus Christ himself in the act of torturing an innocent, or shredding children with bombs and missiles. So lots of outlets pass up the opportunity to write about such things. It's simply information many of their customers don't want to hear (and so could make the networks' Nielsen ratings-- and advertising revenues-- drop).

But isn't it for the best that we DO take note of such transgressions? And such outrageous hypocrisy? Especially in people who loudly and often proclaim themselves not only to be qualified to lead and govern us-- but intellectually and morally superior to many of us, as well?

Below are links to the very things most of us would prefer not to know-- and so are largely ignored by both the media and the public:

So why do so many Republicans seem to do the exact opposite of what they preach to others? Maybe it's because they dwell upon sin too much themselves. Research indicates the more you dwell upon vice, the more likely you are to commit it yourself. Yikes!

-- License to sin -- Asking people to think about vice increases their likelihood of giving in; eurekalert.org; 10-May-2007; Contact: Suzanne Wu swu@press.uchicago.edu 773-834-0386 University of Chicago Press Journals

"Those who make a big show of reproving behavior in others are often overcompensating for their own baser instincts."

-- Their demons make them do it By ROBYN BLUMNER Published December 3, 2006

"...maybe there are so many sex offenders in the Republican Party precisely because it purports to be the party of family values - not although it purports to be such a party, but because it does. Think of it: What better hiding place for a sexual deviant than in an organization that takes great care to cultivate a public image as a bunch of straight-laced Bible-thumpers?"

"Thus we have so many sexual deviants who all independently come to the conclusion that God's Own Party is the best option for keeping their deviancy secret as they publicly advance their political careers - except that so many of them have taken this strategy that they have threatened the very "family values" facade they sought to hide behind.

Oh, the irony.

Still, we have yet another reason to stop the Republican permanent majority - for the children's sake."

G.O.P. pervs turn a negative into a positive and back into a negative again August 07, 2008

It also appears being under the influence of a religion which condemns too wide a swath of behavior relating to something as vital to human nature as sex (including orientation and birth control) often makes for big contradictions between what you say and what you do.

Now what's the definition of hypocrisy again?

"...when it came to these sexual issues, people influenced by religion believed one thing but did another..."

-- Religion doesn't interfere with sex; AAP; April 17, 2007; brisbanetimes.com.au

So perhaps lots of Republican politicians and pundits are doomed from the very start when they strive to build careers based upon first lying to themselves, then lying to everyone else. It may begin with lies about sex, but then not stop there: eventually lies and deception and secrecy seem to swallow them whole.

And speaking of deception and secrecy...

Unfortunately, actions like those listed above may not even represent the worst and most damaging of Republican crimes against their fellow Americans and possibly the world. Check out the following awful compilations:

The astonishing decline of America

The enormous hidden costs to society of 'right-wing' political governance

How to get rich in America

But I have still more bad news for you: this page is only the tip of the iceberg. For the Republicans made almost everything they do top secret while they had supreme control of all three branches of US government between January 2000 and January 2007. So we can't know the full extent of their crimes. Not today, and maybe not even fifty years from now.

It's literally illegal for anyone to even report many types of crimes Republicans in power do now.

Don't believe me? There's references for that and lots more in the sad and awful page below:

They own you -- and all your property too

President Bush has apparently bought himself a legal refuge in Paraguay-- which offers protections from criminal extradition much like Argentina did for Nazis after WWII-- just in case he lives to see his own secrets divulged.

-- We Hate To Bring Up the Nazis, But They Fled To South America, Too; 10-18-06; wonkette.com

-- Paraguay in a spin about Bush's alleged 100,000 acre hideaway by Tom Phillips; October 23, 2006

-- Bush Purchases 99000 Acres In Paraguay? Compiled By Prorev.com Editor Sam Smith; 20 October 2006

"...in Paraguay...President George W. Bush recently purchased an enormous ranch close to a military base used by the United States."

-- Deja Vu in Afghanistan; Paraguay Political Challenge By Conn Hallinan; accessible online 5-29-07

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