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Low cost education and reference possibilities

from How to live well on very, very little

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This page last updated on or about 10-23-06
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Other online reference sources (among other things) may be found in my own portal page.

It may be that establishing ways to facilitate connections between willing tutors and earnest students would help improve many nations (and the world) rapidly in many ways, and for minimal costs.

Jerome Rabow has written a how to guide for potential tutors and government agencies which might be interested in setting up such programs. It also includes a problem-solving section. The title of the book is Tutoring Matters-- Everything You Always Wanted to Know About How to Tutor [shop for this].

The book is based on Rabow's and his students' own documented experiences in tutoring over ten years.

-- UCLA prof touts tutoring manual as cure for social ills; Reuters/CNN.com; August 18, 1999

MentorNet - The E-Mentoring Network for Women in Engineering and Science may also be a helpful resource in this vein.

AwesomeLibrary.org (K-12 Education Directory) appears to handily package some of the information available free from many sources online.

Virtual universities and distance learning possibilities include African Virtual University, Malaysian Unitar (University Tun Abdul Razak), and the Indian IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University).

-- First-Rate Ed for Third World by Lakshmi Chaudhry; 26.Aug.99; Wired Digital Inc

LABX.COM [second link if the first doesn't work] sells used scientific equipment and laboratory instruments which could be useful for schooling or training in various subjects.

For many non-English speakers, learning English as a second language could possibly benefit you in many ways, as English seems to be becoming the business language of choice worldwide, and much of the world wide web is routinely offered in English translations. So you in theory expand your potential opportunities in both business matters and accessing internet libraries of information by learning to speak, read, and write English. Another advantage can come from your dual language skills allowing you to serve as translator for native English speakers visiting your country, or needing to communicate via phone with people in your area. You may also find a local business wishing to send you on trips to other nations to perform translations or other tasks for them.

Adolescence seems all too often to be a difficult time for both parents and children, and frequently for reasons beyond the control or comprehension of either. The troubles of this time can especially affect a teen's education or other training preparing them for adulthood. For these reasons I implore both teens and their parents to try to be especially tolerant and forgiving of one another during this time, and offer up some tidbits of research which will hopefully help both to make it through this period successfully. Good luck!

CLICK HERE for some clues to coping with the frequent motivation and disciplinary troubles with teenagers in regards to education

Miscellaneous other online resources dealing with free or low cost education:

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