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A mix-up of historic proportions (future-wise)

Once upon a time there was a case of mistaken identity involving two men of the same name. The mistake was made by an ultra advanced artificial intelligence from the far future which was only following its most important original programming directive: no matter how long it took to obtain the technology, return to the past to rescue its biological maker from his own mortality. The A.I.'s error resulted in the fates of two different men being forever after intertwined to such an extent as to eventually be mistaken by history itself as being one and the same person.

For our purposes here we shall label the wealthier and better known man actually responsible for the time traveling artificial intelligence as Staute Prime, and the poorer, more obscure adventurer accidentally caught up in these intrigues as Chance Staute.

More about Staute Prime and his A.I. may be seen in J. Staute and the first immortal artificial intelligence.

Chance Staute engaged in his own brand of derring-do both before and after inadvertantly being pressed into service by Staute Prime's ambitions of immortality. These are described in The Shadowfast supercar driver logs and The Moonshadow flying wing pilot logs.

The Chance of a Realtime is an online epic (several hard copy books worth) detailing Chance Staute's own abduction in 1972, his experiences aboard a time-traveling vessel, and his subsequent return and involuntary amnesia regarding the event.

His abductors however were unable to overcome the interference of Staute Prime's own A.I. in their plans; thereby causing Chance Staute to regain his memories some eighteen years later. The new recollections would make for a drastic change in direction for Chance Staute thereafter. And not just due to his new-found knowledge of future history: for his captors had also been forced to leave behind certain artifacts. Artifacts Staute now knew how to find and exploit to his own ends. This is discussed briefly in Reference notes on the life and times of J. Staute.

Other science fiction on-site

The two J. Stautes above are not the only lives chronicled here. Others include:

The story of Kerri and Cluke tells of a beautiful and talented criminal who joins forces with an A.I. originally created from a splinter of Staute Prime's own extraordinary software. After her ill-gotten gains have made her fabulously wealthy, Kerri's ambitions turn to immortality and remaking the world in her own image. As well as ridding herself of pesky ongoing investigative efforts directed at her capture in the present. She figures to leverage the new field of long term stasis and ever growing returns on her investments over decades and centuries to achieve her goals. Unfortunately for Kerri, the future turns out to be more complicated than she expected...

The Pearsall Saga tells the story of an intrepid husband and wife team who seeks their fortune and glory in becoming the ultimate entrepreneur-explorers of the galaxy. The title doesn't come cheap though...

Approximately 37,000 BC - 35,000 BC: Childhood ends for one Australian

What could have been: A lost civilization in southeast asia, 25,125 BC- 13,875 BC

Mayan X

As to the plausibility of the tales linked above, they are as 'hard-core' science fiction-- or 'hard' science fiction-- as I could make them, based upon all the science, education, and actual discoveries in related fields available to me at the time of writing.

Although my science fiction is just that-- fiction-- the at times considerable supporting references available for what I've written sometimes makes me wonder if some of it might not eventually be proven true after all. Especially my speculations regarding past and present events and their possible implications for our future.

The scientific and historical 'pedigrees' of my tales may sometimes be found via references included in their own pages, or others linked from same. For instance, The Chance of a Realtime's table of contents page links to A science fiction dream -- or nightmare-- which may someday engulf us all. But where such references are not so directly available, they might be found in the substantial research efforts entered via the links below:

An illustrated speculative timeline of future technology and social change

The rise and fall of star faring civilizations in our own galaxy

Perspectives on faster-than-light and time travel ("warp drive") technologies circa 2400 AD-2450 AD.

Perspectives on the structure of the superverse and implications for its transit and other means of exploitation

Civilization's best defenses against war, terrorism, technological stagnation, and economic ruin

Reference notes about the Sol pertaining to 2601 and beyond

Our ultimate corporeal forms

Revelations of the future kind

I hope you enjoy my efforts!

-- J.R. Mooneyham, 2009

Copyright © 1993-2009 by J.R. Mooneyham.
All rights reserved.

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