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Free self-promotional three-minute video scripts for all

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This page first created 1-24-09
Last updated on or about 2-12-09
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I don't know how long the window of opportunity for self-promotion online via video clip will remain open-- but most previous internet-based opportunities like this have appeared and disappeared with alarming speed. So fast that most people never even realized they existed until it was too late, and they were no more. So the potential value of video shorts could evaporate to zip at any moment.

-- Be a YouTube Star (Without Losing Your Soul) Yes, it's possible to get more viewers for your YouTube videos without taking off your clothes or rickrolling everyone. Here's how. by Nick Douglas; 12.15.08

-- YouTube Videos Pull In Real Money By BRIAN STELTER Published: December 10, 2008

But so long as the window remains open, below you'll find a list of original scripts for short video clips-- like roughly three to four minutes in duration-- which are FREE for anyone and everyone to use and modify to create videos for their own use, to upload to Youtube or elsewhere.

These scripts may be better than many others floating on the web, for at least one reason: I try to include tactics by which you can keep production costs and related labor to a bare minimum.

And speaking of minimizing costs, I recommend the video clip below to give you tons of ideas on that topic:

-- The Strangest Internet Video Online Ever!

As there might also be some ideas which don't require live-action filming to succeed, you can also try various text-to-movie facilities:

-- Xtranormal Launches Text-to-Movie Making

Related sites for this would include xtranormal, Animasher - animate your photos, and GoAnimate.

The only conditions for use of my scripts below are these:

(1) In any video or video script you derive from mine, you conspicuously acknowledge me (J.R. Mooneyham) as the original source in your materials, and show my own domain name (jmooneyham.com) in your content credits too-- so that I might reap a little advertising benefit from your success, as well (YOU keep any profits: I just get an acknowledgment of me and my site in your creation).

(2) Let me know about the scripts or videos you create online based on mine, so that I can view them too, and maybe link to them from my web site (in that case possibly boosting your own traffic and profits).

That's it! May good fortune smile upon us all!

I wrote my earliest scripts for the benefit of a young woman I know who expressed interest in using sites like youtube to promote both her fledgling business startup effort and herself, online (among other things, she sells reversible bags and necklaces she makes herself). However, she turned out to be spread too thin time-wise for such ambitions, due to also attending college full-time, and working a traditional job at least part-time. So I decided to make these scripts available to everyone, and maybe boost my own marketing efforts simultaneously.

Most of the scripts (especially the earliest) thus revolve about or focus upon the promotion of an attractive young woman (and her wares) in various scenarios. Marketing studies indicate such a format is by far the most effective in getting and holding the attention of not only men, but women as well. And so (as a general rule) should be used as often as possible in your video efforts.

The scripts table of contents

If you'd like to see more scripts, let me know! Otherwise I'll probably only post new ones on fairly rare occasion.

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