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Low cost health and medical care

More ways to guard your health and attend to basic medical needs for very, very low cost.

(...continued from How to Live Well on Very, Very Little)

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Low cost health and medical care table of contents

Introduction and disclaimer

I am not a doctor!

Please note folks that I strongly recommend you get diagnosed and treated by a trained physician for your ailments, wherever possible. Keep in mind this page and its related pages are assembled primarily for the poorest folks of third world countries who may not have access at all to professional medical personnel. For all others, these pages are merely meant to offer additional resources and information to consider when trying to maximize the cost-effectiveness of their own health and medical decisions, hopefully in full consultation with professional medical personnel.

Note that it can be very risky indeed to experiment totally on your own with various treatments only now being comprehensively tested in animal and human trials, such as many of the articles linked on this and other pages describe.

Indeed, some links presented here are considered truly relevant only to medical researchers and doctors of third world nations themselves, to hopefully help them help their patients in ways they otherwise might not be aware were possible.

So please DO NOT take unnecessary risks with your health: consult your physician about such matters first wherever you possibly can.

Low cost health and medical contents

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