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Her Singularity

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This page last updated on or about 1-24-09
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ORIGINAL CREATION DATE: September 28, 2008


MORAL/THEME: Transcendence; potential importance of outcasts; the unknown and unexpected future; the significance of song and music

TARGET AUDIENCE: Young male geeks (maybe female geeks too); online geeks can bring about huge web traffic for something they like.

LITERARY REFERENCE: A momentous event called The Singularity is a popular notion among geeks on the net. It represents the idea that our technology continues to rapidly advance, and advance ever faster, until at some point everything-- including us-- is changed. In major, mind-blowing ways. In ways we can't predict, because we aren't nearly as smart now as we will be after. A scientist turned science fiction writer named Vernor Vinge first coined the term in this manner in a novel. His idea now has a sizable following.

PROMOTIONAL ELEMENTS: This script basically promotes the young woman star herself-- and possibly her own songs or musical recommendations.

[The young woman actress both narrates and stars (unless it's desirable to have a different woman do the voice work for some reason); all video but the end just shows the woman walking, going about her business, deadpan/expressionless, maybe even a bit shy and retiring if accidentally bumped; walking through college lobbies or similar environments, up and down stairs, through hallways, etc.; the young woman is mute in all video footage, and never looks into the camera until the very end]


As far back as she could remember, she'd always known. Possessed her own tremendous secret, which she could reveal to no one.

Not to her parents. Not to her brother. Not anyone.

Keeping this secret had required complete and absolute silence on her part. So she'd never uttered a single word, in her entire life. Not even in fear or pain.

Everyone had been relieved but puzzled when doctors could find nothing wrong with her-- and she'd excelled in school.

None of them suspected she'd consciously chosen her silence as a toddler, before actually gaining the capacity for speech.

Being steadfastly mute for over 20 years had been taxing for her. But at last her wait was nearing its end.

For today was the day. The day the human race would experience something unlike anything which had come before.

The day that peace and harmony would finally liberate all from the chains of strife and privation and suffering.

The day when all would finally learn the secret she'd kept hidden away for so very long.

It had amazed her that none had guessed her secret over all this time. When clues had seemed to literally surround them.

But most ignored everything but what lay just before their own nose. Only a handful had pondered the great silence from all the other stars.

And none had guessed the truth of the matter. The truth in her.

She was the key. The missing link between what was, and what could be.

A hundred billion people had lived and died to create her.

Today would finally make all their sacrifices worthwhile.

When the moment came, all of the living would suddenly awaken to their true purpose in the world, and their petty fears and anxieties would fall away.

Each would see themselves and others in a whole new light. And the world would change to something which would have been impossible, only moments before.

Today would spell her personal end. The end for what she was now, and had been since birth.

But it would also mark the beginning of a new life for her, just as it did the others. As she fulfilled her true purpose, and helped all her fellow souls to do the same.

Getting to this point had been difficult.

But what remained was easy: she now had only to broadcast her world-changing song into the ether.

There, a thousand others would hear it, and be instantly transformed. Into the new. Then, a thousand thousands more.

And soon her unique notes would span the world. Reaching every ear, expanding every mind.

And once it had reached everyone, a tremendous joy would fill all the hearts of this world.

For no longer would the heavens be silent to them: humanity would finally hear the songs of a trillion other souls.

Yes: her role was to end the long silence for humanity; to awaken them to a chorus beyond their imagining.

And that wonderful moment-- for which she'd waited a lifetime-- was finally here.

She took in her final breath of air as a mortal being: and then sang her song.

FINAL SCENE: In the last moments of the narration, the girl arrives at her destination: a room or office with an obvious microphone and some sort of hardware like a computer or two way radio (the more hardware, the better) When she sits down, she's finally facing the camera for the first time. She touches the microphone, raises her eyes to finally look directly into the camera, then her expression slowly changes from deadpan and stoic, into one of a beaming, happy, knowing and contented smile.

As her smile slowly breaks out, the light in the room becomes ever brighter-- with the light concentrated upon the girl. Until the scene finally ends in a white out, as the very final words of the narration are heard.

The use of some gold glitter on the girl (or similar video effects, like twinkling) just before the white out could enhance the impression that something extraordinary was happening.

The white out at the end might be done solely in video editing, or during filming with very bright lights which could be gradually brightened on command-- or a combination or both. In video editing may be best, as real lights might cause the girl to involuntarily close her eyes when we want them open at the end.

Someone might have to coach the girl into giving her very best and warmest smile at the end, for maximum desired effect on the audience. Her smile at the end-- as her face disappears into a flood of white light-- will be the most important part of this video.

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