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How can the US economy be set right again? It's ridiculously simple:

Investigate, prosecute, seize.

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This page last updated on or about late 2-19-09
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-- Nationalizing the Banks Seems Inevitable: How Bad Does It Have to Get First? Failure to act decisively over the collapse of our banking system could mire the US in a protracted slump, like Japan's "lost decade" in the '90s. By Joshua Holland, AlterNet. Posted February 16, 2009.

NOTE: A big thanks to Will F. for alerting me to the fact the above link was originally pointing to the wrong story!

For God's sake, INVESTIGATE the mess, PROSECUTE the culprits, SEIZE the money they stole (plus seize all the rest of their fortunes too, for criminal penalties, leaving them paupers, like so many of their victims), and SET THE BANKING LAWS BACK to how FDR had them working after his reforms, to prevent this shit from happening over and over and over again! And forcing Wall Street to keep only ONE set of accounting records rather than the TWO wildly different ones they do now (similar to organized crime syndicates), will also help tremendously!

Is that so fricking difficult to understand, Obama? How come Geithner can't (or won't) give you that advice? If he's telling you anything else from the above, he's no good and should be FIRED.

I believe virtually every US citizen who's not a politician-- no matter whether Republican or Democrat, or whatever else-- can understand the above process is essential, and would back it overwhelmingly. Especially as economic conditions continue to deteriorate not only nationwide, but worldwide.

The longer you delay taking these actions, the more likely you yourself will become considered part of the problem, Obama. You delay it at your own peril.

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