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This page last updated on or about 3-29-07

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This page is only a references and resources collection. To see the actual guide to making money with your web site, CLICK HERE.

I've tried to list newer links nearer the top, and older ones near the bottom. However, as this reorganization only began 3-28-07, that description will fit least well on that date, but become more accurate over time.

Note certain portions of this list were culled from more refined research compilations, and others from very raw bookmarks/favorites collections by the author. So some links may be represented by (unmarked) quotes from the page pointed to, or the author's own casual typed-in perspectives on the page.

The formatting for the links below is minimal; I've introduced breaks primarily to make skimming more productive. I hope to make it all more presentable at a later date.

How the Internet Is Replacing the Book
How to Process Online Payments
some interesting facts and figures about the book industry
70% of the books published do not make a profit
5,000 novels, 200 first novels and 100 scripts are purchased each year
58% of the US adult population never reads another book after high school
42% of college graduates never read another book
Women buy 68% of all books
Out of every 10,000 children's books, 3 get published
Libraries lose 20% of their books each year
Xlibris...paid out $1 million in royalties to some 9,000 authors since...1997...About $111. each
StartupNation - Source for Small Business Advice, Help Starting a Business, Entrepreneur Forum
Lulu.com - Self Publishing - Free
[news]...will be barely read by anyone 36 hours after it was first posted
the number of people who read news stories on the web decays with time in a power law
the cumulative numbers of visits here reach saturation after just a few days
The average half-life of a news item is just 36 hours, or one and a half days after it is released
people could miss a significant fraction of news by not visiting the portal when a new document is first displayed
people read a particular web page not just because it looks interesting but because it can be accessed easily
How to choose a great domain name
6+1 Traits of Search Engine Relevant Content
Producers Use the Web to Romance Audience and Bring Them Back - New York Times
The Secrets of Creating and Growing an Online Business
Lessons Learned Self-Publishing With Lulu
How to Create a Liberal Bestseller
I would rather be attacked than unnoticed
Thank You for Hating My Book - New York Times
a staggering advance of 94,636 places at a cost of only $110.60
all it took was $256.68 — and a really bad review
not much happens of any significance when we're in our comfort zone
if it doesn't work, they can't eat you
My rules for success in business and life in general
The blogger who traded a paper clip for a house wasn't the only one to benefit from the project. Others got loads of free publicity, too
EBay sellers with established reputations can expect about 8 percent more revenue than new sellers

bellsnwhistles.com - Animated Graphics and Website Building Tools - Index -
bellsnwhistles.com Animated Graphics - Information about how to build a website
AnimatedGif.Net: free Animated Gifs web graphics free images animations free animatedgifs
AnimatedGif.Net: free Animated Gifs web graphics free images animations free animatedgifs
Google Search: free animated line gif
if you have a limited budget and want quick results, I would recommend the smaller search engines such as
Creativity Closes the Deal
Stagers can give your dwelling a makeover to help it bring top dollar
Girlie Magazine Auctions Off Right To Be First Centerfold - 2004-11-10
The Decline of Brands
GIFWorks! Free Online GIF eTools
Google Search: create animated gifs free online
Google Search: HTML javascript animated color box effects
Watch Your Weblog Legal liabilities lurk amid corporate blogs
Emotional Selection in Memes The Case of Urban Legends
The conceit of a built-in history for the $285 million Victoria Gardens is likely to rankle those who insist on historic authenticity in architecture
Transparency Begets Trust in the Ever-Expanding Blogosphere
A Successful Blog
A Home Shopping Network Dream Come True
Got a Good Idea You Want to Sell on TV
Micropayments Market Will Reach $11.5 Billion By 2009 August 12, 2004
the worst times to send messages are when e-mail traffic is highest...the worst time during weekdays is 10 a.m. through 2 p.m
More E-Commerce Sites Aim to Add ‘Sticky’ Content
Like Apple, TiVo Faces a Struggle in a Market It Helped Create
Google Search your own free remotely hosted online forum
how famous do you want to be
a growing middle-class of fame - a whole world of people who aren't really famous, but could spend their days only talking to people who think they're...fantastic
An Overview of the Weblog Tools Market
The Snowflake Process for Writing a Novel
Yahoo! News - Hey, Google Paid Search Growth May Slow
Nunavut Tourism fires web-logging staffer
Forget the bloggers, it's the vloggers showing the way on the internet
The best, simplest road to success for the entrepreneur is to make your own sandbox
Porn Blogs Manipulate Google
Fark.com sells their editorial, and the loyalty of their users. - The Jason Calacanis Weblog - calacanis.weblogsinc.com
Craigslist to charge for job ads in N.Y., L.A. - Aug 3, 2004
Americans are constantly searching for themselves -- even online
Minding the Planet Testing Meme Propagation In Blogspace Add Your Blog
how to be creative
How to Legally Sell Downloads of Cover Songs
I own the domain name Katie.Com and have done since 1996
Slashdot What Will It Take For eBook Adoption
In the Internet They Trust (Your Ad Here)
Slashdot Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales Responds
Bloggers Are Using Personal Online Postings as a Career Springboard
For the most popular sites like Wonkette and Gawker's namesake Gawker.com, it can cost up to $2,000 per month in hosting costs keep the site going
Ali charges fees for an e-mail newsletter in addition to his advertising profits, and he estimated that he will net between $100,000 and $150,000 this year
Email harvesting virus crashes Google
You Say You Want A Revolution Here's How- 2004-07-26
A Hard Lesson in Trust and Contracts
Hoax Virus Claims Bin Laden Dead, Schwarzenegger Terminated
Visitors can't reach Google search CNET News.com
The Incredible Shrinking Comic
Blog's the word in big business - News - ZDNet
[!] htAccess Generater Demo
RSS Traffic Burdens Publisher's Servers
Yahoo! News - Shyamalan's Secret Hoax
And after all, there's no such thing as bad publicity
Yahoo! News - Network Says Profile of Director Shyamalan Was Hoax
Yahoo! News - New Technology Heralds Unlimited Web Sites - ICANN
Slashdot Goes Dark, Briefly
Exposing click fraud CNET News.com
Yahoo! News - Political blogs catching on
A Drop in Search Engine Ad Supply
Yahoo! News - Programs 'Missing' Game Is Unnerving, Captivating
Yahoo! News - Slashdot Goes Dark, Briefly
Find 'Missing' clues on Web sites, e-mail - Jul 16, 2004
Yahoo! News - Fake Wanted Poster Spurs Lawsuit
Is Your Trademark a Time Bomb
Launched in late 2001 with a notorious hoax of the Apple iWalk PDA, Spymac has attracted a large and loyal user base
The Little Rumor Site That Could
Indianapolis Man Sitting On Internet Domain Goldmine KerryEdwards.com - 2004-07-15
Indianapolis Man Sitting On Internet Domain Goldmine KerryEdwards.com
Smarter Image Hotlinking Prevention A List Apart
His innovative and practical websites - usually created in his spare time - have won Phil Gyford a loyal following
Show Site Info - directory listing of the web hosting services.
Show Site Info - Search WHOIS Database
invisiblog.com (beta) - anonymous weblog publishing
Yahoo! News - MP3 Blogs Serve Rare Songs, Dusty Grooves
There are many levels of membership
Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame Membership
They're Web sites anyone can edit -- and they could transform Corporate America
Web sites that allow members to share info and collaborate are catching on fast. Here's a tour of key examples
Carving Your Special Niche
Bloggers Suffer Burnout
Invent Your Own Superhero, or Enlist a Star
Gambling Sites Offering Ways to Let Any User Be the Bookie
Credit cards enter the micropayment game
most websites have no idea how many people view their content
Google Ad Program Gives Web Publishers Their Share
Blogging With The Boss's Blessing
Authors open texts online for others to edit
Black Blog Ops
Harvard man loses 3,000 weblogs The Register
Thousands of Blogs Fall Silent
Slashdot Hosting Service Closes 3000 Blogs Without Notice
Sudden Closure of Weblogs.com Strands Bloggers
Blackout hits major Web sites CNET News.com
Scholars Discover Weblogs Pass Test as Mode of Communication
A Guide to Critical Thinking About What You See on the Web
How To Make Your Blog More Linkable And Search Engine Friendly
The seven-year-old bloggers
Furl - Your web page filing cabinet
Meet Joe Blog -- Jun. 21, 2004
How Google Took the Work Out of Selling Advertising
Theorems for Sale An online auctioneer offers math amateurs a backdoor to prestige
101 ways to improve your news site
The 10 Best Internet Fads
RSS Feeds Can Build Web Traffic, but Fence Sitters Note Problems
Online porn sites get about three times more visits than the top Web search engines
Yahoo! News - Art of EBay Selling -- Clear, Precise, Entertaining
At least 430,000 individuals make a living buying and selling on the site
Stories We See Too Often
Welcome to Peppercoin
Welcome to Peppercoin (micropayments sys)
Network Subscriptions
Today, the average North American entrepreneurial business lasts just four years, the average sole proprietorship even less
ten of the major landmines for entrepreneurs
Domains Are Not Forever
SWREG - the oldest online software store in the world (kago competetitor
Payment Processors
Sell Stuff Online - Free Store POD books
How Does Shopping Cart Software Work
A Phone Number on Your Website Builds Trust
suggestions on starting an e-commerce site without a phone contact
Search Engines and Redirect Pages
What Are People Shopping For Today
Shopping.com Consumer Demand Index
Alexa Traffic History Graph
The rebirth of comics - smh.com.au
Cashing In on eBay Boom
pMachine Publish Your Universe
Considerations for innocent domain name owners
Why ICANN's domain dispute rules are flawed Part I
Latest News domain name journal
Internet Statistics via Whois Source
Top ICANN Registrar Statistic
Domain News - Whois Source
ESQwire.com - Domain Name Law - Handling Domain Name Disputes and Transactions
whois search
his trip was funded by 320 people who donated $14,334 through his Web site
'Blogs' shake the political discourse
Slashdot Whatever Happened to Micropayments?
How To Beat Writer’s Block
Blogging for Bucks
the weblog handbook practical advice on creating and maintaining your blog excerpt weblog ethics
Getting Extraordinary Performance When You Can't Pay for It
Positioning In New Markets
Why online ads do not work
silkscreen small free font for your web graphics. download now.
help the smart business owner avoid blowing his or her promotional budget
Small-business owners don't have to spend a fortune to boost sales
the power of savvy marketing -- and the reach of the Internet
How To Successfully Extend Your Brand
how technically oriented but unemployed individuals should consider offering freelance technical support#2
how technically oriented but unemployed individuals should consider offering freelance technical support#1
we sold just five or ten thousand CD's through our Web site and raised $100,000 to make our new album
How to Persuade People to Join Your Email List 7 Copywriting Samples You Should Steal Ideas From
Page views for Tuesday’s article on rrstar.com increased from 386 to 20,321 between 9 and 10 a.m. after the Drudge Report linked to the Register Star’s Web site
What If You Built a Blog and No One Came
E-Commerce Sales Rise Nearly 26 Percent (TechNews.com)
Site Valet
the writers and artists who are earning money through the internet with micropayments
Easy Site Building on the Cheap
Selling Subscriptions to Fan Club Sites Tips from RollingStones.com & DavidBowie.com
Credit Card Processing Woes & Solutions for Online Subscription Sellers
Your Next Customer Is Virtual. But His Money Is Real.
The Marvelous, Mysterious Life of an E-Mail Newsletter.
LISP best programming language
An Introduction and Tutorial for Common Lisp
Google Search lisp
Sponsored links--future of Net ads
How to block spambots, ban spybots, and tell unwanted robots to go to hell [dive into mark]
Site Membership Management Software
E-Commerce Hosting, Tracking Reservations -- Doctor Ebiz
Blog publishers stealing Web limelight
In Japan and Korea, mobile content is making money
At Work Audience is Elephant in the Room
The Golden Rule of Networking Stay in Touch With Your Clients
Weblogs and power laws (kottke.org)
After the Banner: What’s Up Next?
MarketingProfs.com - Marketing Know-How from Professionals and Professors
seven steps toward naming your own price
Nano publishing' pushing the boundaries of journalism
Sell Your Books on BookSurge.com
Sparing A Dime, Online (TechNews.com)
Some small dot-coms thrive
Business Daily Review -- For Sale Profile and Placement
Salon warns it may not survive beyond February
Blogging for dollars - theage.com.au
Creative Commons Deed
Send money 'Cyberbegging' takes hold - Feb. 15, 2003
Webmonkey Blog
EBay Coupon Sellers Clip for Cash
Consider these options for Web certifications
Enabling the Whuffie Economy since 2002 Affero's Open Source Reputation Software
Profits at last
Online Retailing Finds Its Legs

Pop-culture profiteers prosper on eBay
Crichton gets $40 million
Profit in Parody
giant companies are struggling to shut down parody websites
Fees for online content proliferating, but will users buy? - Computerworld
Is Your Web Site at Risk of SQL Injection?
what makes a weblog popular
Free as Air, Free As Water, Free As Knowledge''
Tailor Shipping to Customer Types
Rocketbox Comics - A Resource for the Web Comics Community
Drawing a strip
Cartooning 101 Tools
Cartooning 101 Penciling
Cartooning 101 Inking
Cartooning 101 Scanning A Cartoon
Cartooning 101 Lettering
Cartooning 101 Finishing Touches
art stuff
Polykarbon Tutorials!
5 tips for coping with consultants
Creating the Priceless Product
Slashdot Internet Site Security
Seasonal Businesses: work now relax later
New biz on the blog
Slashdot PHP and MySQL Web Development
Content Is Crap
The Internet Topic Exchange
Webopedia Quick Reference Area (internet and computer)
Web Host Magazine and Host Buyer's Guide The Toughest Web Hosting Reviews, Directory and Index of the Top Hosts
Shopping Cart System - Store builder e-commerce solution software
Symantec FREE Security Check (viruses)
Independent publishing persists against all odds - because people still dream of making their mark
Service or Spam How is Your Email Seen
a novel idea isn't necessarily a hot one
Where Performance is Concerned, Optimization is Key
Putting Personality Into Your E-newsletter
Porn Strategy Share and Snare
How to mass market comics
Consumer Reports Reports on Online Content
Microsoft Reader Catalog of eBooks
Microsoft Reader Catalog of Free eBooks
Piracy is Progressive Taxation, and Other Thoughts on the Evolution of Online Distribution [Dec. 11, 2002]
LazyWeb- have an interesting idea- throw it out there, and wait to see if someone does it
Choosing Careers to work from home
5 chronic small-business mistakes to correct - Microsoft bCentral
Microsoft bCentral - News and Resources
Site Build It! (all-in-one host and turnkey set up?)
E-marketplace survival strategies - Tech News - CNET.com
'70% of small businesses don't have Web sites'
Mother site secures niche market
Shopsite Ecommerce software and hosting information
Money for the Rest of Us
You Can't Steal a Gift
Personalized Consulting - Details, by Jeff Harrow
There's MORE I Can Do For You
Credits, from Unknown News
To Be Young, Entrepreneurial and Broke
EntreWorld Resources for Entrepreneurs
PDFZone.com - Toolbox - Related Utilities
The Customizer Is Always Right
The Six Costliest Mistakes You Can Make in Marketing to Women
Top Ten Web-Design Mistakes of 2002 (Alertbox Dec. 2002)
Low-Level Code (money-profit)
Matt's Script Archive HTTP Cookie Library
Top 5 Marketing Predictions for 2002
Do's and Don'ts of Shareware, Part 2
Do's and Don'ts of Shareware, Part 1 [Sep. 30, 2002]
Do's and Don'ts of Shareware, Part 2 [Oct. 08, 2002]
How to fail in e-business with a record effort
What makes a meme successful Selection criteria for cultural evolution
EarthWeb.com The IT Industry Portal
O'Reilly Network Safari Bookshelf
O'Reilly Network Safari Bookshelf (online IT book subs)
Burke's HTML Guide
Very useful Net references, preferences, & cheat sheets
FOLDOC - Computing Dictionary
Keep your family business plugged in
One-Stop Shop for Aspiring Tycoons
Be Careful with Those Free Web Mail Accounts
Wacky Ways People Are Earning Money in the Recession
Freelancing It's Not Business - It's Personal
How to Succeed in Business
MarketingProfs.com - Marketing Know-How from Professors and Professionals
Deciding Whether to Make a Presentation
A Web-only Primer on Public-key Encryption
Artist Availablility
The 5 Golden Rules of Professional Design
Find Product Ideas In Very Unlikely Places
The Mathematics of ... Auctions
Entrepreneur.com Start, Grow, and Manage Your Small Business
Experts Personal e-mail gets best reply - July 17, 2002
Functional Spec Tutorial What and Why
The 10 Confidentiality Commandments
Fed up with the 9-to-5 Why not get a PC and work longer hours from home
Which Keywords Lead to Conversions
Starting a Dotcom While in College
What's the Competition Doing Resources and advice for ethically gathering competitive intelligence
Social Entrepreneurship - What is it By Pamela Hartigan
Home Pages Websites for the Homeworker
Making Work-at-Home Work for Everyone
The End of Free for-fee online business models, subscriptions, web applications, content sites
Welcome to Site Systems
Bigstep Web Design and Web Site Hosting Services Bigstep Web Site Hosting and Design Services
Entrabase Powered Commerce
FreeMerchant.com, build an online store
inc magazine online, small business resources, and business advice at inc.com
Comprehensive resource for people in business providing the latest news and business information
How the Web gives small firms a leg up on giants
TechSoup Resources - Virtual Community Building Tools
Plausible Futures Newsletter
Building for Dollars
Tripod - Handcrafted - Archive
MarketingProfs.com - Marketing Know-How from Professors and Professionals
Safety Net Protecting Your Business on the Internet
The Web Is Good For Microbusinesses
24 Characteristics that Geniuses Have in Common
OSCOM - Open Source Content Management
Discovering a Website's Hosting Service -- Doctor Ebiz, 05-15-02
web site sales success rates and improvements
Form-to-Email Scripts for Business Sites -- Doctor Ebiz, 5-02-01
Making Money from an Information Niche Site -- Doctor Ebiz, 1-17-01
Para Publishing - Books on Publishing & Skydiving from Dan Poynter
Para Publishing Web Site Book Writing, Publishing and Promoting Resources
Dazzle your Visitors with a Dynamic Home Page
Prompt that Purchase
gizmodo progress report
Forum Script Round-Up
Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Hide Your Source Code
Java and JavaScript Handy Links List
CodeLifter.com - Free Cut-and-Paste JavaScript
Source Code Encrypting Script
E-Commerce In An Uncertain Economy
Slashdot Teach Yourself UNIX System Administration In 24 Hours
Linux for the Rest of Us
A Taxonomy of Linux Distributions
web sales advice
Linux Is The Future, Dell CEO Says
DistroWatch (linux)
The Infinite Matrix Bruce Sterling Schism Matrix Current Day
Web Master friendly subscription forms
Web Site and Email Disclaimers - A necessary evil
Web Site File Base Maintenance Issues
Webmonkey For Kids
JavaScript Tutorial
Larry Chase's Web Digest for Marketers - Internet Marketing Reviews and News
Multiple Doors of Entry
Going Global with Your Business
URLwire - News of Useful and Unique Web Launches Since 1994
Web Commerce Today Research Room on Electronic Commerce (e-commerce)
Do It Yourself with WorldMerge Tutorial
Translating HyperTalk to JavaScript
5 Marketing Tactics Briefing.com Tested to Sell Subscriptions to Individual Investors Online
ContentBiz.com practical news and Case Studies for publishers and aggregators selling and syndicating text-content online.
ConsumerMarketingBiz.com marketingon the Internet, practical news and case studies.
Link Feedback - see and show where your visitors come from!
Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing
Watchit.us - Monitor web site changes
Watchit.us - Free update notification service for webmasters
ChangeDetection(tm) - Know when any web page changes
Spyonit.com (on hiatus)
Use a Friendly Popup to Boost eZine Subscriptions

"...2.7% of Amazon's titles produce a whopping 75% of its revenues..."

"it is difficult for content providers to profit from the 'tail.' "

-- It May Be a Long Time Before the Long Tail Is Wagging the Web By LEE GOMES ; July 26, 2006; Page B1
Selling Photos Online | Digital Photography News, Reviews, Tips & Tutorials
10 Ways to Make Money From Your Website or Blog
Books are overpriced (check out this ultra-short run book printer)
A Review of Adsense Alternatives
How to write a press release (AND get it published!)
In Web Era, Big Money Can't Buy an Exclusive - New York Times
Product Placement Deals Make Leap From Film to Books - New York Times
My eight best negotiation tips - Paul's tips
Police raid doubles Pirate Bay's popularity
Interesting Chart Every Release Kills 50% Of Software Businesses

Online Advertising Revenue Buys Me A Chai Latte
Basic Negotiating for Fun and Profit by Steve Pavlina
E-Commerce on a Budget
Hiding in Plain Sight, Google Seeks an Expansion of Power - New York Times
In March 2001, when the company was serving about 70 million Web pages daily
Google now has more than 450,000 servers spread over at least 25 locations around the world
every millisecond longer it takes to give users their results leads to lower satisfaction
How to Haggle Like a Pro
Generating AdSense Revenue From Low Traffic Site (pt3)
Online threats outpacing law crackdowns | CNET News.com
Step-by-Step How to Get BILLIONS of Pages Indexed by Google
Internet and Website Myths vs Realities on Tech Pedia
Top 10 Web Developer Libraries - Cameron Olthuis
eBay Pulse: trends, hot picks, cool stuff and popular searches on eBay.com
How Billions of Bogus Pages Undermine Search Engines, Advertisers and The Web
90% of Users Don't Use 95% of Google's Products
Consumers don't pardon the intrusion of advertisements
How I started A Dating Empire
Articleteller - The Free Article Directory
Incredible list of (potential) 'Pirates' tie-in merchandise
sniping is the best way to win an auction
The Riches in Niches: The Trend Desk - Yahoo! Finance

The Riches in Niches
The Long Tail The decline of hit albums, in context
Why you can't earn $1,000,000 selling your software
P&G has enlisted a stealth army of 600,000 moms who chat up its products
I Sold It Through The Grapevine
5 Top Secret Tricks being used to create Online Sales
The #1 Dumbest AdSense Mistake or How NOT to Earn $10,000 Month
list of the most PROFITABLE, not the most expensive AdSense keywords
How to Get 53% More Readers for Every Blog Post You Write | Copyblogger
the number of weeks a book stays on the bestseller list has fallen to one-seventh of the average 40 years ago
In the 1960s, fewer than three novels reached No. 1 in an average year; last year, 23 did

Life Expectancy of Bestselling Books - Lulu.com
The future of publishing, he continues, belongs to niche-busters
Life-Expectancy of Bestsellers Plummets, Finds Study
Life-Expectancy of Bestsellers Plummets, Finds Study
How To Use Your Weaknesses To Sell More
First audio-only novel tells new story for authors
How to get traffic for your blog
The Impotence of (Most) Information
Why I don't have comments
Digital Publishing Is Scrambling the Industry's Rules - New York Times
royalties, which are conventionally earned at the rate of 15 percent of the cover price of each copy sold
Digital Publishing Is Scrambling the Industry's Rules - New York Times
Getting the Drop on Domain-Name Abuse
Million Dollar Homepage Kid Outfoxes Blackmailers
Your Money or Your Site
It was the largest we’d ever seen...They unleashed everything they had
"Because of the drastic differences in popularity between sites, only the top 0.01% of websites can generate sufficient revenues from advertising: in the larger picture, advertising is almost irrelevant for the success of the Web."

-- Why Advertising Doesn't Work on the Web Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox for September 1, 1997; useit.com 'vast majority of revenue goes to only a small number of Web sites'
'90 percent of Web shopping through four search sites'

Hungry Media Companies Find a Meager Menu of Web Sites to Buy - New York Times

it needs to have at least a million unique visitors a month

to be considered a major takeover candidate, it needs to have five million unique visitors

Speed up your Traffic for Fast Money
More Traffic in 24 Hours Part 1
More Traffic in 24 Hours Part 2
Custom error pages - keeping and increasing your web site traffic!
The HTTP Error 404 Antidote
web site Stickiness
Sticky, Viral Website
Hits, Unique Visitors and Page Views - Studying Web Site Traffic.
Winners don't take all: Characterizing the competition for links on the web
Increasing Returns for Websites (Alertbox April 15, 1997)
Does Your Product Have Buzz Tap into an Online Newsgroup
Make Your Web Site Sticky
ZDNet Story Need to get noticed Here's how to make your Web site sticky
Good Keywords Find the best keywords for your website
How to Get Free  Media Publicity
23 Ways to Promote Your Site
Top 15 META Tag Tricks
Robots META tag
The Web Marketing Checklist 29 Ways to Promote Your Site
Stephen's Web ~ Referrer System
Backlinking on your own site
Peak flow attracting readers by sending them away
'get more readers'
6 Ways Others Can Promote Your Business
How to Generate Publicity
Writing for a Global Audience - Viral Marketing

Online Advertising 101
Advanced Online Advertising
Internet advertising It’s high time for e-mail marketers to shape up, or else...
MarketingSherpa.com Practical News & Case Studies on Internet Advertising, Marketing & PR
How I Make Over $300-day Advertising with Pay-Per-Click
Paid Advertising
Two Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Strategies for Overture.com
Overture Changes and Google AdWords Select
How to Promote Your Website by Writing Free Articles
Free Articles to Promote Your Site, Web Marketing Today #118, 11-5-02-H2

Eight ways to do keyword research for AdSense pages
7Search.com - Top Paying 100 Keywords
7Search.com - Keyword Suggestion Tool
Overture - Advertiser Center
Overture keyword lookup tool - Overture bid amounts - Keyword Suggestion
Overture Keyword Bid Amounts Lookup Tool
How to Get Your Webpages Ready for Indexing Have Pity on Poor Googley-Eyes
'For all its success, Yahoo still has persuaded only 1 percent of its users to pay for its services'
"For an individual trying to be the center of attention, success comes from sharing the information one has about the position and connections of others, even if that information is incorrect. Surprisingly, having correct information barely improved an individual's status at all."

[Apparently this explains the business model of rumor rags and gossip columnists, as well as propagandistic news organizations and plain old yellow journalism. It also implies that internet search engines have a good shot at making money regardless of their accuracy or success in providing reliable results to users.]

-- 3) Name-dropping and self-promotion pay off M. Rosvall and K. Sneppen Physical Review Letters (print issue: 24 October 2003); Physics tip sheet #38 - November 3, 2003; 3-Nov-2003; eurekalert.org; Contact: David Harris harris@aps.org 301-209-3238 American Physical Society; citing "http://link.aps.org/abstract/PRL/v91/e178701"

Scienceblog.com offered a backup copy of this release at last check (around 8-8-05).

-- Gossip creates friendships, it does not break them; 18-May-2006; Contact: Jill Yablonski JournalNews@bos.blackwellpublishing.net 781-388-8448 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

James Frey achieved fame and fortune with a supposedly true story of his personal struggles and criminal past (in the book A Million Little Pieces)-- which turned out to be overwhelmingly UN-true. But virtually nobody cared, and his success shows no sign of being significantly dminished by it. Even Oprah Winfrey said it doesn't matter.

A film version is in the works.

-- What Is the Value of Truth? By DAN MITCHELL; January 14, 2006

1-27-06 UPDATE TO THE ABOVE REFERENCE: After a considerable uproar in the media over it, Oprah changed her mind and deplored the actions of the writer. But so far as I can tell the author's still rolling in dough and Hollywood deals from it all. Maybe even sold more books due to the ruckus itself. But the uproar did pull one or two feathers from his hat.

-- Frey's book deal nixed after scandal - Yahoo! News

-- Despite the controversy Frey's sales remain strong END UPDATE.

-- Emotional, not factual, ads win skeptical consumers, study shows; uwnews.org; Aug. 15, 2005; CONTACT: Nancy Gardner; nancylou@u.washington.edu; 206-543-2580 Just approximately "500 adults" in all of America actually earn a living exclusively through fiction writing.

-- Writing Well Installment One; Dan Simmons - Author's Official Web Site; January 2006

-- Literary Novels Going Straight to Paperback - New York Times

there is no harder sell in the world of books these days than literary fiction

For paperbacks, authors generally earn only 7.5 percent of the cover price as a royalty
"...the real money in Long Tail businesses goes to the companies that aggregate and/or filter content- and not to the content creators."

-- Long Tail Money Goes To Aggregators & "Filterers" by Spencer Critchley; May 12, 2006

-- Many users who hope to make a lot of money creating content will probably be disappointed

Our Columnist Creates Web 'Original Content' But Is in for a Surprise

Search Engines Breed Worthless 'Original Content'

Blogs to Riches - The Haves and Have-Nots of the Blogging Boom -- New York Magazine

if you talk to many of today's bloggers, they'll complain that the game seems fixed

There is enormous inequity in the system
-- Silence, Secrecy and Book Reviews

The language of business is...a language of separation, of secrecy, of hierarchy

Secrecy is a key aspect of corporate media control. It is a secrecy protected by walls of silence
Multiple Streams of Revenue for Your Website
"The Big Guys spend on average of $750,000 to get their online sites running."

Some online commercial success requirements, circa the early 21st century:

The average small company (fewer than ten workers) could expect to spend between $35,000 and $150,000 on their site.

In 2000, the cost of gaining visibility online ranged from $300,000 to $one million. To effectively compete with the big companies, $one million to $5 million. To become a true star online, $5 million to $20 million and up.

-- Internet and Website Myths vs Realities by Judith Kallos; 6-17-06
Leave the tin cup at home and try `cyberbegging'
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It Takes a Village to Save a Site

Below are some notable examples of site pages asking for donations, from the most regular of folks to outright celebrities like book authors and others. Examinations of these sites may help you devise your own 'tip jar' strategy:

DONATIONS, for Unknown News
Surfing The Apocalypse donation plea
WHOLE EARTH Make a Donation Online
The Infinite Matrix Donor Rewards
The Infinite Matrix Donor Rewards How to Pledge
The Infinite Matrix Fundraising Festival How It Works

The www.AndrewSullivan.com site reportedly brings in $6000 a month on average, and recently (late 2002/early 2003) brought in $80,000 in perhaps only a week during a high profile appeal for revenues. As far as I can tell from browsing the site, its primary owner/operator is a book author who happens to be an openly gay but politically conservative writer. This web log has become one of the very top on the web in terms of total traffic circa early 2003. Sullivan may have helped contribute to the recent demotion of Senator Trent Lott with his writings.
AndrewSullivan.com - Donations
www.AndrewSullivan.com - Letters
Lott tripped by bloggers
THE INTERNET'S FIRST SCALP By JOHN PODHORETZ -- Tipping by Peter Martin, found on or about 10-8-02, citing this item at ABC.net in Australia. Review PayPal
Guide - choosing the best shopping carts solutions for your ecommerce web site - software reviews - articles - tutorials
Guide to Merchant accounts, payment gateways and credit card processors SponsorDirectory.com - Affiliate Program Directory and Marketing Resources Guide

In late 1999 ZDNet and other corporations began sponsoring shareware-like projects in ways which might offer more certain rewards for shareware creators.

Typically this new genre of shareware was free to use, with the caveat that users had to view onscreen ads as they did so. The programs also included an embedded net client which could update the ads in the background on occasion, when the user is online.

Companies like Conducent Technologies, Aureate Media, and NetJumper.com were among those facilitating the new shareware paradigm.

-- "Advertising Comes to Software" by Leander Kahney, 29.Jul.99, Wired Digital Inc. Refer-It.com Your Directory Of Internet Associate, Referral & Affiliate Programs.
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Salon Watch ad, read articles for free
Web View an ad, get something free - Dec. 1, 2002
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-- Your Logo Here - With CaféPress, now anyone can have personalized swag

-- CafePress.com Sell Online
The Case for Micropayments (Alertbox Jan. 1998)
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-- '250,000 page requests during one day'
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'web development price rates'
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My Site Design Checklist
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Web resources that every budding entrepreneur should consult before taking the plunge
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Free web tools for community building http--stlouis.missouri.org
How the Web's Most Beloved Humor Site Stays Profitable
How the Porn Sites Do It

-- Managing Traffic Spikes By Kevin Savetz; New Architect; November 2002

Other possibly helpful links include Engineering Incoming Traffic [Nov. 28, 2002]

-- Managing Traffic Spikes By Kevin Savetz; New Architect; November 2002

Miscellaneous links regarding dealing with traffic spikes:

'some ideas for slashdot victims'

RackShack.net is touted as one of the ultimate solutions to bandwidth spikes-- massive, massive bandwidth capacity (read: costly). If your site ever becomes a tremendous success you might move your domain to a provider like this to put your bandwidth problems behind you.

little-guy sites might have to settle for the information superhighway equivalent of a one-lane, pothole-strewn road