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Hysterical shrinking America the guilty

Not only has international trust, respect, and admiration for America shrunk dramatically-- and America itself become more small-minded politically-- since the turn of the century; it turns out both America's cities and citizens are also literally shrinking in physical size-- and American lifespans (and sexual potency) are falling short of other nations', too

America is literally disappearing before our eyes!

This page last updated on or about 8-17-08
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From a variety of sources I've monitored over the past decade, big cities worldwide are typically trending even bigger growth-wise-- both in developed and non-developed nations. That is, among both the richest and advanced, and the poorest and most primitive of countries.

But as the US continues its steep decline by virtually every measure but for debt, citizen imprisonment, and military spending, it's bucking the global trend by its big cities actually shrinking1.

Note that historians say big cities are the core of modern civilization. So when they shrink, it could be a sign their host country is losing its civilized nature and/or modern infrastructure; or reverting to primitive Stone Age tribalism in social terms2.

Other recent news items reported individual Americans are shrinking physically as well-- literally. In the average height of successive generations. Which is historically a sign of a population suffering from rising malnourishment, poverty, oppression, and/or excessive stress in general. Add to this the fact American life span improvements are beginning to lag badly behind much smaller and supposedly more backward nations, and the US media should be ringing alarm bells on a regular basis (but they're not)3.

So what's the ultimate results of such trends, if they are allowed to continue to the bitter end? Some contemporary examples would include the despot-ruled North Korea, and the very worst nations of Africa (those mired in perpetual mass starvation, corruption, and civil war).

But the rest of the world is unlikely to let a country with thousands of nuclear weapons and a public policy of attacking first and asking questions later to descend that far into chaos or totalitarianism, before stepping in. So if we in America allow Republicans and Republicans Lite (conservative Democrats) to continue our present course, I'm hopeful states like Japan and Europe will step in and take our missiles and tanks and aircraft carriers away, divvy us up like the Allies did Germany after WWII, and teach us how to be responsible adults again over a couple generations, before allowing us to reassume control of our own destinies.

Yes, I'd rather we could straighten out our own mess here, well before that. But look at who we made President-- TWICE. And look who we gave control of all three branches of government to, at the same time. And look who we allow to spoon-feed us outright lies as news, in our mainstream media (Rupert Murdoch and his cronies, plus Rush, Drudge, Beck, Pat Robertson and other war-drum beating nuts claiming to be devout followers of a hate-filled Jesus, etc.).

I'm just about certain we're almost to the point of complete hysteria as a nation, and will require a grown up to metaphorically slap us through the face and take away our dangerous toys to prevent us from hurting ourselves or anyone else any further. Then make us think about what we've done for maybe 50 years, with a good grounding.

And that's if we're incredibly lucky, and others actually still care enough about us to be that nice! Which might be asking a lot, since almost every non-American on Earth today can name at least one blood relative we killed or tortured or impoverished directly (or by proxy) sometime in the last 50 years. And in the vast majority of such cases, there's no evidence whatsoever that our victims were truly our enemies, or otherwise a threat to us in any way. Indeed, the majority may have been wholly innocent women and children. Yikes!4


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"As Richard Florida put it in a 2005 speech, "The world is not flat... there are two dozen spiky"—that is, particularly creative—"places in the world that account for 98 percent of innovation."

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Note 3:

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Maybe the fact Americans are getting smaller compared to other folks doesn't bother you. But I bet one logical implication of this WILL bother quite a few American men: the fact that their physical manhood must be getting smaller in proportion to other men, too (because foreign men are getting bigger in general).

And to make matters still worse, those sexually shrinking American men are becoming ever more impotent as well (their sperm counts dropping faster than those of others).

Mounting environmental toxins and dropping nutritive value in food are combining to make sperm counts for men worldwide steadily drop-- effectively tilting males everywhere towards being less male and more female each and every day.

But American males seem to be leading the way to this new '200 pound weakling' paradigm.

For the worst declines in sperm counts anywhere appears to be in American men: down 68% between 1938 and 1988.

-- Look out, men: Testosterone is under attack A phenomenon called a xenobiotic attack is meddling with your manhood [original URL, now broken: "http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20302363/"] By Richard Conniff; Aug. 19, 2007; msnbc.msn.com

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"Something's wrong here when one of the richest countries in the world, the one that spends the most on health care, is not able to keep up with other countries," said Dr. Christopher Murray, head of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington."

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-- The Fearful Superpower It's not just Bush's fault. America is scared of the new world, and that's no way to run a hyperpower. By Fareed Zakaria NEWSWEEK; Dec 12, 2007

-- U.S. loses status as top World Bank donor to Britain By Iain Rogers; 12-14-07

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