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Is this our first glimpse of an alien civilization?

One so advanced it may be a Kardashev Type III--

or something near it?

(a culture capable of harnessing the power of an entire galaxy)

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This page last updated on or about 12-9-08
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NASA's Hanny's Voorwerp anomaly looks an awful lot like Plate 19 in The Millennial Project by M.T. Savage (an advanced alien civilization):

Comparison of Hanny's Voorwerp to artistic rendition of an advanced civilization in the book The Millennial Project.

Above, left: the suggested look-at-a-distance of an advanced civilization in the 1994 book The Millennial Project: How to Colonize the Galaxy in Eight Easy Steps by Marshall Savage. Above, right: Hanny's Voorwerp in 2008

Green is an utterly UN-natural true color for stars in our universe.

-- Why are there no green stars? July 29th, 2008 by Phil Plait

I've been unable to determine how far from us this anomaly is. But it does seem to be pretty far off, with the vast intergalactic void separating it from our own Milky Way. And it's definitely not one of our nearest galactic neighbors. So there's little chance we'd ever get to meet or speak with anyone there-- if they do exist-- even if we could live for a billion years, heading that way in a spacecraft capable of near lightspeed...

To learn more about The Millennial Project: How to Colonize the Galaxy in Eight Easy Steps, check out my original 1994 review. I also write about it in a page discussing non-fiction books.

For more on the possibilities of advanced star faring civilizations, check out The Rise and Fall of Star Faring Civilizations in Our Own Galaxy.


"Scientists working at telescopes around the world and with satellites in space were asked to take a look at the mysterious Voorwerp. "What we saw was really a mystery," said Schawinski. "The Voorwerp didn't contain any stars." Rather, it was made entirely of gas so hot about 10,000 Celsius that the astronomers felt it had to be illuminated by something powerful. They will soon use the Hubble Space Telescope to get a closer look."

"Hanny's Voorwerp" remains a mystery. It's huge central hole is over 16,000 thousand light years across and Galaxy Zoo astronomers are still puzzling over what caused it."

-- 'Cosmic ghost' discovered by volunteer astronomer 5-Aug-2008; Contact: Janet Rettig Emanuel janet.emanuel@yale.edu 203-432-2157 Yale University


"An eerie green cloud lurking around a nearby galaxy has puzzled scientists since it was discovered last year. New observations reveal that the cloud's ghoulish appearance may have to do with radiation streaming from a black hole inside the galaxy."

"Apparently the more we learn about the Voorwerp, the more intriguing it becomes."

Eerie Green Space Cloud Explained By Clara Moskowitz; 08 December 2008

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