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I provide this relatively raw list of recent medical and health related links/articles as a public service for health professionals and consumers alike, in an effort to minimize unnecessary pain and suffering and health-related costs on anyone's part. I've several projects in the works myself where in these references could play an important role, but chronic time and money shortages have so far delayed many of those ambitions. Hopefully though this list might help facilitate similar efforts on the part of others.

I try to have these references somewhat organized with the most recent nearer the top, and older ones towards the bottom of the page.

I regret that for reasons of copyright, bandwidth, and disk space I cannot provide the content of these items but only their web URLs (links). Keep in mind that quite a few of the original URLs likely broke within weeks of their original appearance, and others will have broken in the months since collection. But in certain cases you might still be able to search the original site to locate an item's new location (although sometimes a fee may be required for such access). Please refer to this page for some tips on how to sometimes dig useful information even out of broken links.

Eventually I will be affixing the original article titles, authors, and publisher info to links or items actually used as supporting references for content elsewhere on this site (some links below may display titles modified from the original to make the gist of their content clearer). So in those cases you might be able to track down those particular items from a variety of sources in web search engines, using the titles and authorship information alone. Good luck in your efforts!

Lastly, when a given link looks like it may offer information on free or low cost 'do-it-yourself' health or medical actions or ideas, it may go directly into my How to live well on very, very little or related pages, and never be listed here. So for that sort of thing be sure to check out those other pages.

The latest medical links

| Even safe mercury levels harm brain | mercury could be slightly reducing the mental performance of millions of people worldwide | Hand-held scanner could detect tumours | Smallpox jab may be used for monkeypox | A tiny pump promises big time performance | Web sites advising suicide becoming targets of law enforcement | Doctors should abandon ties and avoid nose rings | Doctors' ties 'spreading disease' | Doctors Link Social Drive, Smell in Schizophrenia | Faster method for growing adult stem cells for bone regeneration developed at Hebrew University | Asian Americans at heightened risk of 'silent' heart disease | Immigrant lifestyle change influences stroke risk | 'Lost' protein may lead to new prostate cancer treatment | High percentage of N.C. children suffer undiagnosed asthma, new study shows | Study Transferred patients hurt big hospitals' rankings | Oral Health Mirrors Overall Health With Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Sufferers Only See Flaws | Researchers uncover link between stroke and common treatment | Tooth, heal thyself | Study shows restricted activities predict decline; UNC physician urges acceptance of the inevitable | Movie smoking encourages kids to light up | Drug could protect unborn babies against booze | Xyzal shows significant improvements in quality of life for persistent allergic rhinitis sufferers | The Quest for Pharmacological Immortality | It is entirely plausible that within decades – not centuries or millennia – pharmacological science will have made the very concept of getting old obsolete | a smallpox-related virus spreading from pet prairie dogs to people in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana | What's on a dietary supplement's label may not be what's in the bottle | Getting an Earful With gene therapy, ears grow new sensory cells Science News Online, June 7, 2003 | Ageless Bodies, Happy Souls - Biotechnology and the Pursuit of Perfection | Misconceptions about headlice What does the research really show | AMONG DISABLED, EXERCISE CAN BOOST MOODS OF THOSE WITH MOST-NEGATIVE TRAITS | New web service tackles deficiencies in medical careers advice | Toward a Safer Blood Supply | New range of antibiotics may present a threat to public health | New tool tackles nursing shortage | OHSU researchers help develop first guidelines for the treatment of brain injuries in children

| Powerful nutritional supplement synthesized in lab at UCSB | Rutgers researchers offer new theories about memory | Heart drug might help fight chronic fungal infections | Study suggests cause for restless leg syndrome | Some early lessons and legacies of SARS | It's not always child abuse | Eating methylmercury contaminated fish causes problems in adults | Researchers successfully inhibit spread of cancer in mice | WHY only 2 percent of Europeans contract the disease as opposed to 13 percent of African Americans, 17 percent of U.S. Latinos and up to 50 percent of Native Americans (diabetes) | Failing to meet HIV prevention goals could cost nation $18 billion | First effective drug for sleep disorder identified | Vitamin D analog found to boost radiation | More autonomy for blind people thanks to satellite navigation | Are Fast-Food Chain Salads Really Healthy | Nurses call for full-body 'moon suits' | Statins may reduce risk of cancer | St. Jude study may point the way to reducing stroke risk in African Americans | Thirteen percent of HIV-positive people are having unprotected sex with partners who are HIV-negative or uncertain of their virus status without telling these partners | Patients lose access to neurological care, according to survey | Fiber-boosted formula for piglets shows promise in battle against infant diarrhea | Children's Hospital Boston finds capacity can be increased by smoothing scheduled patient flow | Monoclonal antibody achieves best results for chronic lymphocytic leukemia | Cooking oil to fight fat and cholesterol | Combination treatment saves voice in patients with laryngeal cancer | Women benefit more from quitting smoking than men | Bush shines in the time of the lie | Hospitalized children experience medical errors at the same rate as adults | American Bioscience Meets the American Dream. Carl Elliott. | Gleevec therapy shows promise for Kaposi's sarcoma patients | The Best Offense Against Cancer | Tobacco plant produces human rabies antibodies | The War on Cancer Good News, Glum Faces | PROTEIN CRITICAL FOR DEVELOPMENT IN FRUIT FLIES FOUND TO AID HEALING OF CUTS AND WOUNDS IN MAMMALS | Heat Technique Zaps Cancerous Tumors | How to Live to 100 | Yeast, wormwood & bacterial genes combine in microbial factory to make antimalarial drug | As we get older, memory accentuates the positive helping explain why aging can foster good feelings | Flu discovery to help thwart next pandemic Media Releases News The University of Melbourne | Researchers discover possible diagnosis, treatment, vaccine for mad cow, prion diseases

| Increased potential cure for people with aggressive blood cancer | The bacteria in your intestines are welcome guests | U.S. biotech companies suppressed a campaign to strengthen government oversight of genetically modified foods | Childhood cancer survivors may experience heart problems sooner | New law eliminates a major barrier to cancer clinical trials | Donor cell injections in thymus improve outcomes for children getting heart transplants | New organ preservation solution easier to use | Nano-coated implants cut MRI scan dangers | Sleep disturbances prevalent in survivors of childhood cancer | Gene therapy grows new auditory hair cells in mammals | Hypothermia helps brain heal after cardiac arrest, finds University of Pittsburgh study | Natural resources research helps HIV-AIDS victims | Mosquitoes infected with La Crosse encephalitis found in four Southwest Virginia counties | Combination therapy safe and effective for older patients with lung cancer | Melanoma vaccine demonstrates promising results in large multi-site study | Mad Cow Future Tests explore next generation of defenses Science News Online, May 31, 2003 | Aging drivers--when it is time to take away the keys | Stem cell 'immortality' gene found | Antiviral gloves instantly clean wounds | School condom availability does not increase sexual activity | Beneficial Effect of Exercise on Cholesterol Levels Persists After Exercise Cessation | A troubling 13 percent of HIV-infected individuals failed to disclose their positive status to their HIV-negative or HIV-unknown sexual partners before engaging in unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse | Research funded by drug companies is 'biased' | Moonshine Can Still Cause Health Problems | Swimming pool chlorine byproduct implicated in rise of childhood asthma | Physical Inactivity Rapidly Increases Visceral Fat; Exercise Can Reverse Accumulation | Breastfeeding may compensate for harmful effects of smoking during pregnancy | Combined Therapies Benefit Heart Failure Patients | Abnormal immune response may play major role in glaucoma, study says | The Geiger counter within us | Following the fasting regimes laid down by the Greek Orthodox Church could reduce your chances of suffering from heart disease | New drug enfuvirtide shows promise against drug resistant HIV infection | Juvenile detainees push envelope on HIV-AIDS risk behaviors | Sporicidin disinfectant kills mold more effectively than bleach | Discovery that deadly listeriosis often occurs in clusters could help in finding sources and saving lives | Study offers hope for first new melanoma treatment in decades | Use of nicotine inhalers could reduce rates of smoking-related illnesses | Kefir May Bolster Lactose Tolerance In Intolerant People | Novel drugs for the treamtment of diabetes | Seaweed uses chemical warfare to fight microbes | New vaccine against flu, other diseases, developed at Hebrew University

| UNC HIV-AIDS screening, prevention method could become national model for cutting illness | Jefferson Scientists Uncover HIV Escape Route from Drugs and Vaccines | People getting a minimal amount of sleep do better if they go to bed early in the morning rather than late at night | A ‘superspreader’ of SARS | Study Playing video games not so mindless - May. 29, 2003 | Handsome men produce the best quality semen and beautiful women seem to have good voices | New national studies show combined hormone replacement therapy boosts stroke, dementia | UI Researchers Selectively Silence Disease-Causing Gene | Neck ties blamed for hospital illness | Scientists Seek 1 Pill to Make You Smaller | Medical-surgical teamwork cures severe insulin condition in newborns | MDCT is more accurate than X-rays in depicting spine fractures in severe trauma patients | If successful in humans, vaccine could eliminate annual flu shot | Nature sights and sounds ease pain during common lung procedure | Surgery better than drugs for serious lack of blood flow to the heart | Diabetes and high blood pressure increase risk of serious eye disease among blacks | Hinge position in LASIK flaps affects corneal sensation and dry eye | Corneal ring segments improve vision for patients with keratoconus | Drug may work on secondary clots in stroke | Sleep disorder linked to common, serious heart rhythm problem | New research calls for heightened awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder following childbirth | Inner ear of chicken yields clues to human deafness and balance disorders | Older pilots OK to fly, study shows | Studies Suggest Seniors' Memories Might Not Be So Bad, After All | Copper chelation is a promising new therapy for clogged arteries | Eating bats linked to neurological disease | Public health measures can contain SARS, two modeling studies suggest | Exotic market animals likely source of SARS | Behavioral treatment may reverse brain changes that occur with cocaine use and help prevent relapse | 'Bacteria-eating' viruses may spread some infectious diseases | Treatment for cocaine addiction may reduce HIV risk | Miracle baby 'grew in liver' | SARS came from space, suggest astrobiologists - smh.com.au | proposed legislation before the House of Representatives would allow the Drug Czar to use almost $200 million to oppose medical marijuana initiatives and any candidates that support such initiatives | Cat Virus Tied to SARS | Attacks on new antidepressants do a disservice to the mentally ill | Water treatment reduces risk of Legionnaires' | Gamma knife radiosurgery provides long-term control of benign brain tumors, says Pitt study | Antibody coated stent a breakthrough in cardiovascular treatment | Rush Testing Kinder, Gentler Therapy for Lung Cancer | New treatment choice for people with manic depression | Hardly a wonder drug

| Study Adults maintain significant improvement in ADHD with long-term use of amphetamine | Children achieve sustained ADHD symptom improvement with long-term, once-daily use of Adderall XR | ADHD kids quality of life significantly improves with long-term, once-daily Adderall XR | Study Health Is Key To Maintaining Wealth For Seniors | Atkin's diet may cut risk of heart disease | Doctors Yank Clot from Stroke Victim's Artery | Does the Atkins Diet Work | Lieberman's Health Plan To Focus on Cures (washingtonpost.com) | Dropped Alzheimer's Drug Reversed Disease in Some (washingtonpost.com)

| SARS Taiwan thinks the unthinkable | Health Care That Spares No Expense (washingtonpost.com) | Governments Can Control SARS, WHO Officials Say (washingtonpost.com) | Hopkins researchers find potential new treatment for children with chronic hepatitis C | Patients with rectal cancer have better outcomes at busier hospitals | Study shows asthmatics more irritated by airborne dog allergens than cat allergens | Combination therapy is effective for older women with osteoporosis, says Pittsburgh study | Pro-vitamin supplement may increase cancer risk in smokers and drinkers | Many pregnant women may have depression, but few getting treatment, study finds | Benefits of lung surgery reported for emphysema patients | Environmental exposures in infancy linked to early asthma | One-third of young adults who outgrow asthma may relapse by age 26 | Selenium may inhibit progression toward Barrett's-related esophageal cancer | Low-dose diuretics are the most effective way to treat hypertension | Major government study Surgery is a good option for selected emphysema patients | Cost analysis of lung-volume-reduction surgery suggests 'cautious optimism' | Camera pill reveals damage from anti-inflammatory drugs | New material improves treatment of urinary incontinence | A new antibiotic appears effective against multidrug-resistant TB | New type of vaccine against nicotine addiction developed by TSRI scientists | Graduation may be hazardous to your health | African Americans in KY, PA and WV more likely to develop, die from colorectal cancer | Few microbiological differences in households using antibacterials | Kids' backpacks may not cause back pain after all | Lawmakers, watchdog groups question Medical Society's claims of a malpractice liability crisis | why we sleep | U.S. Backs Pact Curbing Tobacco Use Worldwide (washingtonpost.com) | 'Cattle Car Syndrome' Offers SARS Insights | Return of the Bedbugs | New cause identified for incurable muscle condition | Brain tangles associated with Alzheimer's also occur in normal aging | significant link between head injury and Parkinson's disease | Hostility in children is a risk factor for developing the precursors to cardiovascular disease | Mercury in packaged whale meat across Japan may be a major health problem | Snoring may increase risk of learning problems in some children

| Phage therapy could remove foodborne disease from livestock | ear problems decrease over time following ear tube placement | OHSU scientists look for methods to improve vaccinations for smallpox and other infectious diseases | Bush Cuts Would Result in Millions Losing Vital Health Care Coverage | a ten-year US study has found that pleasant, floral-spice perfume makes women appear five kilos lighter in the eyes of the opposite sex | 50% of reunions between siblings, or parents and offspring, separated at birth result in obsessive emotions | Greater potential of adult stem cells revealed | SARS' Achilles' heel revealed | SOME SUCCESS SEEN WITH DEPRESSION TREATMENT BY PHONE | Seizure drug improves abstinence from drinking, study shows | Greater potential of adult stem cells revealed | Kerry Unveils Health Care, Insurance Plan (washingtonpost.com) | Panel Backs Asthma Drug That May Also Help Allergies (washingtonpost.com) | The U.S. death rate from infectious disease...is now double what it was in 1980 | Dogs Beneficial in Speech-Language Therapy | Salt water may save breasts | Sperm Sorter Allows Parents To Pick Baby Gender 70 To 80 Percent Of Requests Are For Females | 3% are sexually drawn to children | Action needed to tackle death rates in young offenders | 16% of English smokers classed as hardcore | Has the health effect of passive smoking been overstated | Birth weight may be linked to arthritis in later life | Diabetes in the Elderly Linked to Fewer Cellular Power Plants | Researchers discover common cause for aging and age-related disease | No detectable risk from mercury in seafood, study shows | Mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus and a strain of malaria have developed a resistance to insecticides because of a single-letter mutation in their genetic code | SARS Unmasked From Ground Zero and back travels through an hysteria epidemic | Fears over UK vaccines after US reports link to autism | West Nile Has Experts Worried This Year | Public knows no more about genetics than in 1990, U-M study shows | Chronic alcohol abuse damages regulating hormones | An anti-nicotine drug reduces the rewarding effects of alcohol | Alcohol impairs executive cognitive functioning much longer than expected | Hopkins scientists uncover role of Fanconi's Anemia genes in pancreatic cancer | Bone marrow stem cells may one day help treat damaged livers | Putting genes in a pill | New High Blood Pressure Clinical Practice Guidelines--05-14-2003 | New evaluation of osteoporosis therapies | Study finds portion of population resistant to infectious Norwalk virus | Lots of Leads, but WHO Says SARS Drug Years Off

| Can allergies be triggered by detergents, perfumes and glues? | Study Shows Newer Epilepsy Drug Has Worse Side Effects Than Older Drug | Sticky plant sap linked to African child cancer | Vaccination Halts Progression of Artherosclerosis in Animals

| Pathogenic yeasts and fungi A growing health concern | Anti-HIV drugs save vision, improve outlook for AIDS patients | Mothers who choose to work are not doing any emotional harm to their children, according to a major study released today. | China shuns doctor who told SARS truth, WHO says 05-14-03 | One AIDS Form Jumped to Humans by 1940 | Popular malaria drug may lead to suicide | Spate of spousal abuses on US military bases may be due to use of Lariam in soldiers serving in Afghanistan | US Army uncertain on malaria drug dangers -- The Washington Times | Lariam Litigation, Assisting Lariam, Mefloquine, Mephaquine and Mefliam Victims | Asthma Now Afflicts 15 Million Americans | New Help for Seasonal Allergies | Will Cosmetic Surgery Make us all the Same? | Victims of 'Lookism' Face Uphill Battle | Trio Of Trouble: Infection, Autoimmunity & Inflammation Gang Up On Heart | Patient benefits from controversial vCJD drug | Up to 29 percent of people living in the U.S. and other parts of the developed world are mentally ill | Hog-farm-cesspool gases tied to nerve damage | Heat zapps bone tumors | Government Gets an Even Closer Look at Health Records | Are Learning-Disabled Kids Tossed Aside? | Setting boundaries between work and life helps families thrive | Personality changes throughout life | Doctors find patient relationships highlight of profession | China Brings Back the Bow in SARS Fight | the 18th century's approach to mental illness | Doctors' Insurance Soars, Then Disappears (washingtonpost.com) | By 2020, 76 million worldwide could go blind without prevention | Parkinson’s symptoms indicated for first time on pet scans of brains of living patients

| Panel Urges Total Asbestos Ban in U.S. | 'Bionic eye' breakthrough can allow the blind to see | Five Patients Spread SARS to Scores, Study Says (Update2) | Grand Jury Recommends Gov't Distribute Narcotics | Scientists to exploit mosquito's genetic Achilles heel in fight against malaria | Nanoprobe To Be Developed For A 'Fantastic Voyage' In The Human Body, Finding And Treating Deadly Tu | Radiofrequency ablation effective in treating advanced lung cancer | Mammograms read by specialists save patients’ time and money | Scientists at UCSB link brain plaques in Alzheimer’s disease to eye disease

| Clue to prion formation found, offers step toward treating puzzling diseases | Are psychedelic drugs good for you By John Horgan | SARS study contains surprising revelations | Barium studies should be first step in diagnosing complications from reflux disease surgery | Study supports the use of general radiologists during off hours | Breakthrough in fight against infection misery | Extreme heat effective in treating some kidney cancers | MDCT shows promise in detecting urinary tract cancers | Radiofrequency ablation shows promise as safe, effective way to destroy lung tumors | Study recommends 50% reduction in CT radiation dose based on patient size and weight | Pressure Combined with Heat Reduces Prion Infectivity in Processed Meats | Lessons from lives of 37 Texas murderers show different paths to death row | Gene enhances prefrontal function at a price | Parents Who Quit Smoking When Their Children are Young Reduce the Chances Of Their Kids Becoming Teen Smokers

| Sars 'can be spread by touch' | Nurses abandon China’s hospitals to escape Sars | Study discovers key to baby-like skin | MR technique shows brains of Alzheimer's patients similar to immature brains in children | Whole body MR imaging could replace bone scans in cancer patients | New Research Says Better Social Skills Not Nicotine Patches Helps Smokers Quit | Capsule with microscopic camera provides better look | Kids who get prescription asthma drugs visit ER less often | Study suggests bipolar disorder may cause progressive brain damage | Smart virus eliminates brain cancer in animal experiments | 'Superglue virus' wipes out brain tumours | Half of people over 60 who contract SARS are likely to die | Sickest Patients Expose Health Systems' Flaws | Rise in sex abuse between children - smh.com.au | Atlantic Monthly Reefer Madness | SARS Scare Echoes Flu Pandemic of 1918 | two men could become the parents of their own genetic child | Regular Marijuana Users Have No Higher Rates Of Mortality | Two of the world's leading medical journals have thrown their support behind amending North America's drug laws | Common Pain Relief Drug May Make Skin Cancer Treatment More Effective | Immune cells may help deliver cancer vaccines for children | Microbes Related to Infant Lung Infections Reduced by Two-Thirds Using Specialized Ventilation System Device in ICU | Sleep loss and driving do not mix for medical residents | Children are becoming obese as young as 3 years old, and obese 10-year-olds are showing abnormal liver function and abnormally high insulin levels | SARS Virus Mutating Quickly Into 2 Forms | Anti-Psychotic Drugs May Reduce -- Not Increase -- Risk of Diabetes in Mentally Ill Patients

| Horrific venereal disease strikes African baboons NOTE: Primates such as baboons are sufficiently closely related to humans that their diseases can jump onto us if given the oppportunity. AIDS looks to have possibly jumped from chimpanzees to humans, over a period of decades or centuries. END NOTE. | Face masks are best protection against SARS | Severe immune response kills SARS victims | Study on world’s oldest monkeys may explain age-related mental decline, Scientists say | New approaches to prenatal ultrasound can predict high-risk births with greater accuracy | Adding fatty acids to formula milk may cut heart disease in later life | Cannabis more damaging to health than previously thought claim doctors | New therapy on horizon for the treatment of pituitary tumors | Estrogen regulates key factor in wound healing | Regional stroke center improves care in 100-mile radius | St. Jude researchers reverse blood disease using genetically modified stem cells | BEDWETTING MAY BE LINKED TO SOCIAL STATUS | Detox may put addicts at risk | Asia's Sars epidemic has been claiming non-human victims, as the Chinese authorities target domestic pets suspected of spreading the disease | Test blunders risk needless abortions | Global fight against AIDS requires more than drug cocktails | Vaccine with University of Rochester roots saves thousands from illness | Boy 'pregnant' with twin brother | U.S. Minorities Unaware of 'Morning-After' Pill | Borrowing from Ebola virus could aid cystic fibrosis gene therapy | Soy extract reduces PSA levels in men with untreated prostate cancer, UC Davis study shows | Drug shows promise in preventing type 1 diabetes | Contraceptives 'not used properly' | New cholesterol drug paired with statin lowers cholesterol | Wake Forest scientists develop colony of mice that fight off virulent cancer

| SARS less severe in young children | Reduce unnecessary suffering and cost of treatment, says Queen's nurse researcher | Researchers Discover Effective Method For Killing Prostate Cancer Cells | Research links erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease | Cystic fibrosis gene therapy trial results encouraging | New imaging technique may help people with asthma | Tissue engineering for erectile dysfunction | Untreated iron overload can result in liver cancer, heart disease, or other fatal conditions | No Quick Fix for SARS | Scientists breed cancer-beating mice | Research sheds new light on why some prostate cancers become untreatable | SARS 'has peaked' outside China | MORE than one billion people worldwide could be infected by the deadly SARS virus within a year | Metastatic prostate cancer is common, deadly and costly, multi-center study shows | Variety of Strains May Account for SARS Hot Spots (washingtonpost.com) | The elderly, alcohol dependence and risk factors for suicide | The new pathogen is very likely from a wild animal | American College of Preventive Medicine recommends chlamydia screening | Microgel polymer beads may provide general vehicle for vaccines, gene therapy | Malaria project in funding crisis | Sars what's the worst case scenario | SARS as 'Global Pandemic' | UK could not cope with Sars outbreak, warns public health boss | Circumcision shown to deter HIV spread -- The Washington Times | Link Between Obesity and Cancer Confirmed | Death Rate for Global Outbreak Rising (washingtonpost.com) | SARS much more deadly than first estimated

| Family history raises odds of stroke at young age | Manual therapy is effective treatment for neck pain | Cervical screening is working well, but is labour intensive | Delay in spotting TB is more common in white people and women | Protein interactions demonstrate that Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease may share a common fiber | Adult stem cells shown to develop into all brain cell types | Type 1 diabetics can get 'double diabetes' from insulin resistance, says University of Pittsburgh | Having meningitis as a baby can lead to teenage behavioural problems | Hospital Water Systems May Harbor Harmful Molds | Are people from India and Indian sub-continent immune to the fast spreading SARS virus | Gephardt Health Plan to Cover All (washingtonpost.com) | Virgin birth method could found stem cells | Genetically enhanced humans to come, say DNA pioneers | Want Drugs With Those Fries | AA HELPS ALCOHOLICS STAY ABSTINENT OVER THE LONG TERM | Nationwide improvement in nursing home care not likely, despite some changes | Gastric bypass surgery improves diabetes in most patients, says University of Pittsburgh study | Did you know that as you grow older, your feet get bigger | Stroking a dog could infect a child with a parasitic worm that leads to blindness | How world let virus spread | Malaria treatment 'breakthrough' | Gephardt Issues Bold Plan on Health Care (washingtonpost.com) | Gastric Emptying For Specific Foods May Be A Key To Managing Deadly Illnesses In The Elderly | MEDLINEplus Exercise for Seniors | Color-Change Lenses Check Blood Sugar | The Stresses of Senior Life -- Illness, Reduced Mobility, Loss of Family and Friends -- Can Surface Conflicts Couples Have Avoided for Years | SARS Seen as a Threat to Governments as Well as People (washingtonpost.com)

| Is Addiction Just a Matter of Choice | Snoring Linked To Headaches | A kindler, gentler cut for LASIK | Scientists discover unique source of stem cells | baby teeth stem cells | Poor diagnosis of ear infections is a symptom of medical care ills | (SARS) has likely become a permanent threat that will plague humanity indefinitely | New Permanent Birth Control Option For Women Offers Less-invasive Alternative To Tubal Ligation | Bright Light Exposure Increases Male Hormone | Genetic smart bomb knocks out hepatitis | Baylor researchers show way to diabetes cure with gene therapy | White Noise Delays Auditory Organization in the Brain | Counselling can increase fruit and vegetable intake | High blood pressure in pregnancy increases risk of later heart disease | Toxic molecule may provide key for developing vaccine against degenerative diseases | Dartmouth engineers closer to mass-producing therapeutic proteins | Nanotechnology may help overcome current limitations of gene therapy | Rapid increase of opioids benefits some dying pediatric cancer patients | Adult stem cells tackle multiple sclerosis | Programmable Antibodies—A Hybrid Cancer Therapy Described by Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute | U.Va. researcher reports on advances in treatment of a leading parasitic killer | Identification of gene gives hope to children with progeria; May shed light on phenomenon of aging | Researchers identify gene for premature aging disorder | Chaos Theory May Help Explain Patterns Of Alcohol Abuse, Studies Suggest | Experts offer theories on how dead woman could deliver baby | A shunt implanted in the skull of a patient with Alzheimer's could be the first treatment that actually fixes what's broken in the brain rather than simply masking symptoms of the debilitating disease | how we can be so different from other primates despite sharing 99% of their genetic material

| For diabetics, eyes soon to be the windows to better health | Cloned Pigs Differ from Originals in Looks and Behavior | Estrogen patch compared to pill minimizes cardiovascular risk factor in postmenopausal women | Gene variation in immune system cells lowers heart disease risk | STUDY HELPS PINPOINT WHO IS AT RISK FOR STAPH INFECTIONS -- MSU Press Releases | Why are sex diseases rising? | New method for predicting prostate cancer and the risk for metastasis | Sudden death not surprising in many women | Nitric Oxide-like Drug Could Revive A Failing Heart | Alcohol-induced blackouts may lead to heavier drinking | Final human genome sequence released | four of six young, healthy moderate smokers -- men and women who smoked less than a pack a day -- had unacceptably low blood levels of Vitamin B-6, a vitamin believed to be protective against the DNA damage that can lead to cancer | Cholestyramine shows protective effects for marine toxin poisoning | Pitt researchers develop non-invasive glucose sensor | Intrusive emotional memories make rats forget recently learned information, USF-VA researchers find | Prenatal exposure to nicotine increases risk of apnea in brains of newborn rats | Dubious value meals Bigger is not better | SCHOOL CHANGES COULD HELP KIDS BE MORE ACTIVE, EAT BETTER | Magnetic crystals in brain linked to Alzheimer's | Difficulties with primate cloning A religious comment | Experimental 'coffee cocktail' tested as way to limit stroke damage | Failures in primate cloning may signal impossibility of human reproductive cloning

| Women with pre-eclampsia at higher risk of later blood clots | Prescription exercise is effective | Antibodies can halve risk of transplant rejection | MGH-BWH study identifies Alzheimer's associated changes in the eye | Poor pain pump designs increase patient risk University of Toronto study | Surgery Tools Used in UK CJD Cases Can't Be Traced | Smart mathematical model prevents the spread of swine fever | Voucher programs may improve neighborhood safety | Workplace counseling may boost physical activity, fitness | Combination drug therapy drastically reduces multiple coronary heart disease risk factors | Designing a digital toolbox to quickly check cognitive function | Could Hibernators Hold The Key To Improving Organ Preservation? | A Cholesterol-Controlling Drug Could Strike A Blow Against Insulin Resistance | Study of twins reveals changes in attention and motor skills after heavy stimulant abuse | Amorous worms reveal effects of Chernobyl | Mother-Infant Bed Sharing Is Associated With An Increase In Infant Heart Rate | UNC scientists find important new clue to puzzle of addictive behavior | Grape Seed Extract May Be A Useful Supplement To Blunt Hypertension In Postmenopausal Women | New Research Examines The Metabolic, Cardiovascular Effects Of Caffeine Consumed In Conjunction With Naringin, The Property Tha | Depression during treatment may make it harder for women to quit smoking | Concurrent tobacco and marijuana use may hamper cigarette smoking cessation | Environmental cues associated with heroin use may decrease immune function | Higher pain tolerance in males can't be bought | In Some Patients With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Cfs), Left Ventricular Function May Be At The Heart Of The Matter | Modern Blood Vessel Measurements Test An Age Old Belief That Magnetic Fields Can Influence Blood Flow

| Cocaine addicts get a high before the hit | Aerosol cyclosporine spray improves lung function in transplant patients, say researchers | Why Britain's gay, lesbian and bisexual Muslims need dedicated support groups | Migraine sufferers may not be receiving most effective treatment | Eye clinics ideal for screening elderly patients for depression, other conditions | Age, degree of refractive error increase changes for LASIK retreatments | Retinal abnormalities and AMD associated with hypertension and pulse pressure | Child Overweight Linked to Severe Obesity as Adult | The Fakeout Bush promised billions for AIDS—but not until he's left office | Baby food mercury concern | Woman's breasts accidentally removed | Beijing is concealing Sars deaths, says doctor | A Beacon For Better Health Care (washingtonpost.com) | Tumour-loving bugs deliver killer blow | Medication helps overweight teens lose weight | DNA-based vaccine triples survival for dogs with melanoma

| Singapore Woman Linked to 100 SARS Cases | 1918 Flu Epidemic | China Still Covering Up SARS, Doctors Say | 'If there are people who have the virus and don't show symptoms, we are lost, because that would mean it had spread throughout the world, as it is easily contracted' | While China Stonewalled | Obese Children and Their Parents Report Impaired Quality of Life Quality Rated as Bad as Lives Led by Young Cancer Patients | Prostate cancer patients with highest risk of progression | COX-2 Enzyme Instrumental in Parkinson's Disease | Novel COX-2 combination treatment may reduce colon cancer risk | New Treatment for Ovarian Cancer Studied at MCG | Human reproductive rates follow biological scaling rules | Doctor tackles US health inequality | China gags SARS talk on Internet chatrooms | Fire safe cigarettes don't taste good, go out too much, says tobacco company | Indian villagers crippled by fluoride | Doctors Warn Kids at Risk From Nuke Plants | The NBC journalist's death was possibly caused by the hours he spent reporting cramped in an Army vehicle -- just another way war kills | possibility that there are super-spreaders of SARS | Compound developed from mussels may lead to safer, more effective medical implants | Whether quake disaster or terrorist threat, hospitals can safely evacuate patients with little outside help | Disease may change to an even deadlier form | Novel treatment results in less brain damage following stroke

| | St. Jude Develops Vaccine Against Potential Pandemic Influenza Virus H5N1 Using Reverse Genetics | Two new studies showed Alzheimer’s disease treatment beneficial in other memory-related conditions | 6m SMSs avert SARS panic (April 03, 2003) | Half of all hospital drug injections are wrong | 'SARS appears on track for worldwide outbreak' - timesunion.com | Aids and the Polio Vaccine | GOP leaders press Ehrlich to veto medical marijuana | Cancer cases 'to soar' | China's Slow Reaction to Fast-Moving Illness (washingtonpost.com) | Fruit consumption related to increased risk of Parkinson's | Mandatory reporting of seizures can have negative impact | Can we halt the deadly SARS? | Drug slows advanced Alzheimer's disease | Head injuries' double whammy explained | Killer pneumonia virus linked to birds | POOR HEALTH KEEPS ELDERLY FROM SEEKING PREVENTIVE CARE | Can Smallpox Vaccine Fight Cancer? March 31, 2003 213207 | New clothes stab bugs with molecular daggers | SARS 'monster of man's making', warns expert - smh.com.au | Fighting a Mystery Illness (washingtonpost.com) | Supreme Court Says States Can Force HMOs to Open Doctor Networks (washingtonpost.com) | Loss of brain tissue may contribute to cognitive impairment among healthy diabetes patients | Early levodopa treatment: Does it slow or hasten Parkinson’s? | Hydroxyurea therapy improves survival in most severely affected sickle cell patients | Jefferson Neurologist Finds Monthly Migraines in Women May Be Preventable | Silent strokes increase odds of devastating strokes | Immune responses to peanuts are key in a growing allergic phenomenon | GM blood kills human cancer cells | Movement disorders from viral encephalitis can be severe, | OHSU researchers produce first animal model for stress-induced movement disorder | Antibody therapy can increase the effectiveness of cancer vaccine, early studys | Drug combination increases life span of mice with ALS | Emory researchers report promising findings in advanced Parkinson's with novel cell therapy | Study finds drug can cut chance of a heart attack by more than a third | Mayo Clinic study shows thalidomide may delay progression of early stage multiple myeloma | Competition among Medicare health plans not a cure-all | Slimming fad 'starts in playground' | Fear recalls past outbreaks | SARS Mystery Deepens | Facial Paralysis From Mysterious Bell's Palsy May Cause Alarm, but In Most Cases the Condition Is Temporary | Antiviral therapy found to prevent blindness, other serious effects for patients with eye shingles | SMELL, EMOTION PROCESSOR IN BRAIN MAY BE ALTERED IN DEPRESSED PATIENTS | Whiplash pain is common, usually mild, and long-lasting | Medication protects patients with peanut allergies | Six-week, six-shot regimen fights hayfever for more than one season | Uniting -- for Now -- to Aid the Uninsured | Better Habits Could Slash U.S. Cancer, Report Says | For prostate cancer patients, 11C-Choline PET may be alternative to pelvic lymphadenectomy | Oxygen deficiency is an endocrine disruptor in fish | Bacterial viruses make cheap easy vaccines | Glowing bacteria show researchers how an anti-flu-virus drug may prevent bacterial pneumonia | Anxiety Poorly Managed In Hospitalized Patients, Study Reports | DIABETIC VETS ARE FREQUENT USERS OF HEALTH CARE SYSTEM

| The Zero-Minute Workout - Cheat your way to a great body! By David Plotz | BIOLOGISTS DISCOVER KEY TO BLOCKING INFLAMMATION | Treating MS is expensive, but cost falls over time | New mouse virus may help scientists better understand cruise ship epidemics | Gene Mutation Exacerbates Eye Defect Media Release - The Jackson Laboratory | medicalisation of personal problems may relieve the individual of moral responsibility, but at the cost of allowing the therapeutic state to control personal behaviour and psychic life | Boy Gets First of Kind Stem Cell Transplant | Nag-O-Matic Captology is the science of using technology to modify behavior. Sounds scary -- but it's better than the alternatives | Scientific advance establishes ‘proof of principle’ that prion diseases might be prevented | Experimental Robots May Aide Bedsides | Women who abuse drugs are at high risk for serious injury or trauma | Stimulant treatment of children with ADHD reduces subsequent substance abuse | Common industrial chemical now linked to male infertility | patients who die from drug overdoses or poisoning are an untapped resource for organ donation | Obesity epidemic blamed on food firms | Oregon cuts off prescriptions to mentally ill in bid to save cash | Hormone therapy offers women little, study finds

| What's important about elderly women's fat Amount or location | Body’s own antibodies may drive new strains of HIV | Genetic link may tie together pesticides, ADHD, Gulf War syndrome and other disorders | Review High tech device stops nausea - Mar. 17, 2003 | Bone marrow experiments suggest diabetes cure | Health Insurance Back as Key Issue (washingtonpost.com) | most US counties don't have enough adult day centers | Finding may lead to diabetes treatment | Stem cells From bone marrow to pancreas | Genes Are Main Culprit In Development Of Myopia, Study Suggests | Mayo Clinic study finds total hip replacement among older patients provides better quality of life | Reversed echoes may fight disease and foster communication | Mold Alive and Thriving in U.S. Homes | Self-reported stress linked with fatal stroke; unhealthy habits may be factor | Elderly care is inadequate, especially in nursing homes | Controlling 'badly' behaving neurons may ease Parkinson's disease | Scientists discover possible new treatment for genetic diseases | Can Vitamins Slow the Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease | Novel molecule may contribute to intestinal health | 'Sleep debts' accrue when nightly sleep totals six hours or fewer

| Pheromones in male perspiration reduce women's tension, alter hormone response | Home genome project The super rich will soon be able to get their own complete personal genetic profile | 'Safe haven' baby laws ripped | A different kind of penis envy Students fight to save foreskins | High-Fructose Corn Syrup May Act More Like Fat Than Sugar in the Body | More ailments seen in black children | a little-known, decades-old practice of letting students perform pelvic exams on women without their consent while they are under anesthesia | Cancer risk clouds gene cures | the role of common painkillers in protecting against Alzheimer’s disease | Pharmaceutical Company Whistle-Blower Tells of 'Illegal' Tactics | Health News Can be Hazardous to Your Health | US uproar at sloppy DNA tests blunders | World's first brain prosthesis revealed | Scientists Look to Tapeworm for Drug Model | Problems plague health networks | New tools speed drug discovery and disease research | All you need to know about SARS | Case Study Suggests Link Between Plastic Products, Birth Defects | Sleep and Alertness Problems and Disorders | National Center on Sleep Disorders Research | Vitamin C transforms mouse stem cells into heart muscle cells | Parkinson's implant improves quality of life long term | West Nile Virus can cause polio-like symptoms | Cholesterol lowering drug effective in treating most common form of multiple sclerosis | Immunization may prove therapeutic for prion diseases

| Knobbly insoles help save sports injuries | Routine X-ray safety called into question | Brain can reorganize after injury at any age | Drug reduces deaths and hospital stays in heart attack patients with heart failure | Accident in animal lab raises questions about a chemical used in some plastics | Training the ethical doctor | Component in plastic bottles found to cause abnormal pregnancies in mice | NSAIDS may offer protection against Alzheimer's disease | Growth factor shows promise in Parkinson's patients | Folic acid-iron supplements reduce risk of low birth weight | Adult cot death may explain mystery fatalities | Sudden removal of fat impairs immune function in rodents, biologists find | By 2020, 76 million worldwide could go blind without prevention | Study finds opioids offer significant reduction in nerve-damage pain | Rare blood disease shown to be a form of treatable cancer | Screening Technique Streamlines Search for Anticancer Drugs | New proteomic techniques reveal workings of bacteria linked to cystic fibrosis | Researchers probe promising liver cancer treatment | New advance in fuel cell technology may help power medical implants | Mothers' psychological symptoms influence which children go to the doctor | Special glasses developed to beat fear of the dentist's drill | Pesticide link to Parkinson's | RADIATION from one atom of depleted uranium lodged in your body could give you cancer | virus believed to infect up to 95 percent of all Americans may play a crucial role in triggering multiple sclerosis | Keyboard Cooties Could Make You Sick | New studies in mice suggest ways to clear damaging Alzheimer's amyloid plaques

| Reducing the number of walk-in patients won't help solve emergency department overcrowding study -- March 26, 200 | Effect of mind over body still baffles | Your Allergy Medications May Cost More This Year -- or Be Changed Entirely. Here, a View of the Budding Drug Landscape | Lung surgery benefits emphysema patients for several years | Common Heart Surgery Drug Potentially Dangerous | Underserved US minorities face 'unequal burden of cancer' that must be corrected | A closer look yields new clues to why bacteria stick to things | Statins before procedures reduce cardiovascular events and death | Hypertension-related eye damage more common in blacks than whites | Morphine-like painkiller appears to be less addictive | Embryonic facial development subject to insult or repair longer than expected | Solution To Collapsed Veins Device May Replace Traditional IV In Wartime | Contact lenses that dispense prescription drugs | Age-related changes in the brain's white matter affect cognitive function in old age | Study of insecticide neurotoxicity yields clues to onset of Parkinson's Disease | How loneliness and health risks of older men go unseen | Study shows azelaic acid 15% gel (Finacea™) is safe and effective for treating moderate rosacea | U.S. Should Foster Systematic Effort To Combat Infectious Diseases Here And Abroad, Report Urges | New doctors feel demoralised by media criticism | What we don't know about the toxic chemicals in our bodies | In every war it has fought for the past 100 years, U.S. armies have lost fewer soldiers to combat than to disease | Undercover genes slip into brain | Iron deficiency hurts economy in developing countries Study | Inactive genes may contribute to failure of animals cloned from adult cells, study finds | Trachoma Leaves Millions Blind, Costs $2.9 Billion to Global Economy

| Apocalypse Soon our love affair with health scares | Racial differences in pain treatment found | Ecstasy 'makes users depressed for life' | In Addition To Its Influence On Food Intake And Weight Gain, The Body’s Hormone Ghrelin Is A Sleep-Promoting Factor | Bupropion triples quit rates among women and formerly depressed smokers, study shows | Supplements That Increase The Effects Of Resistance Exercise Identified | New study estimates 85 newborn killed or left to die per year by parents, usually their mother | Alcohol dependence linked to chemical deficit | environmental factors may play a greater role in the development of Parkinson's disease in men, while for women, hereditary factors may play a greater role | College Students Not So Savvy About Sex | one out of every 133 Americans may have celiac disease | the fears of many related to living into one's 90s and beyond -- are in many cases unfounded | Targeted immunotherapy eradicates cancer in mice | 'It takes six years to rid the body of PCBs and one year for mercury' | Researchers develop 'natural bandages' that mimic body's healing process | RNAi protects living animals against disease | Actonel significantly reduced osteoporotic fractures | Patients used as drug 'guinea pigs' | Computer Automation Software Speeds Brain Research | New drug targets cancer cells | Mutant Bacteria Become Microscopic Motors; 'bioMEMS' Devices Could Revolutionize Drug Delivery, DNA Sequencing

| Cancer traced to transplanted organs | Insect Antibiotics - Resistance is Futile | Synthesized molecule holds promise as antitumor agent | Research sheds light on why protein-rich diets aid weight loss | Hormone therapy could help prevent pre-term births | Discovery of iron-acquisition pathway suggests new treatments for drug-resistant Staph. infections | Obesity not a personal failing, but a battle against biology | Could one less cookie a day help the fight against fat? | CULTURAL VALUES MAY EXPLAIN LOW VACCINATION RATES FOR DIABETIC MINORITIES | 5.1 percent of the doctors in the U.S. account for 54.2 percent of the number of malpractice payouts | Cholera and the age of the water barons | More doctors steer patients away from some medicines | studies have questioned whether common over-the-counter remedies provide any benefits at all | DEPRESSION RELATED TO POOR HEALTH AFTER BYPASS SURGERY | Patients Benefit When Doctor Uses Computer, Not Paper, To Write Prescriptions | The Bush administration now claims that marijuana poses a greater risk to health than any other drug | Chemical cousin of vitamin A restores gene function in former smokers | Alzheimer patients who scored well on memory tests -- show unique compensatory brain activity | Sepsis On The Rise In The United States; Study Reveals That Condition Is Also Becoming More Complex, | Vaccine Shortage Study Exposes Nation's 'Patchwork' System; Many Doctors Scrambling To Help Children | CHRONIC SELF-DOUBTERS LIKELY TO FACE WIDE RANGE OF PROBLEMS | Parental pressures a major factor for female college students considering suicide | sustained changes in brain and immune function after meditation | News for every parent Ways to protect your infant from sudden death | Secret of cancer's 'eternal youth'

| Revolutionary molecules turn bland food bodacious | If you're alive in 20 years, you may be able to live forever | Assisted suicide by non-physicians | Scripps scientists discover new approach for treating 'misfolding diseases' | Common pediatric anesthesia drugs cause brain damage and learning and memory problems in infant rats | Protein Linked to Movement Disorders | ORNL, Georgia's Isotron develop promising new cancer treatment | Structure of cog at the hub of metabolism reveals anti-ageing function | Fruit flies unlock Methuselah's secrets | Drotrecogin alfa (activated) is a cost-effective treatment for severe sepsis patients | Linezolid is better treatment for resistant pneumonia | ALZHEIMER CAREGIVERS' STRESS MAY TRIGGER RISKY BLOOD CLOTS | Removing Portion of Spleen Effective in Treating Inherited Childhood Anemias | Prion disease may be caused by buildup of cellular trash, say Stanford researchers | Fetal tissue transplants improve adult sight | Black mold to force demolition of school | Test to predict longevity | the inevitability of designer babies | Mission Impossible (polio) | Experimental Implant Under the Scalp Zaps Away Crippling Headaches | Appetites haven't changed much in past millennium | The U.S. Military Needs Its Speed | No taste for obesity | Doctors should provide more information about medical errors | U of MN researchers develop first reliable diagnostic test for myotonic muscular dystrophy type 2

| Breast cancer patients suffer through communication failure | Hospital is hoarding money donated to help care for the poor while sending bill collectors after low-income patients who might have been eligible for the funds | As costs rise, doctors charging for calls, e-mails | Chemicals Not Linked to Gulf War Illness | A wee bit crazy Science now has a name for you - FEB 21, 2003 | Rest for the Weary: Words from an Insomnia Expert | oral drug turns on silenced genes, turns off cancer | New Potential Therapy For Sickle Cell Disease; Inhaled Gas May Offer A Novel Treatment Approach | In elderly patients, combination chemotherapy no more effective than individual drugs | In Health Affairs interview, Breaux outlines plan to cover uninsured | Mutants from a lowly weed. That's where many solutions to maladies – from salt stress in plants to HIV in humans – may lie in wait for scientists to discover | A cancer diagnosis can spark a cascade of health-related lifestyle changes | Study examines acupuncture to alleviate symptoms for advanced colorectal cancer patients | American Dietetic Association urges Congress to increase the role of nutrition education in schools | Hibernating black bears shed light on treatments for osteoporosis | Scientist fears 'genetic apartheid' | Hope for nonsurgical brain tumour treatment | Vitamins: You Can Get Too Much of a Good Thing

| Psoriasis Relief, at A Price (washingtonpost.com) | Evolution boosted anti-cancer prowess of a primordial gene | Current theory on cause of kidney stones refuted | Testicular self-exams often not done, study shows | The timing of hormone replacement therapy could be key to success | Tapeworm's chemical trick could make drugs more effective | No mention of trauma as cause of head injury is likely abuse | Radiation and intratumoral injection turn on immune system to attack brain tumor cells | Family mealtime is more than just sitting at the table | Headset aids Parkinson's patients | leukemia drug may not treat certain forms of disease | Light-activated therapy and radiation combined effectively for treating tumors | Researchers identify a gene responsible for spread of cancer in the body | Drug-producing crops facing legal lockdown | Higher SIDS Risk Found in Infants Placed in Unaccustomed Sleeping Position | Workplace violence in hospitals | Alcohol researchers relate a genetic factor to anxiety in women | People with major depression may have higher suicide risk -- study | Stem Cell Surprise: Blood cells form liver, nerve cells Science News Online, March 1, 2003 | Language barrier found to hurt Hispanics' health | Stupidity should be cured, says DNA discoverer | Will the fountain of youth one day be available in pill form | Gene Therapy Debacle Casts Pall on Field | Mysteries of Ozone in the Human Body | Knocked Out | Declining payment rates increasingly threaten the ability of emergency departments to provide emergency care to all regardless of ability to pay | The only additive you'll ever need | New gauze promotes natural healing | Metal ions may play big role in how we sense smells | Lethal Confusion The simplest way of fixing the problem would be banning brand names

| Direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical ads may lead to new diagnoses, other physician recommendations | New contraceptive microbicide in clinical trials | NASA Scientists Seeks 'Cure' for Motion Sickness | Progesterone regulates male behavior toward infants | Drug strongly reduces risk of heart failure in children after cardiac surgery

| The common cold coughs up $40 billion annual price tag | Variety of casual acquaintances affects success and health | Argonne researchers create powerful stem cells from blood | Surveys Find Chronic Conditions A Widespread Concern | Bacterial Infections Alter Allergic Response Experiments Support Hygiene Hypothesis | Study If a doctor doesn't wash hands, nurses and resident probably won't | Proposed treatment for diabetes could have devastating side effects | Preliminary results Investigational rapid-release nicotine gum effective in relieving cravings | Hold the Phone Radiation from cell phones hurts rats' brains Science News Online, Feb. 22, 2003 | Can't stand the pain Your genes may be to blame | Too much coffee during pregnancy risks stillbirth | Natural anti-inflammatory agent may shield brain from stroke damage | Quitting smoking offers benefits; unsuccessful attempts may change view of health risk | Selegiline hydrochloride may help smokers quit

| Scientists develop 'super peptide' that kills Candida albicans | Both antidepressant therapy and counseling may help smokers achieve short-term abstinence | Everybody's High | the strange effects of artificial gravity on humans | Surgeons put themselves at risk, despite evidence | Consent form language too complex for many | Parkinson’s drug linked to heart disease risk factor | Mercury Threat to Kids Up, Delayed Report Warns | Major study good news for survivors of critical illness | X-ray trick picks out tiny tumours | Needles not sex drove African AIDS pandemic | Self-control comes in limited quantities, must be replenished | Terrorism Preparations Cost Hospitals Millions | a compound that may provide a new cure for tuberculosis

| Cannabis does not cause kids to try harder drugs, but lying to them about it does | Normal Nerve Cells Can Mimic Viruses | Discovery may lead to first medical treatment for Celiac disease | Brain's response to addictive drugs, stress | Web knowledge empowers patients, researcher says -- February 18, 2003 | Laser technique able to detect developing cavities -- February 18, 2003 | All Drugs Tweak the Brain the Same, Study Finds | Overcoming stress in the workplace | How safe is oral sex? | Alzheimer's studies cite fats, antioxidants | Brainwave technology offers new hope for disabled | The Act of Dissociation Can Protect Children Emotionally From Trauma, but Repeated Use May Cause Lasting Harm | Firms Offer Ways to Foil Drug Tests (TechNews.com) | Cancer vaccines 10+ years away | Bone marrow helps bones to repair themselves | Combination therapy for obsessions more effective than drugs alone

| Pain and the brain Sex, hormones & genetics affect brain's pain control system | Bigger, Faster, Stronger Genetic Enhancement and Athletics | Study examines chemical safety across United States, effects on population | Cornell News Eyes can self-correct some optical faults | Rich, poor, the wait is the same | Leaving hospital AMA | If you think your work-out is tough enough, it probably is | Parents of large families may be at higher heart risk | patients in regions spending 60% more don’t have better outcomes, survival or access to care than patients in lower-spending regions | Cyclis Pharmaceuticals Reports Studies Defining New Mechanism for Potential Cancer Therapies

| No Cash for Prisoners’ Food Supplement despite research suggesting food supplements can reduce inmates' violent behavior by up to 35% | Body's First Defense May Be Root of Diseases (washingtonpost.com) | New strategies against disease revealed as scientists probe genes' tasks | Researchers find promising drug for preventing serious complications of diabetes | Your taste buds not only determine which foods you go for but they also affect - by definition - your chances of developing some diseases | Water pill efficacy questioned | RABBITS KNOW HOW TO PREVENT HERPES | Supermarket shelves stocking food safety issues along with variety | Treatment of lupus in mice may point the way to human treatment | Here's something else our 24-7, high-tech lifestyle is apparently costing us sleep | Pentagon Perverts Pharma with New Weapons | Ancient virus tested as AIDS weapon | Gambling + alcohol is a losing proposition

| Cognitive therapy for schizophrenia Hope for those whom drugs haven’t helped | AAAS president calls to restore American health system | Deaths from foodborne diseases are underestimated | Ginseng may improve memory in stroke dementia patients | Baby and coated aspirin may not reduce risk of stroke | Record Number of Cancer Cases Predicted | Paperless hospital not ready for prime time - Computerworld | Can Sensemaking Keep Us Safe? | Caregiving raises risk of heart disease in women | New Study Sheds Light On The Responses To Diuretics | Cell Density Determines Extent Of Damage Caused By Cigarette Smoke Exposure | Monoclonal antibody may control Crohn's disease in children | New Hope For Preventing Major Problems Of The Retina | Patients and doctors must change attitudes for public to have real role in decision-making

| Polymers promote nerve regeneration | Antibiotic Breakthroughs Fall Short | Lead may cause mystery male infertility | AIDS Researchers Have Gained An Edge | working past retirement age could make us all healthier and wealthier | Infineon chip to read brain-cell signals - Tech News - CNET.com | Classes may be effective treatment for ADHD patients, parents | The Myth of US Health Care | Study is first to confirm link between exercise and changes in brain | New protein will help fight inflammation | Newly identified gut protein kills bacteria | Oxygen deprivation at or immediately after birth may place premature babies at risk for problems | Say Om Before Surgery -- Jan. 20, 2003 | Build an American Health System $10,000 prize

| Topical Oxygen Helps Hard-To-Heal Wounds Heal Faster And Better | Minimally invasive treatment successfully destroys kidney tumors | More people are getting sick from eating fresh fruits | Costly tests unnecessary for some miscarriages, University of Pittsburgh geneticist says

| Research reveals how strep bacterium evades immune system | Puzzle solved on how influenza builds its infectious seeds | Drug-resistant seizures often take years to develop | Computer Users Warned of Clot Risk | Study Cell phones 'blind' drivers - Jan. 27, 2003 | Independent Living's Real Costs (washingtonpost.com) | Heart disease in women tied to sleep habits

| MRI Provides Faster, More Accurate Way To Diagnose Heart Attacks--01-29-2003 | Newly discovered cellular process helps cells respond to DNA damage | What size fitness? | Conflict With Ex-Wife Limits Involvement Of Fathers With Children, Study Finds | Study Points To Methods For Safe Drug Dispensing Via Computer | Benefits of treating behavioral, functional problems caused by Alzheimer’s disease

| Health Care Spending Reaches $1.4 Trillion | Flu-Related Deaths Are Up Fourfold Since '70s (washingtonpost.com) | Technology aids quest to unveil eye's secrets | Food for Thought Cells Dine on Their Own Brains to Stay Fit and Trim

| | When self-image takes a blow, many turn to television as a distraction | UNC studies target molecular defects implicated in cancer, genetic diseases | Rising numbers of patients seeing non-physician clinicians, study finds | Hundreds of thousands in poverty with drug-resistant TB could be saved with community care model | Need for social support deters HIV patients from taking their drug 'cocktails'

| The Lack of Funding for HIV-AIDS Is Mass Murder by Complacency | Huge increase in gun use as crime figures soar | American Lung Association report cards show many states failing to protect public in tobacco policy | Pain-free syringes developed | Friday 13 leads to increased traffic deaths among women | From Killer to Chronic Disease Drugs Redefine Cancer for Many (washingtonpost.com)

| Vaccine Science's Conflicts of Interest | Worldwide Tragedy An Astronomical AIDS Pandemic | Surgeon uses new method to remove pituitary tumors | Antibodies critical for fighting West Nile Virus infection

| Thalidomide therapy for multiple myeloma patients may lengthen survival, researchers report | UW researchers discover gene mutation associated with a form of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease | Bupropion may help schizophrenic patients quit smoking | Scientists identify brain regions where nicotine affects attention, other cognitive skills | Study finds cocaine use in rats affects adolescents differently than adults | Teen drug use associated with psychiatric disorders later in life

| Communication technique may improve health outcomes | Sleep Apnea Treatment Also Effective for Gastroesophageal Reflux | Arthritis drugs may help the heart | Lack of awareness and control of risk factors still contributing to preventable...

| Soccer Headgear May Provide False Sense of Security | Why Fathers Kill Their Families | The American health care system is confronting a crisis | Human lymph disease could tail off thanks to gecko | Eye's light-detection system revealed

| Prions Puzzling Infectious Proteins | Kuru The Dynamics of a Prion Disease | Researchers find a molecule that improves wound repair | Too Much Oxygen On The Cell Biology Bench New Study Suggests So

| Vitamins may protect against heart disease | Emory Vaccine Research Center study identifies specific gene required for long-term immunity | Medical devices safe, but could be safer with better regulation | CDC Health-Related Hoaxes & Rumors | Surgery tools left in 1,500 patients on average a year | CDC Travelers' Health | Researchers find a genetic connection in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

| Saint Louis University researchers make breakthrough towards solving the cause of cancer development | Scripps Scientists Discover Rich Medical Drug Resource in Deep Ocean Sediments | Researchers identify protein that kills cancer cells | Influences on quality of life in early old age | Umbilical cord matrix, a rich new stem cell source, study shows | Baby milk manufacturers are violating international marketing code

| Mobile phones have not replaced teenage smoking | Boys cause more problems during labour | Researchers decipher cause of parasite’s worldwide spread | Balance problems make dressing hazardous for stroke survivors | Cell re-education reverses autoimmune attack | Gene therapy without the virus | Medicaid May Restrict Emergency Care January 17, 2003 211903 | Longer-Lasting Injections Offered To Fight Wrinkles

| Major technical advance in astronomy improves diagnosis of eye diseases | Chocolate treats for the heart | Immunity's pregnant pause | Adult Binge Drinking on the Rise | For Spinal Cord Injury Patients, New Insights For Rehabilitation Therapy | study in female mice links estrogen, lower blood pressure, and insulin resistance, despite a high fructose diet | Study shows preschool can prevent abuse

| TV carries messages that influence infants’ behavior | Radiation helps drugs 'zero in' on tumor blood vessels | link between diabetes and nervous system autoimmunity | Suppressing immune system reverses otherwise untreatable case of blood disease | Stem cells migrate from bone to brain | MS damage repaired by stem cells | Bone marrow generates new neurons in human brains | Researchers find enzyme that triggers hardening of the arteries | findings raise serious questions about the potential for Canada's present drug policies to adequately control the drug use epidemic through supply-side interventions | Early-warning procedure can help more melanoma patients than previously thought | New antibody library speeds search for new detection tools | Doctors Reattach Teen’s Head After Car Wreck | Health care hell | Scientific American iWhy-i The Neuroscience of Suicide

| Marijuana's link to hard drug use not genetic | PHARMACY CONSULTATIONS CUT DEATH, HOSPITALIZATION RATES | Boning up on bone loss | Millions of Americans are failing to get recommended health care | Most Doctors Behind the Times | BenefitsCheckUp - NCOA's Online Screening Service | The National Council on the Aging | Where doctors and hospitals are abundant, medical expenditures are disproportionately high -- with no evidence of better health results | Pill changes women's taste in men | Perfectionism and sport Achieving success the healthy way | Car crashes spike after Super Bowl

| Scientists uncover time for bed molecules | UF researchers report Immunosuppressant drug prevents late rejection of transplanted kidneys | MAIL REMINDERS HELP PATIENTS STICK TO ANTIDEPRESSANT MEDS | Liver conversion raises diabetes hope | Newborn Frequent Feeders Less Likely to Snooze | Stem cells could repair brain damage | Eat more, weigh less, live longer | High vitamin A raise bone fracture risk | Compound could lead to a new generation of antibiotics that battle resistance | 'Welfare-to-work' and 'work-life balance' must be joined up | Get Your Blood Moving Increased Blood Flow Could Lead To Healthier Blood Vessels | Synthetic compounds; real improvements Organic chemist explores new uses for nicotine and sea sponges | Is Your Medicine Triggering Headaches | Cancer patients given fertility hope

| Bad medicine | New Parkinson’s drug found effective | Designer molecules correct RNA splicing defects New strategy for treating many diseases | Silver Health Scams Spread Online | Whole-body 18F-FDG PET significantly impacts patient management-radiation therapy | INDIVIDUALS' MEDICAL COSTS RISE WITH INCREASING OBESITY | Research shows less income, education not always top factors in child obesity | Mayo Clinic research in mice finds new role for Interleukin-6 | STUDENTS EAT EXCESSIVE AMOUNTS OF FAT AT SCHOOL

| New mouse model sheds light on lipoatrophic diabetes | Got milk? Scientists discover key lactation gene | Mouse gene knockout illuminates how light resets clock | Brains may be genetic mosaics | Researchers discover novel function of gene often associated with cancer | Possibility that up to a quarter of intimate examinations by trainees are conducted without consent | Hip protectors can reduce fractures by 40% | Most ecstasy-related deaths occur among white males | unexplored light detection system within the eye | UMass team develops novel self-assembly processes for nanotech applications

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