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More super car concept sketches

This page last updated on or about 3-22-11

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Below are some freehand sketches of design concepts I created while in process of redesigning my Mustang:

Concept sketch for extra-wide fendered car to accommodate racing slicks
Above is my 'extra-wide' look. Meant to accommodate very wide race-car style tires all the way around. Plus allow me some bigger scoops in the rear. The hood louvers, front air dam, and 1970 Mustang corner posts actually did make it into the real car.

Concept sketch of rear tail of extra-wide fendered car to accommodate racing slicks

To left is an extra-wide tail to go with the extra-wide look above.

Obviously, the extra-wide design would have been impractical as hell for the street. But I was a teenager, after all, and still figuring stuff out.

Too, while such extra-wide racing slicks would have made handling amazing on dry roads, anytime it rained I would have had to park the car or drive it like a little old lady-- because racing slicks basically aren't fit for anything but race tracks, where you simply don't drive unless conditions are damn-near perfect.

And beyond all that, such slicks would have cost me a small fortune. Both to start, and to maintain. For slicks are very soft rubber, and wear out very, very fast. Notice sometime in events like NASCAR how often tires might be changed, in a race lasting only hours(!) Or at least in my day that was so (maybe today, 30 years later, they can make longer-lasting slicks).

To right is likely one of my very first or oldest sketches, as the largest image on it shows the car retaining the outboard 1969 headlights, no air dam, and no enlarged fender flares whatsoever. And no hood scoop at all-- not even the standard fake Mach 1 scoop from the factory.

In other parts of the pic can be seen me toying with the idea of using the inboard headlight bezels as brake cooling scoops, and using detachable body parts so I could reconfigure the car for different jobs. Plus modifying the dashboard.

The car also sports a revolving light on the dash (which I never did actually do, choosing just an under-the-hood siren instead). The ideas for hood louvers and a large winged stallion decal are present here, though different from many other depictions on site.

Concept sketch of 1969 Mustang customized with winged stallion hood decal, louvers, and fiberglass fenders.

Concept sketch of 1969 Mustang re-designed to be mid-engined, with a longer front end.
Above is a side diagram of my fantasy of revamping my car into a mid-engined model. And maybe going more Corvette or Pantera-like in the front end. But I eventually realized such drastic drivetrain mods would be more expensive than simply starting over with a different vehicle entirely. Plus, adding more front overhang would have hurt me in matters like maneuverability.

If you'd prefer to see all of Shadowfast's technical details in ebook form, Dark Horse: The Official Shadowfast Supercar Technical Reference is now available for any Amazon Kindle or Kindle app.

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