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Notes on a movie concept about the games of sex and love in high school and/or college*

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This page last updated on or about 4-5-08
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There's certainly been quite a few films on the subjects of sex and love-- and the games related to same. Especially set in a high school or college environment.

Off the top of my head I seem to recall Carnal Knowledge, Animal House, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

But if there's a classic or 'top-of-the-line' cinematic title of this sort (which specifically focuses on the romantic relationship aspect), I can't think of it at the moment.

So why not brainstorm up my own concept for such a feature presentation?

To help make it a classic, you'd probably want to include all the clichés such as geeks, jocks, cheerleaders, childhood sweethearts, the 'girl-next-door', popular and unpopular cliques, bullying, harassment, and violence, as well as sexual experimentation and mistakes across the board, as young people just starting out bumble their way through relationships with the opposite sex.

To make the tale more modern, we might include one or more homosexual relationships or experiments as well, by individuals of both sexes.

Let us not neglect the 'coming of age' vignette, either.

To clinch the title of top work in this genre, we'd have to not only inject sufficient drama and tragedy to elicit sympathy from the audience, but some great and hopefully unexpected comedic moments as well.

Transcendence too would be frosting on the cake in a movie of this sort. And change. Changes in one or more of the main characters, brought on by events. And the transcendence of one or more out of or beyond the circumstances hounding or restraining them at the beginning of the emotional epic.

Novel real world anecdotes from individual high school and college age sexual experiences and romances could be used to spice up the tale. First-hand witness accounts of the gaming strategies and tactics used in the battle between the sexes would be useful as well.

Lastly, some cutting edge suggestions for new things to try in the fields of love, sex, and relationships-- and all the gamesmanship involved at the high school and college levels-- could give such a movie the final kick needed to make it a box office blockbuster.

As for the title-- that's a whole other subject!

* AUTHOR'S NOTE: This page is a mid-2008 experiment testing the net popularity results for an impromptu article incorporating a collection of certain words gleaned via the trends service of the big G internet engine: game, love, movie, college, high school, sex. Any significant results should eventually be posted in the blog Low cost web site authoring and/or How to make money with your web site. END NOTE.

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