Cover art for the ebook Necessary Ends, volume two of the Shadowfast supercar driver logs.

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One Small Taste of Hell: Me and a friend think we've found a kindred spirit and possible mentor, in one particularly fascinating fellow. Unfortunately we were about as wrong as we could possibly be.

A tip from one successful escapee: it turns out when exiting Hell it's best to do so backwards-- thereby keeping Hell itself squarely in your sights until the flames are no longer licking at you. And bring some paint!

Image gallery for One Small Taste of Hell

1971 Plymouth Barracuda.

D.C.'s 'Cuda resembled this one.

A 1970s Volkswagen Beetle

D.C. owned a nice VW bug, that looked a lot like this.

VW Thing.

The VW Thing pictured above looks a lot better than D.C.'s ever did.

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