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The links below are some I'm considering for future updates to one or more of my pages related to computer deals and servicing . Some of the links may end up being discarded later for reasons of broken URLs or others. So consider this list to be 'raw'; that is, not all of the sites will necessarily be good and valuable links for the purposes defined here. I include them here because (A) this is a handy place for me to personally check them out when I get the chance, and (B), where some of the links do prove valuable, having them here gives YOU the earliest possible access to them.

How viruses (and your PC) are used to send spam - ZDNet
PCWorld.com - Internet Tips Pay Less, Stay Private, and Block Spam in One Shot
PCWorld.com - Bugs and Fixes Medicine for IE, Outlook, and Windows
Alternative Web Mail
PCWorld.com - Top 10 19-Inch CRT Monitors
PCWorld.com - Pain-Free Windows Tweaks
PCWorld.com - Top 10 19-Inch LCD Monitors
Adobe Acrobat 6.0 review by PC Magazine
Linux Online - How to Install Linux
The Linux Documentation Project
LinuxQuestions.org - Where Linux newbies come for help!
Google Search comp.os.linux
blogspot - blog hosting
PCWorld.com - Step-By-Step Share Your Net Connection
PCWorld.com - Speed Up Your Internet Connection
Slashdot Linux-Powered PVR-Satellite Machine
Slashdot Multimedia Home Entertainment System for Linux
Slashdot The XBox as the Home Entertainment Media Hub
Slashdot Cable Companies Despise PVRs
Introducing the Linux-based Moxi - OSNews.com
Slashdot New Alienware Media Center
PCWorld.com - 20 Tools for Trouble-Free Computing
Free World Dialup - by pulver.com
Free World Dialup FAQ
PCWorld.com - Tools for MP3 Mavens
New Batteries Said to Charge in 15 Minutes
Broadband ISPs Mull Healing Power of Price Cuts
PCWorld.com - Internet Tips Wage War on Spam With Old Tools and New Filters
Fast, Cheap Net Access It's Possible
bakhter.com The best free resource for all your computer needs
Finally, Affordable Inkjet Cartridges
Networking and Wireless Solution - Top 6 wireless networking tips - ZDNet Tech Update
installing a second hard drive
The Data Recovery Clinic Knowledge Base
PCWorld.com - Step-By-Step Set Antivirus Software for Maximum Protection
PCWorld.com - Internet Tips Protect Yourself--Clear Your Cookies and History

Device could change cable
The Perfect PC
PCWorld.com - Step-By-Step Put Together a Custom PC
Start-up launches low-cost Linux PCs
PCWorld.com - Top 15 Desktop PCs
PCWorld.com - Hardware Tips Stretch Your Technology Dollar With a Used PC
Providers dropping prices for speedy Internet access
ZDNet Story MS Office too pricey Here are 3 free alternatives
PCWorld.com - Faster For Free
Desktop Linux Goes Mainstream
Finally, Linux With a Lot Less Fuss (TechNews.com)
ZDNet Story Help is here 3 tools for managing a home network
Slashdot System Optimization Guide for Gamers
Batteries from Battery Mart
ZDNet Story Get your bookmarks under control! Here's how
PCWorld.com - Internet Tips Protect Yourself--Clear Your Cookies and History
PCWorld.com - Step-By-Step Care and Feeding of the Windows Registry
Slashdot Sony Introduces Passage
Want to Edit Digital Video Like a Pro?
TheOpenCD First Edition Launch
ZDNet Story How to make installing software as easy as can be
PCWorld.com - Hardware Tips Don't Get Caught With Your Disk Down
PCWorld.com - Internet Tips Get That #@& Spyware Off My Computer!
PCWorld.com - Step-By-Step Reinstall Windows
Pat Beirne's Linux FAQ
New Tools a Spying Boss Will Love
PCWorld.com - Internet Tips The Junk Mail Hater's Guide to Opting Out
ZDNet 3 top research tools
PCWorld.com - Utilities To Permanently Erase Files
PCWorld.com - HomePlug Networks Plug In and Power Up
WinDrivers.com (printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers, monitor drivers, etc.)
PCWorld.com - Step-By-Step Reinstall Windows
The Converter's Paradise (computer files)
ZDNet Story Need access to a remote PC Here's how to get it
PCWorld.com - Answer Line Why Doesn't My Computer Turn Off Properly
PCWorld.com - Step-By-Step Install a PCI card in your system to add FireWire or USB 2.0 connections
Unlimited Internet access is cheap and reliable
What's wrong with today's antivirus apps

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