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Living Well Within Our Memes:
The Best Ideas for Obtaining the Essentials of Modern Human Sustenance for Minimal Cost

Or, How to Live Well on Very, Very Little
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Miscellaneous new unorganized links

The links below are some I'm considering for inclusion in one or more categories on-site, or other reference for future updates. Some of the links may end up being discarded later for reasons of broken URLs or others. So consider this list to be 'raw'; that is, not all of the sites will necessarily be good and valuable links for the purposes of this site. I include them here because (A) this is a handy place for me to personally check them out when I get the chance, and (B), where some of the links do prove valuable, having them here gives YOU the earliest possible access to them. I've included my personal first impressions on various sites too, where available.

Wind Powered Freighters Return
giant propulsion kite
Cloud, an inflatable conference room that closely resembles its namesake meteorological phenomenon
People can decrease pain by observing their own brain activity
GM spray could keep dentist at bay
Inflatable space dreams
Head Crash - ultra-secure hard drive wiping
2second tent pitched before it hits the ground
Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 is now FREE
Michigan State research develops ways to treat patients suffering from medically unexplained symptoms
Top 20 best free tools for security attack and defense
Make a tazer out of a disposable camera
MAKE TNT Tips and Tools
$200 Machine Shop
Air Conditioner Repair - In Home Repairs - Do It Your Self Guides
In Home Repairs - Do It Your Self Guides
DIY Hi-def LCD Projector that uses $30-50 bulbs!
How to Extend the Life of Your Car - WikiHow
wikiHow - The How-To Manual That Anyone Can Write or Edit
How-To Get Full Multimedia Support and Playback Capabilities in Ubuntu Desktop Linux
TalkTrust Enables a Safer Internet with Free Safe Calling -- Any Phone, Any Time - Forbes.com
Carbon nanotube-based membranes will dramatically cut the cost of desalination
these membranes could be brought to market within the next five to ten years
Nigerians create 8.5 watt PC
Acupuncture relieves symptoms of fibromyalgia, Mayo Clinic study finds
Transcendental meditation good for stress study - Yahoo! News
Researchers Develop Fail-Safe Techniques for Erasing Magnetic Storage Media
Calorie restriction may prevent Alzheimer's through promotion of longevity program in the brain
Airborne mold spores increase kids' risk for multiple allergies
Another Sky -- Publisher offers text free online, hard copies at cost+donation
Coffee could provide shield from radiation - 25/06/1999
HOWTO use a peep-hole as a wide-angle lens
ADSL Bonding - How To and Review
How to encrypt your email - Lifehacker
Delayed Umbilical Cord Clamping Boosts Iron in Infants
Helping children handle stress, emotions may help stuttering
Avoid breast cancer. Sleep in the dark...
Sewer Rats Healthier than Clean Cousins
Carbon nanotube-based membranes will dramatically cut the cost of desalination
Fish oil 'calms children better than Ritalin' | the Daily Mail
Lowering Of Blood Pressure Achieved Through Use Of Hashish-like Drug
Warm Blanket Lessens Chances of False-Positives in Cancer Scans
Freeware Replacements For Common Commercial Apps
Older blood associated with worse outcomes after repeat heart surgery
Device Effective In Zapping The Pain Out Of Migraines
Reading 'to go' for blind people
It takes a society to treat kids' diabetes, expert says - Yahoo! News
Drinking lemonade could help prevent painful kidney stones
Quick and Dirty Mosquito Trap
How to Silkscreen Posters and Shirts
PCTHiker.com: Pepsi-G Stove Assembly Instructions
Geekcorps delivers Africa telegrams by radio-deejay
Super Simple Light Tent
Making Your Own Greenscreen/Bluescreen or Backdrop and a Stand for It - Jeff's Computer Support Online
Architect Marianne Cusato's low-cost Katrina Cottage has become a symbol of hope for Gulf Coast residents whose homes were destroyed
a 300-square-foot structure that can be constructed faster than a FEMA trailer for less than $35,000
An Alternative to FEMA Trailers
XP Get Updates No Matter What or Change your Invalid Product Key
But with the Turbo Charge from Voxred, you can recharge your phone with a AA battery
Now You Can Charge Your Cellphone Anywhere (Even if You're Nowhere) - New York Times
MAKE: Blog: Using a laptop LCD with a VGA connector
Preventable Disease Blinds Poor in Third World - New York Times
Overfarming African Land Is Worsening Hunger Crisis - New York Times
Soil health crisis threatens Africa's food supply
Tiny Water Purification Packet Helps Save Lives Worldwide
The Complete Solar Roof from SolarCentury
Do-It Yourself Pest Control
A DIY Backup Server
The amazing DIY village FM radio station
Use old telephones as an intercom
How to make a bike that goes on train rails
MAKE: Blog: More rail bikes...
The amazing DIY village FM radio station
the illiterate Indian mechanic who constructed a radio transmitter for $1
Linux distros for older hardware
REAL Linux distros for older hardware
The most promising hydrogen-engine technologies require factors of 10 to 100 improvements in cost or performance in order to be competitive
Fuel-cell microbes' double duty treat water, make energy
relatively affordable new systems that transmit phone calls via satellites and the Internet have provided a communications lifeline
As Phones Falter, Haitians Find a Communications Lifeline
Soya-powered planes
A maverick inventor's breakthrough electric motor uses permanent magnets to make power -- and has investors salivating
Minato's motors consume just 20 percent or less of the power of conventional motors with the same torque and horse power
Waterlogged peat is cool and contains very little oxygen, so it can be used as a primitive kind of fridge
dig up chunks of peat for fuel
Tiny Lens Uses Oil and Water for Focus
Nasty, Brutish, And Short Myers
Oil-drenched birds get dry cleaned Iron dust and magnets might save slick-stricken feathers.
People living in some of the most inaccessible areas of India are enjoying an improved postal service - thanks to the combining of e-mail with traditional 'snail mail'
Agriculture investment is the answer to sub-Saharan Africa in crisis
Bright Yet Efficient, a Bulb Conserves Flashlight Juice
Individual Preparedness and Response, Quick Guide
OP Loftbed - loft bed and bunk bed plans for college dorms, homes, and more
When they learn what is in the act, many Americans find some of the details unsettling
UCSB discovery may accelerate new treatment for global health problem
Microbial fuel cell cleans, generates electricity from domestic wastewater
Fuel-cell microbes' double duty treat water, make energy
Plugging into the power of sewage
Container Gardens self watering container plants
Make this self-watering container garden
Fighting fire with a steam machine
Turning Wasted Heat Into a Power Source
Yahoo! News - Environment Experts Tout Indigenous Crops
PCTHiker.com Pepsi-G Stove Assembly Instructions
today it costs ten times as much as natural gas, and is three times as expensive as gasoline
Seeing how plants split water could provide key to our future energy needs
Jeff's Robots- toy robots & tons of robotics links!
UlifeLine.org HomePage 8-14-02
A novel wound dressing...that will enable faster and improved healing of injuries
bookofjoe Dutchtub a plastic outdoor hot tub that requires no electricity, plumbing, or hot water
FINGERTIPS An intelligent guide to free and legal music on the web
New Calif. wind farm seen as model for wind energy
Scientific Research Backs Wisdom of Open Source
Yahoo! News - Singapore techno-preneur turns waste water into gold
Home - The Simple Living Network
Newsletter Archives - The Simple Living Network
wind & solar power, energy efficient homes! Planetary Systems, Inc.

Europe's Ancient Magic Plants New Drug Sources
One city's bold approach to chronic homelessness csmonitor.com
Rural Cambodia, Though Far Off the Grid, Is Finding Its Way Online
Wikipedia Shows Power of Cooperation
When you remove the barriers to changing things, you also remove the barriers to fixing what's broken
How to wash hands properly
Wireless Workshop Community Connectivity
Classic Live - SimCity.com
new stimuli can alter the brain's structure
Leeches May Be Making a Medical Comeback
Made of 99.6 percent empty space, the little cube is indeed barely there
aerogel slows soundwaves to about 10 percent of their speed in air
its use as a filtration agent could increase the capacity of desalination plants a thousandfold
Biofuels Journey to Forever - how to make your own clean-burning biofuel, biodiesel from cooking oil, fuel alcohol, renewable
Make your own biodiesel Journey to Forever
Wash Day...And No Electricity
Natural Air Conditioning
Helping consumers choose among house repair options (free software)
NEST National Economic Service-life Tools
gazelle machine owner's manual
Glow-Lux Emergency Afterglow Bulbs
Internet project for poor attracts rich csmonitor.com
Badgirs--Windcatchers Metafilter
most mice prefer chocolate
Poor Nations Can't Live by Markets Alone
most nations in sub-Saharan Africa would need to generate annual economic growth of at least 6% before poverty levels would markedly decline
An estimated 1.7 billion people live in nations with fresh-water shortages, while soil degradation affects 1 billion people living in arid lands
More than 90% of 42 million people living with AIDS are in developing nations
Low education levels...discrimination against women, lack of access to credit, and low levels of property ownership for common people are among the factors that foster inequitable income distribution
before the world's poorest nations can begin to escape their poverty traps, they...need huge infusions of resources
Teaching Children How to Save
Cotton farmers' poverty laid at door of US
Millions of Third World children die needlessly each year due to mild to moderate malnutrition
Poverty Wages Are Toxic
Simulation software beats traditional approach in online course
About 6 million of the 10 million children in poor countries who die each year before their fifth birthday could be saved by low-tech preventive measures
Germs Begone New technology cleans dangerous water Science News Online, June 28, 2003
Developing World Needs Linux
These countries need cheap and efficient technology to make the giant leaps necessary to catch up with the rest of the world
Bugs keep bugs off monkeys A rub-down with a millipede deters biting insects.
women who have many offspring sacrifice longevity in the process
Kenyan entrepreneurs see online coffee auction as way to get a better prices, fast payments [original URL, now broken, was http://www.startribune.com/stories/535/2903924.html]
Cell phones don't contribute to learning
In Trenches of a War on Unyielding Poverty
Slashdot Floppy the Robot
Birth Control Pill
You and the Pill
Cigarettes now leading cause of death in developing world - smh.com.au
Liquorice may tackle SARS After trying all sorts of compounds researchers say root extract looks promising.
Taste Test May Predict Alcoholism Risk
School goes from failure to first-class in seven years
Scientists test radio waves to kill bugs in nuts 6/18/2003; The Associated Press/USA TODAY

"What if eating a serving or two of a given food every day could help boost immunity against common infections, reduce the risk of stomach ulcers, help prevent skin disorders and maybe even cut the odds of developing colon cancer?"

The Lean Plate Club: M'm, M'm Good Bacteria By Sally Squires Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, June 17, 2003; Page HE03

Build your own Robot for almost Free.....
Turning Legacy PCs Into Thin Client Apps
Pregnant Women in Developing Countries More Prone to Abuse
On trial... drug that could help you hit 120
Pill 'may raise average life expectancy by 45 years'
Silver has been shown to kill more than 650 disease-causing organisms and is also a safe antibacterial agent
Use of anti-malaria mosquito net depends on good health promotion
Rush researchers find effects of Alzheimer's disease may be influenced by education
Banishing the blues could cut the chances of cancer
Computers provide answer to rural transport problems
IT staff spend up to half the working week fixing problems that with common sense and basic training employees could solve themselves
Cincinnati Engineering Study Finds Clue to Bangladesh's Poisoned Water
Internet power 'fails the poor'
Organic practices slightly affect corn and soybean yields
Slashdot Build Your Own Snow Gun
Voltage Labs
Home Greening Tips
Rainforest tree eats up pollution
Researchers design system to improve disinfection of water used in food processing
How to feed the world csmonitor.com
Doing the dishes wastes water
Pedaling onto the Information Superhighway - Feb. 18, 2003
Trade tariffs and farm subsidies deny health and affluence to developing countries
Food Storage and Provident Living
Walton's Self Reliance-Information Area
Permanent Magnet Alternator Generating Electricity with a Harley-Davidson
Solar Aquatics Growing Clean Water
Cobcastle Home Page
Build Your Own Earth Oven
Earthship Biotecture Solar Affordadable Housing
Firm in Netherlands plans to build homes, roads, and even greenhouses on water
It pays to convert food processing wastewater to energy source
Genetically modified crops in India produced greater yields, reduced pesticide use, new study finds
GM crops boost yields more in poor countries
Ozone may provide environmentally safe protection for grains
Origami cameras -- a camera without the camera
Tiyeff, crafts, paper, toys, activities, children, free stuff
Children's parties and activities
free activities for kids
Paper Toys - Paper Cut-Outs - Custom Paper Models at PaperToys.com
Free Stuff For Babies, Kids and Parents
The Great Game List
Camping World - Home Page
Red wine extract creates long-life fruit
Life after death for mobile phones - Jan. 3, 2003
Mississippi Kids Make PCs for Entire State
Hackers create rugged, bicycle-powered PC for remote villages in Laos - Jhai PC
rc3.org Wiring Laos
The Jhai Foundation Donations
Welcome to the Worldwide Lexicon (distributed translation processing)
Getting rid of frogs
Healthy diet index study discloses dramatic reductions in chronic disease risk
Virtual Medical School
Mentoring Secrets for Women
'Sticky mittens' give babies a head start
Baby Steps Best for Older Learners, Says Owl Study
Patents Spell Dearer Drugs, Seeds for Poor -Report [original URL, now broken, was http://abcnews.go.com/wire/SciTech/reuters20020912_43.html]
Health Care Is Human Right [original URL, now broken, was http://abcnews.go.com/wire/SciTech/reuters20020904_181.html] Retired Doctors Offer Free Care for Poor

using electricity to keep fresh food safe and flavorful
Genetically modified 'protato' to feed India's poor
New Uses for Old PCs (TechNews.com) By Mike Musgrove Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, December 29, 2002; Page H09
Where to Recycle Digital Gear
Slashdot Virtual Volunteering
Home-based preschool helps disadvantaged kids later
World Brain The Idea of a Permanent World Encyclopaedia
24 Characteristics that Geniuses Have in Common
Irrigation taints Bangladeshi rice with arsenic
Lesson improves rural students' knowledge of farm safety
How mushrooms will save the world
Ecoroofs sprouting up everywhere in Portland
New UGA study demonstrates bacterial pathogens use hydrogen as energy source in animals
Geophysicist develops method for finding underground contaminants
Ulcer-Causing Pathogen Uses Hydrogen for Energy
Hospitalists Reduce Costs, Length of Hospital Stay and Short-Term Mortality
AIDS dead could be buried in disused mines
MIT's Open Window Putting Course Materials Online, the University Faces High Expectations
Sound waves to chill ice cream in new freezer case concept
Environmentally friendly acoustic refrigerator for ice cream cabinets
University wins rainmaking grant
Chilling with sound
Remote-control for bacteria
Stung by success Intensive farming may suppress pollinating bees
Irrigation may produce arsenic-tainted rice in Bangladesh
MORE FOOD FOR THE HUNGRY [original URL, now broken, was http://abcnews.go.com/wire/SciTech/reuters20021209_456.html]

Inflatable fabric airlock breezes
Catnip stops termites dead in their tracks
Termites repelled by catnip oil
Tumbleweed Tiny House Company
American Vardo 50 square feet
FATTIE 500 square feet plus porch
Small House Society
Simple Life Resource Group
Resources for Life - Home
Daphne's Caravans Magical Retreats
Tiny House Company
Affordable Housing -- A New Way of Thinking ProHousing

Camping Basics - Lessons in The Art of Overnighting Outdoors
In-Home Shelter Could Ease Chaotic Hurricane Evacuations
Slashdot The Owner-Builder Book
Dennis Weaver's Earthship
Earthship Biotecture - Content
you can construct a cabin for as cheap as $10,000
fabprefab - modernist prefab dwellings
Robot builder could 'print' houses
It needs only power and a constant feed of semi-liquid construction material
quik house
Make a Pallet Compost Bin
15 Cleverly Cheap Ways To Watch Your Hygiene
Cool New Roof Turbine Is Ready For Home Installation. Delivers the same energy at a 1/4 the cost of Solar.
How to Cure Insomnia (Too Easy to Believe)
Turn Your Old PC into a Webapp Monster with gOS
Turn Your Old PC into a Webapp Monster with gOS
New 'Raider Amethyst' prairie verbena: conserves water, drought-tolerant
How to Live out of a Van - Ask.com Web Search
Building homes out of recycled paper!!
This Old Shipping Container - Converting 700,000 Shipping Containers into Affordable Housing
How to convert a Van into a Van-Dwelling
Concrete casts new light in dull rooms (March 2004)
For Most Africans, Internet Access Is Little More Than a Pipe Dream
Machine makes water from air
planting chillies can stop marauding elephants, which are repulsed by the plant's odour
Acupuncture Helps Chronic Headache Sufferers-Study
Most of what people really want in life—love, friendship, respect, family, standing, fun ... does not pass through the market
Seedy secret of healthier milk revealed
New catalyst paves way for cheap, renewable hydrogen
Tufts researchers find new cost-effective catalyst for hydrogen production for fuel cells
ThinkCycle Open Collaborative Design
Norsea Natural Products- Disposable Diapers
Electrolysis Obtaining hydrogen from water The Basis for a Solar-Hydrogen Economy
Radio delivers alert in severe weather, tornadoes
Fill it up with french-fry grease
Educators Turn to Games for Help
The Walk-thru Fog Screen
The Data Storage Industry Search Engine
Some Autistic Children Make Remarkable Progress With Intensive Behavioral Program, Study Suggests
This is a major breakthrough in methane utilization
Slashdot Windows 95 in 4.47MB
The Walk-thru Fog Screen
College Students Get Better Grades When they Take Courses That Use Psychological Principals To Teach Study Skills
Atropine may be an alternative to patching for treatment of lazy eye in children
Sinclair C5 Enthusiasts (tiny vehicle)
Free online journal gives sneak preview
Meals Matter-Healthy Eating Made Easier through nutrition information, interactive tools and recipes
24-Hour `Blackout Bulbs' In The Works
Maggots may solve organic garbage problem
Community Power Corporation - world's first company to focus solely on the full range of renewable energy products for the vill
Fueled by sawdust pellets, corncobs or coconut shells, BioMax generates electricity for rural towns, businesses
Catch the Fire Innovative dotcom engineers ReInvent Solar Power
Yahoo! News - Unused Prescription Drugs Don't Have to Go to Waste
How aquaculture might meet most of the world's demand for fish without ruining the environment
St. Jude identifies ways to improve treatment of childhood leukemia in Honduras
Yahoo! News - Fuel Cell Locomotive Could Free Subways from Grid
Computer game boosts children's' language skills
Yahoo! News - FDA Milk Protein New Tool to Fight Contaminated Meat
3D displays Using cellophane to convert a laptop computer screen into a three-dimensional display
Bogotá Designs Transportation for People, Not Cars
oral rehydration therapy.
In antiquity, one was usually better off drinking wine every day instead of water. That way, you could die of cirrhosis in 40-50 years, instead of typhoid in a week
Alcohol, sodium sensitivity and blood pressure
Alcohol health boost has a kick; New Scientist
Water Scarcity Prompts Scientists to Look Down (washingtonpost.com)
Farmer Powers Area With Cow Manure
New Loans Finance Solar Power Development in India
PopCap Games
World Seen Straining to Double Food Output by 2050
Everybody! Everybody! games more
ItsYourTurn.com - Play online games chess, checkers, backgammon, Battleship, Othello, Connect4, and more! FREE turn-based mult
Cartoonbank.com - Home
Game Rankings - The Game Review Database
KwaZulu farmers boosted by GM cotton
Jojoba oil could fuel cars and trucks
United Way to bring wireless Internet to poor neighborhoods
Fungi found to be natural plant disease control agent by Hebrew University scientists
Compact Powertrain Boosts Bicycles
Poor water quality robs children of health, education
Eliminating Unhealthy Water-Providing Clean Water for All
an investment in water and sanitation materials, training and programs of $10 billion per year for ten years would insure that all of the world's people were provided with enough water to meet their personal needs.
Eliminating Starvation - Feeding Humanity
Eliminating Homelessness- Housing Humanity
Providing Health Care for All
Eliminating Illiteracy
Securing Our Energy Future
Building and Strengthening Democracy Throughout the World
New water treatment process could help cities cut sludge disposal costs
Slashdot New Power Plant Produces Both Energy & Fresh Water
NativeTech Native American Technology and Art
NativeWeb Resources Food
NativeWeb Resources Resource Database
More efficient and reliable refrigerators and air conditioners a step closer to reality
Traditional refrigeration may be eased out by new technologies
IMF-no clear proof globalization helps the poor
If economist Surjit Bhalla has crunched the numbers correctly, the world's poor are indeed way better off, at least relatively
'Denim' solar panels to clothe future buildings
Using organic waste presents a win-win situation for municipalities, agriculture
EU backs poor farmers' seed use
Welcome to SustainAbility
'fish farm salmon good nutrition'
Turbines driven by the tide could make Britain self-sufficient in renewable energy - without the vagaries of the wind
Composted biosolids bind lead in soil, reducing danger of poisoning
Lake methane could power entire nation
in 2001, chronic diseases resulting from poor diet contributed to 60 per cent of the 56 million reported deaths worldwide and nearly half the global burden of disease
Soybean oil may soon fuel jet planes - 7-16-2001 - ENN.com
World hunger will almost halve by 2030
A Strong Tailwind for Wind Power
Online research can protect you from shady deals
Eat Wild
Fish fat kills cancer cells
action plan for curbing diseases that kill millions
blue and purple helps body fend off deadly parasites
Cooking oils boost low sulfur diesel fuel and engine lubricant performance
MIT offers courses for free on the Web - Computerworld
MIT tries free Web education - Tech News - CNET.com
NHS Direct Online Encyclopedia Roundworms Symptoms
MDAdvice.com - Health Library - Pediatric Symptoms & Illnesses
MDAdvice.com - Health Library - Symptoms, Illness & Surgery
Class size is not so important, study says
IPL Kidspace
Hands-on opportunities improve learning
Slashdot Harvard Open Source Courseware
H2O - Overview
new way of making vaccines which they believe would prove especially useful in developing countries
Oxide materials may facilitate small-scale hydrogen production
Online service pairs students, mentors
Huts may house homeless
Ars Technica Shortwave Radio and the PC - Page 1 - (6-2003)
Welcome to the FNS Food Stamp Eligibility Screening Tool
Slashdot Build Your Own Computer
Possibly the largest mass poisoning in history may be underway in India and Bangladesh
Just 10 minutes exposure provides 8 hours of glow
Project Habbakuk and Pykrete
Shetland ponies are being trained to help people who are blind or partially sighted [original URL, now broken, was http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_news/england/nottinghamshire/2954170.stm]
Premises, Premises A Peer-Enforced Marketplace for New Ideas
Premises, Premises FAQ
H2O - Overview
Home--Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Creative Commons
the world's first two stroke engine motor bike running on hydrogen
Hypothermia helps brain heal after cardiac arrest, finds University of Pittsburgh study
Antiviral gloves instantly clean wounds
School condom availability does not increase sexual activity
Moonshine Can Still Cause Health Problems
Swimming pool chlorine byproduct implicated in rise of childhood asthma
UCSF HIV experts question observed therapy in poor nations
Project pairs coal with fuel cells to create cleaner, more efficient power
Seaweed uses chemical warfare to fight microbes
GM crops 'may push poorest farmers into debt'
Fish oils in heart cells can block dangerous heart rhythms
Inkjet alert over forged banknotes
Agricultural techniques perfected by Inca farmers 500 years ago are beginning to have a dramatic effect on the incomes of today's farmers in Pampachiri
energy harvester can convert electrical vibrations from ship equipment or industrial air conditioners into low-level electricity to power wireless sensors
An Easy Antidote to Employee Theft
Entrepreneur's plants cook wastes into oil
study demonstrates that a popular class of arthritis drugs is not as cost-effective as common painkillers in treating chronic arthritis in an average patient
Bacteria convert food processing waste to hydrogen
Research casts doubt on the value of Scots' apprenticeship scheme
Mine-infested land can now be rendered safe by a new tractor that crushes unexploded bombs
Heat zapps bone tumors
War on germs gets cutting-edge weapon from ancient world technique
Math discovery may aid resource management
Raisins may find use in jerky
A Breath of Fresh Air: Bacteria rid sewage of its stink Science News Online, May 10, 2003
Kids who get prescription asthma drugs visit ER less often
Top 10 Tips for Saving Money
Hearts and Minds Working in Laos
The truth about sustainable development is not to be found in the camps of either the pure optimists or the disaster mongers
Greenhouse gas might green up the desert
Research suggests a new method to protect groundwater quality
Chronic Poverty Research Toolbox
Intel to release machine learning libraries
The practice of supplying second-hand computers to Africa can prove to be an expensive mistake
Advances in membrane technology mean desalination can produce one gallon of fresh water from every two gallons of seawater, an improvement of 50% over 20 years ago
Waste not wasted in Ethiopia
Panda poop power discovery [April 29, 2003] [original URL, now broken, was http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5744,6355083%255E1702,00.html]
Feeding the future – sustainable agriculture
Log on, click, buy a cremation -- hassle-free funerals are here, thanks to the Net
Slashdot Wireless Electricity Set to Power Village
great suggestion for college studies
Getting a big charge out of garbage
Anything into Oil [original URL, now broken, was http://www.discover.com/may_03/featoil.html]
Small Grower Finds New Path to Bigger Profits
a rain-making machine
Novel fridge cools with sound
Telco Powered Products™ from Mike Sandman... Chicago's Telecom Expert
Fossil fuels for household use are viable option for world's poor
An unexpected discovery could yield a full spectrum solar cell
Fungi protect plants from heat
Fireplace Efficiency
A digital library for scholarly output is born
DSpace Durable Digital Depository MIT Libraries
Slashdot More Universities to Publish Courseware Online
Why LEDs Are Everywhere
High-Flying Ideas for Wireless Net
Free site aims to spread the word about science - Dec. 22, 2002
African Elders Bear Hardships of Care for Orphans, Aids Sufferers
Water-Harvesting in India Transforms Lives
Aquatic plants solution to arsenic contamination
Surfactant curtails nanotube clumping in water, removing a major barrier to many applications
Steam fires underwater jet engine
Aussie RocketCam Model Rocket Onboard Inflight Video Camera link via 2.4GHz Microwave
1km 802.11b link in Hurghada, EGYPT
Poverty USA -- Catholic Campaign for Human Development -- A hand up, not a hand out.
Dawn to the Rescue
Why Microsoft Should Build Its Next Version of Windows on Top of Linux
Pedal-powered e-mail in the jungle - 2 Bay Area visionaries head to Laos with a tough little PC for villagers
Jim White on the motorists running their cars on cooking oil
Low-cost 'Meshbox' for community wireless
Sea Breezes Could Turn Deserts Green
compost as a cost-effective approach to the problem of high lead in inner city soils
Why you should be thinking about Power over Ethernet - ZDNet Tech Update
'Earthship' dream home made of 800 old tires and dirt
Plant still sustaining bushmen - smh.com.au
At foreign firm, only Cambodia's abject need apply csmonitor.com
Slashdot Chemistry Sets for Adults
A last call for unwanted cell phones
CollectiveGood mobile phone recycling
Donate a Phone
Project Connect
Washing Fruits and Vegetables
Indian Villagers Pedal Wireless
Food scraps make perfect plastic
A National Hope Scholarship Program
My Compost Bin And I
Flawed water tests put millions at risk
Experts Say Alternate Energy Sources Not Ready for Widespread Use, Call for New Research [original URL, now broken, was http://abcnews.go.com/wire/SciTech/ap20021031_1114.html
Finally A Cell Phone You Can Throw Away
Dung power gets green award
Sparks of Hope in the Arab World
Green tan alley
Scientists run robot on E-coli battery. 10-10-2002. ABC News Online
Advice on making a living without a job from Valerie Young
Why settle for a career change Find your life mission and live it at Changing Course
The Development Technology Unit
Speed of light broken with basic lab kit
Pedal Power Look Ma No Wires
Eco-Friendly Stoves Solve Age Old Eritrean Problem [Original URL, now broken, was http://abcnews.go.com/wire/SciTech/reuters20020915_280.html]
aquaculture breakthrough
Computers for the Third World
The LED at the End of the Aisle
Not a drop to drink
Circuit transfers four times more power out of shakes and rattle
Building the underground computer railroad
Scientists Trap Hydrogen Gas In Ice Cages -- Implications For Fuel Cells And Space Science
Do developing countries gain or lose when their brightest talents go abroad
Use Biotech to Help Poor, Not Rich, Scientists Say [original URL, now broken, was http://abcnews.go.com/wire/SciTech/reuters20020927_413.html]
rooftop rebellion
$200 Billion Would Cover Water, Sanitation for All
Russian officials claim credit for rain
Solar Cookers Impress Summit Crowd
robust soot filter for diesel engine NOTE: might a low cost grass roots effort collect buckyball tubes from this soot to sell for profit?
Wind Energy and Wind Turbines (tutorials)
Team Engineers Hydrogen From Biomass
The 99 cent KM solution
Mosquito Diet Pill Seen as West Nile Weapon [original URL, now broken, was http://abcnews.go.com/wire/SciTech/reuters20020902_146.html]
Pedal Power Look Ma No Wires
Jhai PC - A Computer for Most of the World
Schools Online Connecting the world... One school at a time
Welcome to the Jhai Foundation
Ugandan women farmers go hi-tech
Bridge the Digital Divide Using Video CD's
Every Drop Counts
Carbon dioxide turned into hydrocarbon fuel
Ocean spray scrubs pollution from air - August 16, 2002 [original URL, now broken, was http://www.cnn.com/2002/TECH/science/08/16/oceans.clean.air.ap/index.html] NOTE: so could create shallow artificial tidal pools with lots of splash inducing obstacles to both clean the local air and maybe help enhance water collection from the air some distance downwind(?)
A forest path out of poverty csmonitor.com
Using Big Business to Fight Poverty
The Solar Tower NOTE: could do a cheaper alternative of an angled corridor up mountain or well lit, windy cliff-side(?)
Millenium Vehicles by Michael Hackelman Issue 57

slaked lime conserves old documents
Radiant floor heating by Michael Hackleman Issue #64
Search Engines & Information
State of the Coasts
PovertyNet Newsletter Sign-up
'Directory of Rural Technologies'
Sourcebook of Alternative Technologies for Freshwater Augumentation in Small Island Developing States
Running on empty
Last-First Networks Practical Topics, Resources (book lists)
Wind-up phone charger arrives in UK
Beat the Heat
RENEWABLES.com living without polluting
Computer for the poor struggles
OLEDs May Generate Electricity By Alfred Poor July 15, 2002
Beta-blockers protect brain during bypass surgery
Developing nations offer investment opportunities

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