Cover art for the ebook A Shock to the System, volume one of The Chance of a Realtime.

The story text of Prologue: Critical Mass is currently available exclusively in a KDP Select title (the ebook A Shock to the System) for users of Amazon Kindles and Kindle apps everywhere.

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Prologue: Critical mass describes the bewildering beginning of the most bizarre episode yet in the life of computer consultant Jerry Staute.

Image gallery for Critical mass

The Back Bay neighborhood in Boston Massachusetts

Boston's Back Bay: the neighborhood where Steve and I lived in 1990

A look up from street level in Boston's Back Bay in 1990

The pic above shows what a pedestrian near my apartment in 1990 might have seen by looking up from an alleyway behind various townhouses.

A Boston Back Bay townhouse circa 1990

The front door to Steve's Back Bay townhouse looked a lot like this. He rented the top floor.

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