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The Best Free Roku Music and Talk Radio Channels


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Pandora is my current favorite music channel on Roku, after having tried several different ones over the past couple of years. I use the free tier, which means I can't skip songs, and once in a blue moon will have to listen to a commercial. But since I have a long list of artists/genres chosen, I just switch between those as necessary. I use Pandora during my workouts to distract me from the pain and exertion.

Note that Pandora seems to have a set pattern of songs it plays, depending upon what order you go through your personal list of artists/genres. So avoid accessing the artists/genres in the same pattern every time, if you wish to get more randomness out of the free Pandora tier.

Vevo is basically what MTV originally was: nothing but music videos. My main complaint with Vevo is lots of old music videos I watched in my youth (and would like to see again) seem to be missing from their library. And many of the ones which do exist there look horrible in HD. But other than that, it's one of my favorite Roku channels.

Tunein is a radio channel offering access to lots of different radio stations of various genres. I've not used it in a while, but keep it in case I need some different things to pick from at some point.

IHeartRadio is another customizable multi-station radio channel.

The Sound LA is the online presence of just a single US radio station: 100.3 in Los Angeles. But I like its selections well enough to keep it on my box anyway. And was damn glad I had it a few weeks back when our internet router quit on us. For the next week we had to depend on an old decrepit substitute router until a new replacement could be delivered, and most Roku channels wouldn't work through the old router. That meant I couldn't use Pandora for pain relief during my workouts. But luckily this channel (the Sound LA) worked, and got me through some of those stints.

(So keep this in mind when deleting channels: a little redundancy in your channels list can be a good thing!)

Pirate Radio is Treasure Coast WKKC-DB radio.

Shoutcast Radio lists a wide variety of radio stations of varying genres (I like having plenty of music options).

AccuRadio is another multi-source radio channel, customizable in somewhat different ways than the others.

Radio Rock is another channel specializing in radio-style content such as music.

104.9 The Eagle is a classic rock music station.

Radio Reference is a police (and maybe fire department too?) radio scanner for most of the USA: you simply choose which region you wish to listen to.

Old Time Radio Network presents plenty of old time radio shows that might appeal to your elderly relatives for nostalgia reasons.

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