Cover art for the ebook Driving Needs, volume four of the Shadowfast supercar driver logs.

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Over the Edge: Shadowfast's biggest off-road challenge ever. Here we learn the hard way that Shadow can't fly. And also race four wheel drives and motorcycles through a mountainous wilderness. Not by choice!

Image gallery for part one of Over the Edge

Some gentle mountain road curves

The pic above closely resembles some of the gentlest curves in the region described here (the hairpins were much tighter than this). Curves like those above could be taken (when dry) by good handling cars like Shadow at up to maybe 80 mph without using both lanes, or crashing (there'd be plenty of sideways G-forces and tire squealing, though).

If I ever get the chance to revisit those places with a camera, I'll add a sample of the hairpins to this page.

Photo of one original set of emergency tire chains used with a real-life super car.

Above can be seen one wheel set of Shadowfast's original emergency tire chains.

Scan of an ROTC certificate from college, acquired by the driver of a real life supercar.

Above is a scan of my ROTC completion certificate. I've blacked out certain info here that I consider privacy sensitive.

Photo of original USGS maps used with a real-life outlaw super car in the 1970s.

Above can be seen many of the original USGS maps sometimes used for navigational purposes in Shadowfast and other projects. A few particular maps were used more often then others and so folded up and stored in plastic baggies in my scramble vest. Above can be seen one still in its baggie from decades back.

Photo of the original hunter's vest used with a real life super car.

Above can be seen the original hunter's vest of Shadowfast's accessories.

Evidence of a map collection buy.

Above is the money order stub for one map collection purchase (I ended up making several buys over the years).

Photo of original black folding shovel accessory from a real life super car (in folded position).

Shadowfast's original fold-up steel shovel (folded position)

Photo of original black folding shovel accessory from a real life super car (in unfolded position).

Shadowfast's shovel unfolded, but not tightened. A rotating sleeve can lock the shovel into either of its two configurations.

Photo of an original piece of super car accessory nylon rope.

I believe this to be a remnant of Shadowfast's original 100 foot plus coil of 3/8 inch diameter nylon rope. Over time the rope got cut up for various purposes.

Photo of the original green Army surplus wool blanket carried in a real life super car.

Above is the original green wool blanket carried in Shadowfast (I believe it was military issue, bought at a surplus store).

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