Cover art for the ebook Sirens, volume one of the Shadowfast supercar driver logs.

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Too Close for Comfort is an unusual coming of age story about childhood sweethearts-- and the truly absurd lengths a teenage boy might go to, in regards to a girl. Said teenager races an AMC Javelin AMX, a train, a truck, and crosses one bridge too far (too far gone, that is), in the tale. But there's no such thing as too far in a teenage boy's lexicon, when it comes to winning the heart of his beloved.

Web site image gallery for part one of Too Close for Comfort

Dana Connor Shadowfast supercar siren. Beautiful brown-eyed, brown-haired girl wearing a pink bikini.

Image of a Ford GT-40 race car

A Ford GT-40 race car.

Shadowfast supercar siren: Stunning blonde Sue Anne Maddison from the Shadowfast supercar driver logs and novel The Chance of a Realtime. Hottest cheerleader at my high school.

The face of the most beautiful brown-haired girl in the world.

Side view of a white 1969 AMC Javelin AMX

The crumpled old photo above shows the general look of Dana's AMX. I say general, because hers seemed to have a rare or even custom paint job the likes of which I cannot find a matching photo for today. Her AMX also sported a sort of elegant loop spoiler at the rear edge of the roof, which also seems difficult to find today (and is not pictured above). Dana's car displayed a sleek red-white-and-blue paint scheme I can't find an example of anywhere now. All the AMXs on the 2007/2008 internet with R-W-B paint show it in a plain series of thick wide vertical stripes coating the car from front to back. Dana's stripes were far more modern looking and better matched to the car's body lines. I guess it's possible it was some rare, limited edition of AMX.

Top front view of a 1969 AMC Javelin AMX

A top front view of an AMX.

Tail view of a 1969 AMC Javelin AMX

The tail end view of an AMX (with that 390 engine, this is the view lots of folks got).

Photo of me and a friend standing in a parking area adjacent to the real-life parkway of this story.

In the photo above, me and my friend (and Steve's brother) Will are standing at the overlook edge of the first parking area off the parkway described in this story. I'm the one closest to the camera. This photo was snapped maybe 10 years after the timeframe of the events related in Too Close for Comfort.

The daylight view from the parkway.

This photo showcases the type of daylight views available from the parkway described in this story.

Rear interior of an AMC Javelin AMX

Above is a view of my poor seating arrangements in the back of Dana's AMX.

Rear interior photo of an AMC Javelin AMX

Above is a second view of the seating arrangements in an AMX like Dana's.

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