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The way ahead...

...offers up some ideas of what the non-fiction portions of this site are all about.

The books of J.R. Mooneyham page...

...serves up the best of the entertainment-oriented parts of my site, from years past: Kindle ebooks of a 'hard' science fiction series about humanity's far future, and automotive-related action/adventure stories inspired by my real life youth and self-built supercar.

Specialized site maps for major chunks of this site:

Future history timeline site map lists pages which cover time from the present through the end of our universe and beyond.

Shadowfast 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 supercar site map details the design, construction, and adventures of one real-life supercar and its outlaw builder/driver in the 1970s

The Staute journals site map offers up a 'hard' science fiction epic, and more (including the Moonshadow airship pilot logs)

Welcome to my universe! Illustrated story index is a complete catalog of all books and on-site stories regarding Jerry Staute, the Pearsalls, and related personalities, including how and where each relates to the others.

Other items which make this site unique online include...

Older ideas and site content, originating from as far back as the early 1990s or still earlier (like before the internet itself became accessible to average citizens)...

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