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Image of Jerry Staute's conceptual battle against humanity's secret enemy in the sky (a lone man holds off the grim reaper with a massive golden fountain pen).

Above is a conceptual image of Jerry Staute's battle against humanity's enemy in the sky. Here, the grim reaper plays the part of mankind's extinction, while the great fountain pen in Staute's hands represents the technology he's stolen from the future. The large books on which he stands represent the future history he witnessed on his time travel trek, and now seeks to protect from being turned to ash by the imminent threat.

The 'Chance' Staute fate-storm logs

From the journals of Jerry Staute

Includes Shadowfast version 2.0 pilot logs

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The accounts below for the most part occur after those listed in Special solutions for special problems: Chance Staute's entrepreneurial case logs.

In mid-1990, 'Chance' Staute is briefly abducted and certain lost memories from 1972 forcibly reloaded into his head. Who does this to him? His younger 1972 self, who's striving to get around the mind-wipe he knows his time-traveling captors will perform on him before returning him to his 1970s college life.

The whole story behind that 1972 experience and the abduction in 1990 can be seen in the online novel The Chance of a Realtime. The accounts below take place after those events, thereby beginning around mid-1990 and continuing up through the present day and beyond.

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Much as I'd feared during life, I was fated to discover the work didn't end after I died...(Sheesh! What does a guy have to do in this universe to get to eternal rest!?!)

One man's adventures in the great beyond (this section still being written up)

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