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The spectacular success of the Republican party and their wealthy sponsors in hijacking political debate in America

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This page last updated on or about 8-6-08
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This page is a rebuttal to The Strange Death of Republican America by Sidney Blumenthal, Huffington Post; August 6, 2008.

The author of the piece cited above is utterly ignoring how corrupt US politics has become in terms of election financing and mainstream media coverage, thereby forcing ALL of our politicians towards the right end of the political spectrum.

The results today are that we have almost zero true liberals in office: the majority of our politicians (of both parties) now embrace policies which would have been labeled radical right wing extremist, only a generation ago.

Most of those politicians in office today labeling themselves Democrats would (at best) have been called moderate Republicans 20 years ago-- if judged by how they vote today. That's what Bill Clinton was, in terms of those of his decisions with real impact on the populace.

The very worst intentioned of the wealthy and their Republican lapdogs have won a tremendous victory: for they've successfully changed the political argument in America.

In past decades American public debate often centered on whether the best solution to a particular problem should tilt more towards the liberal or the conservative ideal.

Today, American public debate most often hinges on wildly different standards from before. Namely, whether our policies should be guided by Robber Baron era anarchy, or Medieval Dark Age aristocratic/religious prosecutorial ideals.

The more modern of these two concepts (Robber Baron era) is now portrayed in the mainstream media as being somewhat 'liberal' in nature, and the older (Medieval Dark Age) as red-blooded patriotic conservative.

Is it any wonder America is collapsing into third world nation status in all but military terms? (with the military too to fail, eventually; for the USSR already proved a superpower with little more than a powerful military cannot long survive)

So long as American political debate remains firmly entrenched in its current dire straits, it truly won't matter what candidates or parties win any particular US election: for our policies will continue to push us towards a ruinous end to our country. Even as a very, very few make vast fortunes from the fall of America, and ultimately flee the country once their pillage is complete.

For further details (including references) on this collapse in American ideals and progress, please refer to:

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Copyright © 2008 by J.R. Mooneyham. All rights reserved.