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The state of America, mid-2007

We've lost our cherished war hero status from WWII; now we're just war mongers. And bankrupting ourselves to support that stance, just as the militaristic USSR did.

This page last updated on or about late 8-18-08
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Today the USA and its media endlessly glorify its super powered military and its weapons. Largely because thatís all we have left, as we continue to hollow out our industrial base, and shrink our middle-class, on our way to becoming the most powerful and dangerous third world nation or banana republic the world has ever seen.

The current clarion call of Americaís media and many of its top politicians is war: war, war, war. War on terror; war on drugs; war on liberals; war on science. If youíve got something to talk about, then have we got a war for you!

America sort of got stuck into a permanent war-footing for everything after World War II, where pretty much everyone saw us as the good guys. We loved that! I mean, who wouldn't?

Unfortunately, when you continue killing people long after all reasonable excuses have disappeared, you tend to lose your hero status. So now weíre no longer war heroes; just war mongers.

Now we mainly justify our never-ending war-footing with hate; saying itís all about others hating us. When itís really about us hating others-- or even hating ourselves.

For we Americans sure do treat ourselves pretty shabbily. With astonishingly damaging policies regarding our own individual freedoms, and safety and security relating to our jobs, our food, our water, and our homes. Even our very children. And we let our critically important news and media be usurped for very narrow corporate agendas, virtually all of which tend to harm us further still.

The only folks we Americans treat worse than each other are foreigners.

America seems to be caught in a vicious downward spiral now; unable even to impeach the arguably worst President in its history, or end a war for which there appears to be virtually no popular support left at all.

Our debts are reaching mythic heights, even as our infrastructure crumbles, and we lose entire major cities in a single storm.

The world once admired us. Now, they increasingly fear us. Fear what we may become. Fear that they might be forced into taking action against us.

After all, you canít let a spoiled and vicious child wave a loaded gun around forever.

Iím an American citizen. And I fear the same thing.

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