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The truth about Twitter and twits

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This page last updated on or about 1-5-09
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The item below began as an email [sent 1-4-09 8:15 PM] to friends. They urged me to make it public, so here it is.

"Twitter is my shared notepad. If I want to remember something and I don't mind if everyone else knows it, I just post it here."

-- Twitter in 140 characters

I'm stunned that Dave and others can make such a big deal about Twitter if this is what they honestly think of it. I'm also confused. For this doesn't seem to be how the people being spied on at twitscoop.com are using it. As for what they ARE using it for, well, that's unclear to me too, from the messaging I've seen...it basically reads like chickens scratching in the dirt of their pen.

I think Dave's written that he's actually developing new software to integrate Twitter with other services of some sort...WTF? :-O

If there's some secret to Twitter I'm not getting, maybe anyone who could clearly explain it might get a million up votes on Digg or whatever. Or maybe not. For perhaps Twitter's secret is that it is inscrutable. It does very little, and even that is excruciatingly difficult to describe. So maybe if anyone did succeed in proclaiming its 'true name' or function, Twitter would suddenly lose its audience, dry up, and blow away, like many other 'inscrutable' internet fads before it.

At the moment my impression of Twitter and its users is very close to that I have of the egotistical Californians portrayed in a South Park cartoon episode, who all drove expensive hybrids and constantly boasted of their environmentalism, while taking pains to smell their own farts when expelled. I didn't get that, either.

After writing the above, I realized if anyone at all could explain Twitter to me, it had to be the Twitter creators themselves (since they had to explain it a zillion times in marketing efforts to somebody). So I went to the web site seeking same. And watched the video 'Twitter in Plain English'.

One astounding thing in the video was the admission that Twitter is for posting stuff about yourself that NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW(!) WTF!

So it IS chicken-scratches!

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