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Please note folks that it's getting increasingly difficult (in the developed nations anyway) to save money by building your own PC these days, unless you're a super geek with access to lots of second-hand but not too old hardware and software you can get practically for free. Keep in mind your time is worth something itself, too. On the other hand, truly poor folks and strapped-for-cash kids in the developed countries, as well as the majority of folks in many less developed nations, might at times find it cost-effective to cobble together some computers. For you folks, I hope some of the links presented here will help.

Where to buy components

NCIX.com (canadian)
Spoofee Deals

How to design and build your PC

My Super PC - Build A Computer - Build A PC - How To Build Your Own Affordable, Quality, Fast Computer!! Computer Building Made
Build Your Own PC
Welcome to buildPC.net
Build A PC Today!
hardCOREware.net - How to Build a DEAD SILENT PC
Build It: A Killer System for $800
Slashdot Home-Built vs. Store-Bought PC's
My Super PC - How To Build Your Own Affordable, Quality, Fast Computer
Build your own PC and save
Building Your Own PC
Learnthat.com - How to Build a Computer System or PC
PCWorld.com - Build Your Own PC
Build Your Own PC
Build Your PC System - Links and Vendors
HardwareCentral - Tutorials - Build Your Own PC
Build Your Own PC or Server
How to Build Your Own PC
Herman's tips on how to build your own PC
GAMECENTER.COM - Hardware - Build Your Own PC
SysOpt.com - Poor Person's Upgrade Guide, Page 1
How to Build Your Own PC
How to Build A PC - Motherboard HomeWorld
Learn to Build Your Own Computer
How to Build your own Personal Computer
Build A PC Today!
Cheap /Linux/ Box
alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt FAQ Version 20
Building Your Own Computer
Welcome to The PC Guide!
Ars Technica: The Complete System Building Guide includes The Budget Box
Open Directory - Computers: Hardware: HowTos and Tutorials
instructions for how to assemble your own PC

Back to J.R.'s dirt cheap PC page...

Back to J.R.'s clearinghouse of used Mac ware sources

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