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Welcome to the WebFLUX 2009 Halloween Special!

We’ve got both tricks and treats here to suit your appetite: enjoy!

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First off, how about a real world recollection of this page author's teenage Halloween hooliganism from the 1970s?

Pulling the Tiger's Tail

Egg throwing battles not your thing? Well then, there's always the following year's Halloween-- with lots more action and adventure (and this time lust as well):

A Halloween to Remember

And of course, no Halloween page would be complete without a ghost story:

A Ghost of a Chance

But oftentimes, for some folks, Halloween is all about the out-of-this-world monsters, horror, and gore. For those, I offer up chapter 16 of my online science fiction novel:

The Terror

For still others, only biblical scale frights will do. If you prefer 'big picture' scares which might be especially tough to shake off afterwards, then perhaps Clifford Dunburton is who you're looking for.

The End-- and Clifford Dunburton

OK. So now we get down to the most difficult to scare people of all. For you, I offer some 'in-your-face' facts sure to take the wind out of your sails at the least, and maybe ruin your whole coming year at most.

(I'd be willing to bet many of you won't be able to read this next list all the way through)

Real Life Curses You Can Get Simply from Breathing, Eating, Drinking, or Touch

And so here you are: at the end of our 2009 WebFLUX Halloween Special. We hope it left you either amused, aghast, sickened, frightened, or terrorized.

If not-- well, there’s always next year! Happy Halloween!

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