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What an ASS!

Obama's audacious overconfidence and outrageous ego

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This page last updated on or about 7-10-08
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"Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, who was Mr. Obama’s rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, voted against the bill."

-- Senate Backs Wiretap Bill to Shield Phone Companies By ERIC LICHTBLAU; July 10, 2008

Clinton voted against it, Obama for it. I'm afraid we'll see similar undesirable differences when it comes to universal healthcare. Maybe it would have been better if Hillary won the nomination after all. For Obama doesn't seem to be the candidate we thought he was. Everybody kicked Hillary in the primaries for saying Obama wasn't what we thought. She seems to have been right.

Even Obama's big 'anti-war' stance now seems to have been a sham. So far as I'm concerned, Obama seems to have deflated to typical politician status now. Which will cost him dearly in supporter enthusiasm. Something he seems utterly oblivious to.

Obama has being black as an unfair strike against him, in regards to maybe as much as a fifth or even a fourth of voters. That won't change no matter what happens. So he badly needs that original supporter enthusiasm to counter that. Now he's squandering that enthusiasm. He must have an unbelievable ego to think he can do anything he wants now, and he'll still get the votes he needs.

Combine Obama's appalling performance since clinching the nomination with that of most of the Democrats presently in Congress, and you end up with a much smaller potential for real change than most of us are hoping for with the next election. Obama's even got me wondering now if it'll be worthwhile showing up to vote for him. ME!

That fact alone is astonishing to me. And should be extremely worrisome to the Obama campaign. For I'm about as progressive as they come.

I mean, if electing Obama means no significant cuts in military spending or war-mongering, how are we going to pay for universal healthcare? Higher taxes on the rich? Sorry, but we'd have to do that anyway, merely to stay afloat with our current policies.

But wait: oh yeah; I see. Obama's health plan ISN'T as universal as Hillary's was. So it'll be cheaper. Indeed, from what I've heard of it, it seems considerably closer to some Republican plans than Democratic ones-- which means it's basically little different from what we ALREADY suffer today. OUCH!

Let's see: just exactly what change are we supposed to get with Obama again? Oh yeah! He'll at least protect our privacy! Whoops! No! He's failed us there already, before even getting into the Oval office! SHEESH!

Think about it, people: he could have at least voted symbolically against it; it would still have passed. But at least he wouldn't have proven himself to be untrustworthy on the issue.

I mean: what the hell, Obama!?! Do you not care at all about the things we do?!?

If the only change we're going to get with Obama is the first black face in the White House, I'm sorry, but that's not enough to get my vote. I need more than that: MUCH more.

If Obama will simply be McCain Lite, I'm pretty darn sure that's not going to be good enough to fix this country's awful and mounting problems. Even with a handsome young black man as our leader, rather than yet another old white dude. And if there's enough people out there feeling like this about Obama now, months before the election, his chances of winning against anybody-- even McCain-- are a lot smaller than Obama seems to think at the moment.

And the Republicans could really knock him for a loop by pulling a candidate switcheroo somewhere along the way. Which I think has 'more than likely' written all over it.

What an ASS!

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