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When push came to shove: Shadow's top end is tested in a way never imagined by its driver/builder.

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The 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Shadowfast supercar driving acrobatically around a huge pipe interior to avoid a deadly obstacle and evade pursuit.

Above can be seen the original Texas inspection for Shadowfast. I've blacked out certain info here that I consider privacy sensitive.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Some readers have expressed skepticism about the laws of physics allowing such a maneuver as described in this story. But they definitely do, and you could even repeat it yourself with the proper conditions. Indeed, Top Gear took a not very aerodynamic, underpowered, tiny foreign car at much too slow a speed through a much smaller tunnel than described here...unfortunately the BBC forced Youtube to take down the video.

But here's other evidence links (which still worked, at last check): Walls of Death in Amusement Parks: A Brief History, The Well of Death: India's Automobile Centrifuge By Chris Wyman Oct 15, 2010, and Fifth Gear Loop the Loop. END NOTE.

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