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A whopper of a net censorship and citizen assault plan by AT&T

This page last updated on or about late 11-25-07
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AT&T will make its best guess or claim about what you should be allowed to see on the internet, and then censor the rest.

Of course, they'll try to always err on the side of censoring MORE rather than less, in order to appease their fellow corporate giants and neoconservative authoritarians.

If you believe you can avoid this censorship by simply not using AT&T products or services, think again.

For I believe much of the backbone of BOTH the internet AND the American telephone system runs through AT&T networks-- and that may well be where they'll prefer to wield their censorship power: before the data ever reaches the ISPs or cell phone providers of individuals like you and me. Or, in the case of you or I sending something upstream rather than receiving, simply make our item disappear without warning or explanation. That is, the folks we mean to see it, never do.

And by doing all this on their own network turf, above and beyond that of lower tier entities like ISPs and other phone nets, they might be totally unaccountable: that is, there'll be no way you or I could ever prove they interfered with our communications at all.

But it gets worse: AT&T has apparently been one of the very worst offenders already in terms of secret wide scale surveillance of the US public at the behest of the Bush Administration.

So they've already been spying on us and turning over our life stories to apparently corrupt and malevolent politicians. Now they're actively going to interfere with what we can see and do on the net, too. And who's to say that interference won't have a political slant as well?

So that item mentioned before-- where you uploaded or sent something, but it never reached its intended recipient or audience-- may actually be re-routed to various parties which AT&T thinks might want to use your item against you in some way.

"The government wants to operate a virtual server that captures our email whenever they want to. They keep an archive, just in case they ever want to take you to court."

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-- AT&T's 1.9-Trillion-Call Database

-- All About NSA's and AT&T's Big Brother Machine, the Narus 6400

-- AT&T tech outs NSA spy room

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This could also all be ultimately connected to the 'net neutrality' debate-- where many among both the government and corporations want to enshrine establishment superiority over everyone else in a permanent fashion. That is, legislate a two-tier society where the top 1% does what it wants, and the rest of us are only allowed to do what that 1% doesn't notice or doesn't care about.

-- AT&T Killing the Cingular Name & Avoiding Net Neutrality By Bob Caswell; December 30, 2006; computers.net

For more on this subject (mounting government/corporate surveillance of the public, and across-the-board censorship), refer to They own you-- and all your property too

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