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Why have Republicans turned against science?

Because so many of their principles and policies cannot withstand the light of truth, fact, or reason

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This page last updated on or about late 12-29-08
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I don't mean they've completely turned their backs on all science: just the majority of it. For they still adore scientific endeavors which expand upon existing techniques for controlling or deceiving or torturing others, or where they reveal new, faster, and cheaper ways to kill or destroy at a distance with impunity. They also still love research revealing how to squeeze ever more work and creativity out of people while paying them ever less for it. It's everything else about science they can no longer abide today.

Why? Because the more we learn through science in general, the more we find that Republican policies across the board are usually not only wrong, but downright dangerous. Indeed, a great many of their policies accomplish the exact opposite of their publicly claimed goals-- or worse.

For instance, science is revealing ever more flaws with two of the best-loved ideals of many American Republican politicians today: theocracy (rule by religious edict) and plutocracy (rule by the rich). Two forms of governance which Republicans have worked diligently to either bring about or maintain domestically for decades now.

Many Republicans would like nothing better than to convert America into a Christian version of 2007 Iran. Or 2007 Hong Kong. Or perhaps even 1940 Nazi Germany. Just so long as some form of robustly Republican priest-kings (or financiers) ruled the roost into perpetuity.

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"In other words, a tiny, extremist minority in Congress is ensuring that the rate of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases remains unnaturally high because it prefers to cling to its ideological dicta rather than accept the facts that demonstrate the cost of its misinformation."

-- Think Again: The Costs of Enforced Sexual Ignorance By Eric Alterman, George Zornick | May 8, 2008

Doubt is Their Product = The Republican War on Science Squared May 27, 2008 by Chris C. Mooney

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