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streetRx - latest street prices for prescription drugs

GoodRx helps you shop for drugs and get discounts

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5 sites to compare prices online

RetailMeNot: Coupon Codes, Coupons, Promo Codes, Discounts

mySupermarket - Compare Prices

The Wirecutter Gadget reviews

Home theater parts

Cord Cutter Guides | The Cord Cutters Resource


GetHuman.com Find Best Customer Support Phone Number & Contact Info

Has my email been hacked?

13 Hacks to Improve Your Google Search

Wolfram|Alpha (32 Tricks You Can Do With Wolfram Alpha)

Niice. A search engine with taste.

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Change.org · The world’s platform for change

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Unsplash Free (do whatever you want) hi-resolution photos.

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Movie-making for everyone | Plotagon

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UJAM: Anyone can make music here

GoAnimate - Easily make cartoons/animations

Cast yourself as a cartoon character

HowTo: Free and Huge custom poster for your wall

Block Posters - Create large wall posters from any image for free!

Cartoon Strip Creator

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OneLook Dictionary Search

Find Similar or Opposite words at WordHippo

Tip of My Tongue Find that word that you've been thinking about all day but just can't seem to remember.

Duotrope's Digest: free writers' resource listing

Television Tropes & Idioms

A Newbie's Guide to Publishing

How to make your own Amazon Kindle ebook in just hours CHEAT SHEET

Digital Publishing News

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KBoards (originally Kindleboards.com)

MobileRead Forums

The Book Cover Archive

Preview text in different fonts

Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator

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Inventables: Hardware Store for Designers

DealExtreme Gadgets

WeirdStuff - surplus computer wares

American Science & Surplus

McMaster-Carr industrial and commercial parts

Cheatsheets for developers

Sell Your Domains

Just Delete Me | Web Service Account Deletion Help


Can I Stream.It?

TVTimes.me - Cable TV alternative!

Japanese anime subtitled and not can be watched for free and minimum hassles at Watch Anime Online. Crunchyroll.com can be pretty good too, but you'll sit through lots more ads, and might have to pay to see certain new content as fast as it's released. Animeultima is another free alternative.

The Digital Comic Museum Free and Public Domain Comic Books

Free Marvel and DC comic books

Channelchooser.com is a hodge podge of TV content.

Project Free TV has its fans online, but to try it you must set up an account.

FILMON looks to be a pretty good online TV option... once you figure out it's user interface.

Cord Cutter Central links to many cable TV channel web sites, where you may be able to watch a sampling or more of a particular channel's shows and films.

Documentary Heaven | Watch Free Documentaries Online

Pulp Magazines Project

Celebrities' salaries


My 90's TV! emulates a television set filled with content from the 1990s.

Comicbook Cover Browser

Vintage Ad Browser

Encyclopedia of the obsolete

Efficient living

No Excuse: Learn anything, free

How to live dirt cheap

How to live well on very, very little

Repair Manuals for Every Thing - iFixit

Auto owner manuals

Online Device and Appliance Manuals

Drug Database

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Cost of Living Worldwide

FRANTIC updates!

(usually updated at minimum a couple times daily, seven days a week)

  • Is your favorite web site out of order right now? You can check with these tools: Down Detector seems to be the best overall. Is It Down Right Now? is a very optimistic tool, which gets easily fooled about extended site outages which might occasionally let someone in, but mostly aren't. The following tools tend to be more pessimistic and accurate, but at times may indicate regional outages rather than nationwide ones (so sometimes you may still access a site they list as down, while someone living somewhere else cannot):

    Downrightnow and Down For Everyone Or Just Me?

  • Vox.com | Explain the news

  • Yahoo! News Top Stories until recently was a pretty decent news source, but since being bought out by a bigger company (Verizon, I think) suddenly most of their news links are redirects, which make you have to click twice as often and wait twice as long to see the articles. So I may have to remove this link soon. It's only still here now in case Verizon soon fixes this awful state of affairs.
  • Google News
  • Reddit was one of my top favorite news and forum sites for several years, due to its rare instances of censorship, and ready acceptance of submissions on a far wider variety of subjects, from lots more individuals (as opposed to corporate PR shills) than any other news site I knew of. Alas, those things seem to be less and less true of reddit every day now, as of early 2016. For they seem to be going the way of Digg, their defunct predecessor in this online niche. So I'm hoping reddit either gets back to its roots soon, or I can find a suitable replacement for them here, and remove their link.

    Don't get me wrong: I agree with some of the changes they've made, regarding hate speech and online harassment, and maybe abolishing certain subreddit forums which were tough to see as anything but 50% or more evil. But along with these things reddit has also allowed their volunteer moderators to run wild, censoring content they don't agree with and often banning certain content sources or individual reddit members from ever submitting or commenting on anything ever again in many subreddits, for little or no discernible reason. I'm one of the many reddit users who's been treated this way, and if you're familiar with my web site and my opinions you might wonder how on Earth that ever happened to me, of all people. Well, it happened because many of today's reddit moderators are acting like penny ante dictators, and that has greatly reduced my own participation in the site, as well as that of many others. And you can definitely tell the difference in quality on reddit as well, as it has gotten a lot less interesting in terms of submitted links the past several years. So it's emulating the defunct Digg now, at full throttle.

  • Hacker News is concentrated geek/nerd material, regarding programming, web design, and sometimes science and business too.

Daily updates

(business days only; e.g., often excluding weekends, holidays, and certain other special occasions)

  • AllGov - Everything Our Government Really Does

  • The Intercept

  • Bloomberg (once upon a time was Businessweek)

  • EurekAlert! Public News List offers up the latest scientific reports.

  • Techmeme seems a must-see for the tech sector. DSLReports offers closer to home news about changes in the internet access market.

  • Archaeological News seems to be the best single breaking news site for all things historic and prehistoric, pertaining to humanity and its works. I say this having flirted with dozens of news sites in this field over the past couple decades.

  • PC Magazine Online and PC World Online are more like general tech news and how-to sites these days, rather than mere PC portals. Great reads for technophiles.

  • io9 is an entertainment oriented news site specializing in science and science fiction/fantasy (often to the point of outright sensationalism and unabashed promotion of big media releases). Despite its failings, it does on occasion offer something interesting amongst all the fluff and puffery.

Usually updated only randomly or occasionally

  • Global Guerrillas "A blog about the future of conflict," GG has for years posted brilliant ideas and warnings about the changing world around us.

Miscellaneous sweepstakes news sites of varying frequency (also check the caveats described below)

CAUTION! Keep in mind that entering many sweeps will definitely increase your junk e-mail, win or lose. You also need to be wary and read the rules carefully before entering many such contests-- because sometimes there's Gotchas! in the fine print which would put you off the game if you were aware of them. For instance, that highly touted $10,000 prize might only be awarded in the form of a credit at Harry's House of Ceramic Shoe Collectibles-- and so of little value to many folks. At the other end of the scale are sweeps with huge non-cash prizes of super-expensive cars and homes, which could effectively bankrupt many winners who try to claim them, with enormous income tax bills. To make it worse, the homes are usually located 3000 miles away from where the winner would want to live, or the car is totally impractical for normal driving (a Rolls Royce or Lamborghini Countach for example), and the income tax bite on the prize's value alone may be about the same as what you'll be able to sell it for on the street. Heck, sometimes auto prizes incur tax penalties equal to that of a brand new model off the dealer lot, but there's no new car warranty to go with it! Yeah, some winners might manage to sell off such assets, pay the taxes, and still end up with a little profit on the side. But I bet you most won't. So keep in mind folks that minimum 20-25% tax bite on prizes, and the principle that cold cash is much easier to deal with than overpriced real estate or luxury autos.

One last good reason to carefully read the rules of contests before entering them: quite a few sites take months to take down entry pages after a sweepstakes has ended, still collecting personal info from poor saps who are unaware their entries are no good. There should be a law stopping this, but apparently there's not. So if you're too dumb or lazy to read the rules, you're going to be an automatic loser in lots of sweeps the very moment you click the last button for entry.

The BBB Consumer News and Opinion Blog might help you steer clear of some sweep and contest scams.

Keeping all the above in mind, here's some miscellaneous links you can try, if you wish:

| New Sweepstakes & Contests | SweepstakesToday.com | Sweepstakes Lovers | Sweeties Sweepstakes | Online-Sweepstakes.com Cash | New Sweepstakes | Sweepstakes Advantage | Infinite Sweepstakes | Sweepstakes Daily | contestgirl.com |

| Lottery Results |

| PCH Search & Win |

Lastly, this Mega Millions Lottery Simulator should be visited on occasion just to remind us all of the extreme odds against us in large lotteries.

Miscellaneous links currently under evaluation for long-term inclusion in this page (presented in random order)

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