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Random Name Generators (and Lists) for Everything

Any of us might need to come up with a name or word for something on a moment's notice: a project for school or work; a book title; a boat; a place; a fictional person; a common name or word from the 1800s; a name with a particular meaning or symbolism; a business; even a child or pet. This page is meant to help with such things.

Modern names

Historical names

Fantasy names

  • Fantasy name generators. Names for all your fantasy characters isn't kidding. But it's also not telling you that this site may be the reigning champion of fantasy names generation online, with categories ranging from characters to places to monsters. So if you're writing fantasy, this is a resource you ignore at your peril (for your competitors surely won't). In addition to all that, the site also provides a wealth of modern names, drawn from many countries; names related to popular films, video games, and books; mythological creatures; and places and planets both modern and ancient. Seriously speaking, many of us may never need another source of names other than this one (it's that good).

  • Seventh Sanctum describes itself in this manner: a collection of "...random generators of ideas, from story concepts to science fiction weapons to extremely silly spells." And this means generators not just for general concepts, but very specific ones too, like corporation names and magic spells and equipment. Basically Seventh Sanctum may supply whatever names and ideas that none of the other links on this page do.

Specific types/genre names

Book titles

Still more naming possibilities may be found in A list of great random character name generators | OngoingWorlds roleplay blog

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