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Top question of the 31st century about the 21st:

Who-- or what-- was Jerry Staute?

The Shadowfast supercar driver logs

The world's easiest, cheapest gas saving tips

What the rich do with their astonishing freedom from taxes

They own you and all your property too

Things only Americans worry about

America's de facto domestic and foreign policies of artificial scarcity and institutionalized poverty Part one and Part two


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How to live well on very, very little

User logs for various products and services:

Tony Little's Gazelle Freestyle Elite

Low cost web site authoring

SOHO (Small Office Home Office) LAN

Compaq Presario S4020WM User's Log

Compaq Presario 2170 Laptop

Apple PowerMac G4 (dual 1 GHz PPC G4)


Hewlett-Packard Pavilion XE783

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A science fiction dream -- or nightmare-- which may someday engulf us all

Dinosaurs, dragons, Loch Ness, and reptile people; Where does fact end and fiction begin?

A lost civilization on the Kerguelen continent, circa 21 million BC?

Our most probable first encounters of extraterrestrial intelligence: Who, what, why, when, where, and how

Earth's very first lost civilization?

My first day in the afterlife

Is this our first glimpse of an alien civilization?

The most vexing question of the 31st century about the 21st:

Who-- or what-- was Jerry Staute?

The rebirth of Pathfinder

Could the stories of lost Atlantis refer to an advanced civilization which existed on the southeast asian peninsula, circa 25,125 BC- 13,875 BC?

The Atlantis which could have been
An advanced civilization emerges on the lowlands of the greater southeast asian peninsula, rapidly develops technologies rivaling that of the 20th and 21st centuries, then splinters in civil war. The more advanced faction decimates the other with nuclear weapons, then finds itself drowned by rising sea levels not long after, due to the end of the Ice Age. More than 14,000 years later there remains negligible evidence that the civilization ever existed at all.


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Faster-than-light and time travel technologies

Perspectives on the structure of the superverse and implications for its transit and other means of exploitation

The rise and fall of star faring civilizations

The Anti-Singularity
explores many reasons why a Vinge technological singularity might not occur any time soon.

Through the needle's eye
describes what a rolling multi-stage singularity might be like.

Our ultimate corporeal forms

The furthest future

The deepest past


The nature of luck

Champion of destiny

Playing God

Methusula's end

The second coming

How we might fend off or ultimately overcome technologically superior alien invaders in centuries to come

How we might fend off or ultimately overcome technologically superior human invaders, conquerors, or dictators in decades to come, with minimal casualties and financial loss on all sides

How small-time web sites can make it financially on the internet


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J.R.'s Dirt Cheap PC and Killer Deals Page

J.R.'s Cheap Mac Sources


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The enormous hidden costs to society of 'right-wing' political governance

The super-rich, the 'plain' rich, the 'poorest' rich...and everyone else...Everything you might want to know about wealth and the richest among us

The astonishing decline of America OR How to go from respected sole world superpower to dangerous third world nation in just a couple generations

The immense risks and appalling costs to humanity of excessive military, intelligence, and security expenditures-- and how to reduce both

Civilization's best defenses against war, terrorism, technological stagnation, and economic ruin


J.R.'s Personal Web Portal/Index

Future technology and society research

J.R.'s Dirt Cheap PC and Killer Deals Page

J.R.'s Cheap Mac Sources

Low cost web site authoring

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