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Living well within our memes:
The best ideas for obtaining the essentials of modern human sustenance for minimal cost

Or, how to live well on very, very little

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This page is meant to showcase techniques and technologies which may significantly improve life for minimal cost in many places worldwide-- but especially in developing countries, which may currently lack much of the infrastructure and public services of richer nations, but also not be burdened with the building codes and zoning restrictions of wealthier nations (which in many cases stifle innovations involving the use of quality but lower cost materials and simplified construction methods). This page also presents proposals for as yet untested but promising concepts in regards to such topics.

I try to provide here the essential ideas or principles underlying many of the items listed, so that readers may immediately apply or adapt them where desired-- and WITHOUT much or any aid (financial or otherwise) from third parties.

I strive to find and emphasize those methods which are the least labor-intensive and most easily applied and maintained with a minimum of skill or specialized knowledge-- as those commodities are typically in short supply everywhere, regardless of in what country you live. But still users will essentially be substituting man-hours or climbs up learning curves for cash money, in many instances.

a - j m o o n e y h a m . c o m - o r i g i n a l

In some cases further research or experimentation will be required on the reader's part, due to my own sources sometimes not providing all the necessary details, or a particular item I mention being still in the research and development stage, etc., etc.

I'll do my best to improve the directness and immediacy of access to specific references and resources listed below, over time. Part of this effort includes providing internet links whereby readers may buy a particular book, tool, or device described within these pages. But I also strive to offer free online and off-line sources of the same or similar information wherever possible. For example, there's a good chance many or most of the books described on this page are available in lots of public libraries worldwide-- because the majority of books listed here are decades old.

This site is a work-in-progress: if it at present does not offer a viable solution to your particular budget impasse, please check back again later.

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