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MISSION: Offer readers the best index to information and opinions about the future available on the net today. In this page I include not only futurist and technology-specific sites, but also sites with ANY subject matter I consider possibly significant to the future in some way-- such as star maps, and evolving theories of cosmic collisions and/or cyclic terran catastrophes, etc., as well as some selected science fiction and science fiction review links which could provide ideas and/or perspectives helpful to anyone working to affect or predict the future in some way. Note folks that the organization process of the links below is ongoing-- i.e., never finished, complete, or error-free. Feel free however to email me about mis-classifications and other matters (see bottom of this page).

This page mostly serves as a reference/index/portal to future-related sites around the world; if you'd prefer the latest news about these matters instead, try my What's New and News and Magazines pages.

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Table of Contents

Sites which are usually more 'science' than 'science fiction'...

RevFuture Contents

Sites which tend to have more speculation, fiction, and fantasy than hard science...

RevFuture Contents

Miscellaneous web sites relating to the future, that I haven't yet categorized (presented in no particular order):

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So who is J.R. Mooneyham, and just what are his qualifications for speculating about the future of government, business, technology, and society?

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