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The legends, history, creators, specifications, and more

PLUS, how to build your own!

This page last updated on or about late 10-29-11

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If regular cars represent personal freedom, supercars surely represent personal transcendence. A movement to something above and beyond the normal human condition and limitations.
Image of a Shelby Cobra supercar

Image of a Ford GT-40 race car
Therefore supercars must by definition push the edge of the envelope in regards to technology and the laws of physics. Or in other words, push the limits of what's possible for a combination of man and machine to accomplish.

The very best supercars do all this and more-- thereby expanding the very boundaries of human imagination itself.
Image of a Lamborghini Countach supercar

Surprise! Folks of average financial means CAN own supercars!

Most people seem to think only the rich can ever own a supercar. But that's been proven wrong time and time again! If you can afford an average priced used car, you can theoretically wrangle your way into supercar territory.


Low cost sleeper supercars

There's plenty of older cars with supercar potential. When the need for another car in your life is nearing anyway, just do your homework about the best sleeper candidates which might be available to you on the used market, then go shopping!

I'm talking here about used cars which were (when new) perhaps the low end of a sports car line, or around the mid-range performance-wise of a pony car or muscle car-- and a decent handler on curves, too.

Such cars as these can usually be relatively easily and cheaply boosted performance-wise with various replacement parts from their originally superior cousins, either via the new parts route, or salvaging such items from wrecks.

It's been a long time since I built my own supercar this way. But back then the optimal age range for such a sleeper candidate seemed to be a car at least three years old, but not more than seven or so. That time frame seems to help minimize general costs while still allowing a reasonable amount of life to be left in a given automobile, in terms of most of its original parts, plus the market availability of repair and performance parts for the machine.

Of course, the more you know (or learn) about all these facets of sleeper supercars-- and the more shoe leather and elbow grease you're willing to add to the mix-- the better your final results will be.

Heck: if you study up enough on the subject-- plus enjoy a sufficient bout of good luck-- you may even run across a fantastic deal on a rare, little-known, and hard-to-find model of showroom floor supercar which was lovingly kept garaged and driven only on Sundays to church by a staid old lady its whole life (it's happened before!).

Beyond all that, any personalization or customization you do to your vehicle will be limited more by your imagination than your financial status. So long as you do it largely yourself.

From the ground up

Heck: for that matter you can also start from scratch and build your supercar from the ground up-- something almost no one but fabulously wealthy people usually can do. The main difference between you and them will be where the rich employs a specialty car maker company to do the build, you'll choose a car kit and build it yourself.

Although this might be a bit more expensive than the modified used car route (plus take more time to complete) it could also allow you to end up with even greater performance than the other route-- and more choices in regards to a unique or wild appearance too for your ride.

Below are links to all that-- including lots more information on how to acquire, modify, or build from scratch your own. Enjoy!

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(note that a few of these aren't necessarily correct; read The Shadowfast supercar driver logs for which and why)

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Supercar shopping:

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"...the ZR1 is the fastest and most powerful production car ever made by an American manufacturer."

"The ZRI does a quarter-mile in 11.3 seconds....With a top speed of 205 mph...It also does zero to 60 and then slams back to a dead stop again in a mere 11 seconds."

"...the car's magnetic ride-control system is designed to provide more than one G of cornering grip..."

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Police supercars

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Image of a Mustang supercar

Who am I to write about supercars? Just the true life original owner/builder/driver of Shadowfast-- possibly the ultimate Mustang supercar of the 20th century. Want to see his specs? See exactly how I built him on a shoe-string budget? And some of our adventures too? Then check out The Shadowfast supercar driver logs, or the Kindle ebooks below.

I must warn you though: Shadow was a true road warrior; NOT a no balls, show car/trailer queen. The only shiny things about Shadow were the twisted, ground up parts left behind by some of his opponents.

The logs will also show you how a supercar built from a suitable but common used car chassis can prove tough competition for even the most expensive and hyped supercars out there-- and do it dirt-cheap!

Have fun!

Cover art for the ebook Sirens, volume one of the Shadowfast supercar driver logs.

Cover art for the ebook Necessary Ends, volume two of the Shadowfast supercar driver logs.

Cover art for the ebook Deep in the Throat of Texas, volume three of the Shadowfast supercar driver logs.

Cover art for the ebook Driving Needs, volume four of the Shadowfast supercar driver logs.

Cover art for the ebook Nowhere to Go But Up, volume five of the Shadowfast supercar driver logs.

Cover art for the ebook Dark Horse: The Official Shadowfast Supercar Technical Reference.

PS: Rare photos of Shadowfast from the 1970s

PPS: Shadowfast supercar desktop wallpapers!

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