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This page last updated on or about 4-15-08
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"Just five countries - China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the US - were responsible for 88% of known executions in the world"

-- China 'gold medal' for executions

To make matters worse, a huge percentage of imprisoned Americans appear to be innocent of the crime they were jailed for.

So some are not only wrongly imprisoned, but wrongly executed as well (murdered). New technologies like DNA identification have recently begun saving some of the innocent-- if 'saving' is the proper word for unjustly losing much of your life in prison.

Innocence: List of Those Freed From Death Row

Under the latest President Bush, America has often sided with some of the very worst nations in the world on many topics...

...and sometimes stood totally alone, on issues even so-called 'Axis of evil' countries had no stomach for.

America has encouraged and financed a modern Holocaust of Palestinians by Israel.

America has fought tooth and nail to retain the legal right to kill children worldwide with land mines which resemble toys.

"the butterfly-shaped landmine, which can easily be mistaken for a small toy, is most harmful to children"

-- Educating the United States: Landmines In and Out of the Classroom

America imprisons more of its population than just about any other country in the world-- possibly even China or Iran.

America basically jails so many of its citizens for two reasons: politicians trying to score local political points by outlawing previous freedoms certain minorities wish to take away from their neighbors, and to feed the growing corporate thirst for profiting from running prisons and enjoying a slave labor force.

"With the multiplication of laws and regulations, almost anyone can be hauled to jail, or have their money or property taken, for any reason."

-- When the State Becomes God By Lee Penn; SCP JOURNAL 27 : 4 - 28 : 1; accessible online on or around 7-12-06

-- It's Way Too Easy to Get Hard Time With more than 4,000 federal crimes alone now on the books, you'd have to be Mother Theresa not to be in jeopardy at some point By Ciro Scotti; DECEMBER 10, 2004; businessweek.com

US prison profit - Google Search

And sadly, all this is merely the tip of the iceberg. I truthfully do not think the majority of Americans support such policies. Instead, I believe they simply are unaware of them.

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