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Guru Welcome
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Computer interfacing (parallel and serial interfaces)
RegEdit : Windows Registry Guide
Make Your PC Work Better
Stop Waiting on Hold! Online Tech Support Tips
Troubleshooting Your Own PC: Easier Than It Sounds
No Wonder Computer Support
The Computer Information Centre
PC Webopaedia
The Tech Page. Hard Drive Jumpers and Specs
Hard drive encyclopedia parts 1 and part 2
COMPUTERS.COM - Mastering memory upgrades
TUCOWS World Wide Affiliate Site Locations (downloads)
DaveCentral, Software Archive
Systems Internals
Tweak your PC
CNET's guerrilla guide to PC support
Ask-A-Tech - Free Web based computer help
Tom's Hardware Guide
PC self-repair
Experts Exchange, the #1 Knowledge Sharing Community on the Web.
inquiry.com - Home Page
Modems, Modems, Modems - a.k.a. the costmo modem page
FCC ID Search Form
DSL LIFE: The Consumer's Guide to xDSL Technology
www.blackbox.com is mainly a parts source for corporate, government, military, and professional geeks. And I'm talking DEEP geeks at that. The average civilian geek will almost never need anything from this site (and might not even recognize much of the hardware listed in the catalog).
www.dirtcheapdrives.com focuses mainly on selling storage products (no relation to my web page).

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