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I provide this relatively raw list of recent medical and health related links/articles as a public service for health professionals and consumers alike, in an effort to minimize unnecessary pain and suffering and health-related costs on anyone's part. I've several projects in the works myself where in these references could play an important role, but chronic time and money shortages have so far delayed those ambitions. Hopefully though this list might help facilitate similar research projects on the parts of others.

I try to have these references somewhat organized with the most recent nearer the top, and older ones towards the bottom of the page.

I regret that for reasons of copyright I cannot provide the content of these items but only their web URLs (links). Keep in mind that quite a few of the original URLs likely broke within weeks of their original appearance, and others will have broken in the months since collection. But in certain cases you might still be able to search the original site to locate an item's new location (although in some cases a fee may be required for such access). Please refer to this page for some tips on how to sometimes dig useful information even out of broken links.

Eventually, I will be affixing the original article titles, authors, and publisher info to links or items actually used as supporting references for content elsewhere on this site (some links below may display titles modified from the original to make the gist of their content clearer). So in those cases you might be able to track down those particular items from a variety of sources in web search engines, using the titles and authorship information alone. Good luck in your efforts!

The latest medical links

| Drug that cuts off a tumorís blood supply shows promising results when paired with chemotherapy | The mentally ill deserve better care | White House hushed up asbestos peril affecting millions | As Drug Patents End, Costs for Generics Surge | Weather-Resistant Genes | Sirtuin protein has a new function; May play role in lifespan extension

| HRT reduces diabetes rates in some women | Vitamin C, fish, and a gout drug target artery damage from smoking | Australian Doctor to Unveil New Death Machine | Lowering beta-amyloid levels in blood to treatment Alzheimer's | Cannabis linked to Biblical healing | Viral infection linked to heart attack and stroke | No Abuse Risk in Hyperactivity Drugs, Study Says | Workplace safety 'neglected' | Child hospitalizations good time to get parents to stop smoking | old age wonít boost health-care costs as much as some have predicted | 19.2 Million U.S. Adults Have Chronic Kidney Disease | Purdue researchers discover basis for biological clock | Jesus 'healed using cannabis' | 'Go pills' gone if US finds a way to send soldiers sleepless into battle | Charting the hidden force at street corners | Malpractice crisis manufactured by insurers, consumer group says | Patients have begun to bear the brunt of malpractice premiums (washingtonpost.com) | Purdue researchers design fishes' diets to make you healthier | Brain cells may be damaged for ever by cocaine abuse | Cocaine harms brain's 'pleasure center,' addict study finds | Stanford research shows medications underused in treating heart disease | Hopkins researchers find genetic cause for multi-system disorder | PROVIDERS NEED INCREASED AWARENESS OF PATIENTS' 'SELF-TREATING' WITH SUPPLEMENTS | HOSPITAL DISCHARGE DATA CAN GIVE CLEARER PICTURE OF GUN INJURIES | Researchers discover new test for genetic disease related to Parkinsonís | New Drug Reduces Effects of MS, Crohn's (washingtonpost.com) | 60 disease genes mapped in chromosome 14 | Nicotine - Worse than we thought | SURFACE TREATMENTS COULD MAKE READY-TO-EAT PRODUCTS SAFER | CLONED PIGS BEHAVE JUST LIKE, WELL, PIGS | New study shows angioplasty more effective than clot busters in treating heart attack | PATIENTS COMPLAIN MORE ABOUT PAPERWORK THAN CARE | SMOKERS, BINGE DRINKERS AREN'T GETTING PHYSICIANS' ADVICE | Occasional lack of health insurance results in less preventive care | Designing safer handguns could prevent many unintentional shooting | many patients wait more than an hour for emergency care | Concerns over drug industry creation of new diseases | One in five GPs in England want to quit | Men with diabetes father smaller babies | Air ionisers wipe out hospital infections

| New research supports efficacy of zincum gluconicum nasal gel | Get Smart About Allergies | Forgive and your health won't forget csmonitor.com | Oral drug combination proven as effective as standard chemotherapy | Expert Twins more identical than clones - Dec. 30, 2002 | Summer linked to suicide study [December 29, 2002] | Children face 'epidemic' of behavioural problems | Penalty shoot-outs can trigger heart attcks | People from distant lands have strikingly similar genetic traits, study reveals | Combination treatment shows promise for schizophrenia | data reduction Ear damage by MP3, DVD and digital television | protections against ants, VD, bacteria | Cornell News Explaining Acrylamide | US wrecks cheap drugs deal | Ultrasound scan spots Down's syndrome | False dawns in the brave world of New Genetics | FDA to allow unverified health claims on food labels | Rebuilding the Food Pyramid | Testing the First AIDS Vaccine | Humans more similar than different | They're the next step in human evolution. But they're just like everybody else | Human kidneys created in mice | Low-Tech Way to Thwart Accidents | Healing power in a gene | Anesthesia drug may better protect newborn brains during heart surgery

| UCLA-Caltech scientists develop new gene therapy approach | USC researchers use gene therapy to prompt mouse cells to produce human collagen | Key gender difference found in sickle cell disease | New study counters previous research linking intake of dietary fat with increased risk of dementia | Tiny Implanted Monitors, 'Black Boxes' for Humans, Gain Traction | Stanford researchers study emerging treatment for chronic sinus infections | New research addresses confusion about juice | Brain Can Generate Unexplained Noise In Ears | Doctor Says Yoga May Be Prescription For Better Health | Public misled over fire-safe cigarettes | Out-of-body operation banishes tumours | Study Shows Pacing Defibrillators May Damage Hearts | New method of delivering chemotherapy using ultrasound works in BYU lab | More dialysis, highly permeable artificial kidney may not aid some, UT Southwestern researcher finds | Similar Outcomes for Limb Reconstruction and Amputation After Trauma--12-17-2002 | Too much grape juice could cause iron deficiency | Researchers Discover Gene that Controls Learned Fear | Worm Enzyme Has Promise for Patients with Cardiovascular Disease | Supervised exercise program is an effective remedy for cramping leg pain | USDA Failed to Act Against Plant's Listeria, Inspector Says (washingtonpost.com)

| Ultrasound shown to be potentially safe, effective way to kill bacteria | Researchers developing new arsenal in war against cancer | Hemoglobin-Based Agent Reduces Need for Transfusion During Heart Surgery | Tamoxifen-Resistant Breast Cancers Alter Their Traits, Become Receptive to New Therapies | NICOTINE PATCH EFFECTIVE WITHOUT DIRECT COUNSELING | FEMALE BYPASS PATIENTS EXPERIENCE FEWER COMPLICATIONS WHEN SPOUSES KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT | 'Dose dense' chemotherapy improves survival in breast cancer patients | Rush begins use of magnetic guided navigation system | Ŗ blockers for glaucoma and excess risk of airways obstruction | Tobacco industry concealed its role in refuting important study | Self-help programme for pregnant smokers is ineffective | MRSA deaths on the rise | Significant improvements in disease free survival reported in women with breast cancer | American Thoracic Society Journal news tips for December (second issue) | Report card finds older Americans fail 6 of 10 goals for improving healthy aging | Fish's re-grown heart gives hope for humans | Herbicide fights malaria in people | Hi-Fi ear armor at a Low-Fi price - Dec. 13, 2002 | iIn Silico-i Medicine Science News Online, Dec. 14, 2002 | Male Pill on the Horizon Drug disables mouse sperm but wears off quickly Science News Online, Dec. 14, 2002 | ATTENTION-DEFICIT CHILDREN BENEFIT FROM 'BRAIN WAVE' TRAINING | European scholars support development of germ line modification | Seeking the cause of Parkinson's | SafeChild.net Toy Recall Database | Drug-test kits available to Sturgis parents | Stress and Your Teeth | Sensitive Teeth | Oral Health Mirrors Overall Health | Light shed on vision and hearing disorders | Wistar-developed antibody shows promise against brain tumors in Drexel trial

| Biodegradable Gelatin Particles Show Promise For Delivering Therapeutic Genes In Treatment Of Kidney Disease | Scientists find fully differentiated blood cells remain able to switch identity | Zengen, Inc. announces novel approach to reduce organ rejection | Patients' lives at risk from needless lung scans | Mechanism to overcome Gleevec resistance demonstrated | New gene therapy boost immune system to cure cancer | researchers uncover role of platelets in hardening of the arteries | Worm chemical could save human hearts | Kids Overdosing on Cold Medicine to Get High | U.S. Violent Crime on the Rise, FBI Says (washingtonpost.com) | Part of AIDS Virus Can Hide Itself (washingtonpost.com) | A new study sheds light on how the tongue restores its ability to taste following surgery | Without water, the body will shut down its need to ingest food | Cox-2 enzyme plays important role regulating acute pancreatitis and associated lung injury | Study may direct solutions for air pollution disease affecting agricultural, industrial workers | Older people & lifelong learning | Increased bone mass in a calcitonin knockout mouse full of surprises | Brenner Children's Hospital pediatrician recommends acupuncture as adjunctive therapy | Smart polymers provide light-activated switch to turn enzymes on and off | SIGNS OF SMOKING LINGER LONGER IN MENTHOL SMOKERS | Curiosity Is Key to Personal Growth in Many Spheres, Including Intimate Relationships | Study suggests inflammatory protein is strongly associated with heart disease | New tongue reconstruction methods help patients with mouth cancer

| overdoses of acetaminophen cause most cases of acute liver failure | TREATING ALCOHOLISM IS MORE COMPLEX THAN 'ALL OR NOTHING' | Researchers explain how the brain integrates head position and acoustics | The time to prevent cardiovascular disease is now | Serotonergic dysfunction doesnít cause suicide | Binge drinking among Jewish and non-Jewish college students | Why males bear pain better | An unlikely new weapon against a deadly bacteria in oysters A virus | Could an anti-marijuana compound hold the key to body weight and appetite control | Enzyme could provide 'chemical liposuction' | Could it be that ostentation eases anxiety High levels of C-reactive protein indicate early heart disease | Occupational therapy is cost effective, significantly improves quality of life for seniors | black hypertension Tied To Slave Ship Transport | Alzheimer's in America The Aluminum - Phosphate Fertilizer Connection | Brain damage in infants not always tied to delivery | Technique to induce cancer cells to 'commit suicide' developed by Hebrew University scientists | Bionic eye 'ready for human trials' | Hair clue to temporary deafness | Hibernators may hold the key for better human organ preservation |

More hand transplants to be performed, predict experts at international congress | Sleep and sedation controlled in same brain centre, say scientists | Verbal Memory Test Best Indicator Of Who Will Have Alzheimer's Disease, New Study Says | Blocking pathway overcomes tumor vessel resistance to radiation | Combined kidney and bone marrow transplantation allows patients to discontinue anti-rejection drugs | babies can have reflux | Magnetic Stimulation Relieves Depression | Accidental discovery could lead to AIDS cure | Town rallies around mother who killed her two ailing sons | new diagnostic test for lupus | Nutritional Supplements May Combat Muscle Loss | Good legs 'control' paralysed partners |

nano-scale delivery of medicine using a light beam to move liquid through tiny tubes | | Viral Survivor Science News Online, Aug. 3, 2002 | hormone decreases need for blood transfusions | An Air Bag for Motorcyclists | Too fat to fight | Team care doubles effectiveness of depression treatment for older adults | New federal report on carcinogens lists estrogen therapy, ultraviolet, wood dust | Lethal virus has been killing for more than 3,000 years | Sleep Paralysis | Tomato Vaccine | White House Wages Stealth War on Condoms | Slow Food | Are You Headed for Hurried Woman Syndrome | Are There No Second Chances in U.S. | Reversible male contraceptive deforms sperm | Disparity between rich and poor for hip, knee replacement | The biology of induced memory | Identification of genes causing defects in vitamin B12 metabolism | Combination chemotherapy may produce remission in adults with acute myeloid leukemia | Mayo Clinic researchers investigate drugís possible link to valvular heart disease | Ehealth for Europe | Thalidomide-like compound shows early promise against multiple myeloma | New drug combination may prevent dangerous complication of bone marrow transplantation | 'Designer' drug shows activity in leukemia | Novel drug for multiple myeloma continues to show promise in early study | Brain preserves ability to 'feel' and 'move' after spinal cord injury in one quadriplegic | New findings in unrelated donor transplants, Parkinson's disease | Cholesterol-lowering drug improves survival after heart transplant | Study correlates driving impairment with Parkinsonís disease | Is there a common genetic link for depression and cardiovascular disease | Hemispherectomy ends seizures in many older children with rare seizure disorder

| Scientists discover gene 'signature' for tumor's tendency to spread | A new approach holds promise for reducing cocaine craving | Jewels that may help explain behavioral disorders found among 'junk' DNA | Domestic Violence Often Comes From Men Who Repress Emotions, Feel Threatened, Study Finds | NUTRITION ADVICE MAKES HEART-HEALTHY DIET MORE SATISFYING | FDA rules hinder cancer vaccines | Remote-control for bacteria | Alternative therapies may help people with dementia | Nursing shortage might not exist | Nurses no worse than junior doctors in assessing patients before surgery | screening and treatment of new immigrants for latent stage of tuberculosis | most baby-boomers fall short of good health | Family work and quality of life | Simpler fix best for irregular heart - Dec. 5, 2002 | Researchers reach milestone in fight against lymphatic filariasis | The mouse genome and the measure of man | Gene secrets of mice and men revealed | Making heart surgery more brain-friendly | COMPARISON OF HUMAN, MOUSE GENOMES SHOW MORE GENOMIC REARRANGEMENTS TO ACCOUNT FOR 75 MILLION YEARS OF EVOLUTION | SMOKING REDUCTION STRATEGIES SHOW SUCCESS | Hyperbaric oxygen therapy's use as a healing tool grows | Mice, men share 99 percent of genes - Dec. 4, 2002 | Hill's Gridlock Left Health Issues Unaddressed (washingtonpost.com) | 'Junk DNA' Contains Essential Information (washingtonpost.com) | RESEARCHERS MAKE KEY IMMUNE SYSTEM DISCOVERY | New first-aid method could prevent brain damage in patients exposed to carbon monoxide | first head-to-head data on latest antihistamines has implications for hay fever management | researcher reveals differences in high-altitude living | Higher cost sharing reduces plans' drug expenditures, but boosts enrollee costs | ultrasound helps in treating tennis elbow and other tendon problems | Some freed from Mass. prisons are sentenced to living on streets | Caught sleeping Study captures virus dormant in human cells | Hospitalists Reduce Costs, Length of Hospital Stay and Short-Term Mortality | AIDS dead could be buried in disused mines | Ulcer-Causing Pathogen Uses Hydrogen for Energy | 10 keys to recovery from schizophrenia | Listening To Music While Working Out Helps People With Severe Lung Disease Improve Their Fitness Levels

| Alternative treatment for secretory diarrhea linked to the cystic fibrosis gene | 2,000+ brown recluse spiders in a Kansas home and no bites | California physicians are dropping out of managed care, according to UCSF researchers | Twins give birth the same day [01dec02] | Portion size matters Given too much, we eat it | misc medical reports | Marijuana's distant relative may be the next prozac | Scientists copy pot to combat depression | Combining key ingredients of vegetarian diet cuts cholesterol significantly, says study | Suicide blights China's women | Toxic Intruder Has Families Fleeing Homes | New UGA study demonstrates bacterial pathogens use hydrogen as energy source in animals | Hype in Health Reporting | Product to Heal Damaged Bone | Hi-tech workplace no better than factories | Protein in eye may help fight autoimmune diseases in other parts of body | Skin grafts without scarring | GOOD HEALTH'S IN THE MAIL MAILED PROMOTIONS CUT DOCTOR VISITS FOR SOME | 'Knot' to be undone, researchers discover unusual protein structure | Face transplants 'possible within a year' | Emergency medicine drug shortages likely to increase | DEPRESSION MORE DANGEROUS FOR ELDERLY MEN THAN WOMEN | Study finds EMS is risky occupation | Bush Administration Removes Health Info from Federal Websites | Transplant surgeons look the future in the face | Mighty mice are less susceptible to muscular dystrophy gene's effects

| Software detects possible link between childhood attention-deficit disorder, adult drug addiction | Template for Health Care Coverage (washingtonpost.com) | Opinion Focus Managed Care Legislation | 'Master Salesman' Stands at Center of Health-Care Financial Crisis | The Great Pall of China | Beyond patches and pills the remarkable future of drug delivery | Discovery May Dramatically Reduce Liver Transplants In Children | Junk DNA Revisited - Silicon Valley startup claims to have unlocked a key to its hidden language | Cannabis link to mental illness strengthened | Enbrel(R) is first therapy shown to inhibit bone and joint damage in PsA | Enbrel only TNF receptor with five years sustained data in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

| Researchers Identify Cause of Aggressive Childhood Cancer | MAJORITY OF U.S. ADULTS HAVE SOME HEALTH PROBLEMS | Miniature implantable sensor likely lifesaver for patients | Blowing up diseased lungs could save lives | critical care forum | Variation in gynaecological procedure suggests surgery is unnecessary | What state officials aren't telling you about chronic wasting disease | The Costly Case of the Purple Pill | Eye correction is seriously short sighted | Lifestyle risks for cardiovascular disease differ between men and women | High iron stores and possible increased health risks in the elderly | Norwegian study demonstrates targeted coxibs may prevent oral cancer | Sleep apnea linked to early brain damage | Majority of nursing home aides experience racism from residents and staff | YOUNG MOTHERS' MARITAL STATUS, NOT AGE, LINKED TO LATER DEPRESSION | Interferon treatment causes major depression in many hepatitis C patients | High iron stores in women of reproductive age may increase cardiovascular risk | Coffee drinking elevates plasma homocysteine and risk factors for coronary heart disease | Military Hospitals' Records Decried (washingtonpost.com)

| Drug Combination Opens Clogged Arteries Faster, Keeps Them Open Longer | Pre-clinical studies identify novel ways to enhance effect of chemotherapy | schools boost empty calories to raise test scores | Better Carotid Artery Procedure | Long-lasting anti-impotence pill approved | Irbesartan cost-effective treatment of diabetic kidney disease in patients with type 2 diabetes | Sleep apnoea linked to stuttering and brain damage | Stair-Climbing Wheelchair Works, FDA Staff Says | DEPLETION OF BODY CHEMICAL CAN CAUSE MEMORY, MOOD CHANGES | Taking Health Care In-House | 'Mobile Cap' to Combat Phone Health Worries | BRAIN GRAY MATTER DECLINES IN SLEEP APNEA PATIENTS | Blood proteins tied to inflammation | New guidelines focus on fish, fish oil, omega-3 fatty acids | drug blocks enzyme that activates bacterial and viral toxins | Children of centenarians have less heart disease | New York Exports Mentally Ill, Shifting Burden to Other States

| Hot, new device uses 'cold' laser to treatcarpal-tunnel syndrome | The enema within | New genetic option for thwarting cancer | Assisted Reproduction May Be Linked To Birth Defect Syndrome | Drug averts Parkinson's disease in fruit flies, suggesting new approach for humans

| Medicare beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions 99 times more likely to be hospitalized | Self-Management Program Proves Beneficial For Macular Degeneration Patients | Quick, cheap blood test predicts chance of surviving heart attack | Food for Thought | Boy's research launches probe | New HIV vaccine holds promise of global effectiveness | Making knee replacements last | Sepsis vaccine proves protective in preliminary studies at The Scripps Research Institute | T cell clones shrink melanoma tumors | People who give, live longer U-M study shows | secret agent in battle against E. coli, other foodborne pathogens | how women recover from addiction | possible new treatments for urinary tract infections | Newborn surgery carries hidden risks | Urinary tract infections 'protect' against stillbirth | Sharing Long-Term-Care Insurance | Making therapeutic kitchens more like home aids Alzheimer's patients

| aging moms have conflicted relationship with lower-achieving adult children | Long-lasting anti-impotence pill approved | Partners can make chronic pain worse | How HIV outmaneuvers the immune system | Residential addiction treatment demonstrates economic benefits | Anti-depressant bupropion may alleviate negative mood associated with quitting smoking | COMPUTERS GREATLY REDUCE PRESCRIPTION ERRORS | Controversial dyslexia treatment 'works' | Homosexuality is biological | Cancer vaccine shuts off blood supply | Aging lowers activity in brain's language areas; performance unaffected | A pathway towards cures for Parkinson's and cancer | Electronic nose detects pneumonia in critically ill patients | Intensive care specialists reduce hospital death rates by 30 percent | Maternal grandma makes big difference in boy's life or else | Scans reveal depression may return | A helpful street drug | Mole-rat Methuselahs, at 26 years old and counting, bolster evolutionary theory of aging

| AIDS-syringe exchange study | researchers identify key to cancer cell mobility | Cholesterol drug could lead to new therapy for multiple sclerosis | | Mimicking brain's 'all clear' tricks rats into not feeling scared | Ecstasy has dramatic effect on Parkinson's symptoms | Alertness pill seeks wider uses | How Safe Is Airline Water Bring Your Own Bottle | Drug Abuse | NIST 'pins' down imaging system for the blind | researchers find postoperative fevers common following hemispherectomy | Genetic Variant Protects People Against Malaria | Brains of elderly can compensate to remain sharp, study indicates | New treatment strategy for Crohn's disease shows early promise | Cloned stem cells may give new lease of life | A Pain in the Face

| Preventing Headaches | Plaice slime can provide new antibiotics | Health care rationing in Germany | Pre-term infants slower than full-terms at processing information | | UK's elderly care plan run by US 'cheats' | Old Drug, New Uses Science News Online, Nov. 9, 2002 | A pain in the eyes Millions suffer from a malady in the dark recesses of the head (11-4-02) | more satisfaction in same-race doctor-patient relationships | | Grandad's diet affects descendants' health | Being Social Keeps Mind Sharp | Study Cites Opportunity To Lift Life Expectancy (washingtonpost.com) | Used mattresses may increase risk of cot death | Free smoke alarm programmes are failing | 'Control valve' within heart cells could protect body during heart attacks | 2020 Vision on immortality | DOD Allegedly Covered Up Medical Records | Widower learns to breastfeed | DEPRESSION AFTER BYPASS SURGERY LINKED TO LATER PROBLEMS

| Biomechanic Device To Grow Arteries for Bypass Surgery Patients | Vaccine may save livers of hepatitis C victims | New technology separates cancer from benign tumors | Hibernating Squirrels Provide Clues for Stroke, Parkinsonís | Why Women Have Breasts | Health-Care Costs The Painful Truth | Managed Care's Price-Hike Panacea | Child panels to identify 'criminals of the future' | Drug beats sleep | Mother's painkillers linked to childhood wheezing | diagnosing diseases before symptoms strike | Pentagon No More GI Guinea Pigs | Forever Young (washingtonpost.com) | Your brain may soon be used against you | New Cholesterol-Lowering Drug | Stronger Breed of Head Lice Survives | Searching within ourselves for the vaccine against HIV | Tailor-made Cancer Drugs Wave of the Future | learning ability under stress still strong in Prozac-treated females

| Life-saving properties of beta blockers extend to more patients | effects of multiple concussions in high school athletes | Brain study of back pain sufferers yields intriguing results | Long-term ERT in postmenopausal women with Alzheimer's may worsen memory | Periodontal examinations could save lives | Vitamins valuable for baby boomersí eye disease | Too much MSG could cause blindness | New type of antiobiotic tackles hard-to-treat pediatric infections

| Exercise, talk therapy may help relieve some symptoms of Gulf War veteransí illnesses | Outmuscled Muscles, not nerve cells, fail in old worms Science News Online, Oct. 26, 2002 | Increasing BMD could save Medicare $15 million | Bacterial protein kills tumors

| Use Those Alcohol Gels, U.S. Tells Doctors, Nurses | Ecstasy and cannabis may help Parkinson's - smh.com.au | Entrepreneur Creates Pain Ointment from Emu Oil | Women Work. The System Doesn't | Internet set to change the patient-doctor relationship | Calcium-blocker drug slows artery clogging better than beta blocker | Food additives 'cause temper tantrums' | Tiny Coils Reduce Brain Hemorrhage Deaths | Womenís stroke symptoms differ from menís, often arenít 'traditional' signs, study finds | $2 per dose vs. $1500 per dose One doctor develops new therapy for macular degeneration | Children's Health Plan At Center of Dispute (washingtonpost.com)

| Gene tweaking safely doubles lifespan | New drug stops stroke damage to brain | Scientists Produce the Script for Life | ĎTwin sisterí mechanism prevents formation of genetic mutations | Experimental 'gene switch' increases lifespan with no ill effects | Working in Britain survey - older workers, women | | Mild Injury May Render Brain Cells Vulnerable to Immune Attack | Promising new treatment preserves bone mass in mice; May help women and men with osteoporosis | PDA for Blind Cost Out of Sight | Drug Industry Financing Fuels Pro-GOP TV Spots (washingtonpost.com) | Trim the Workweek, Not the Workforce

| Watchdog Groups Calls for Ban on Sex Selection | Experts unlock mystery behind weird dreams | ultrasonic patch to deliver insulin | Keys of Nutrition (washingtonpost.com) | CoQ10 May Arrest Parkinson's Disease | Unsafe Drugs Are Pulled Daily. The Trick Finding Out | Out of place prions trash cells | 'DIY gene modification' of animals revealed | More Work-Related Stress Is Turning Up in Dreams, Experts Say | laws that used to protect our leisure have changed | Workplaces becoming more stressful, says union

| Track down who gave you flu | Hope for patients with advanced bowel cancer | GERD and other GI disorders may disrupt sleep | Costs for surgical treatment of GERD not offset by savings on medications | Fructose intolerance could be the culprit in unexplained abdominal pain and gas | COMMUNITY ANTI-DRUG CAMPAIGNS FOUND INEFFECTIVE | new anti-leukemia strategy | new test improves detection of prions in animals | Memory Training May Help Some Alzheimer's Patients in the Early Stages of the Disease | As welfare queens go, the nursing home lobby is on a throne by itself | US firms blocking stem cell research | Patient rights win over patent rights | Pain-relief drug may prevent lung problems, blindness in premature infants

| Acetaminophen may protect against heart damage according to Rutgers research | Alzheimer's drug improves pilots' performance on tests | Self-taught stress management techniques most effective in relieving stress of chemotherapy | | U.S. nursing shortage continues to affect patients NEJM | Nursing Shortage National Concern Worldwide nursing shortage has reached crisis proportions | Drugs Restoring Eyesight in Seniors | | MRI Brain Scan May Detect Alzheimer's Disease Decades Before First Symptoms | | Single, elderly women in rural America subject to poverty, isolation | Tests on trial | U.S. Adults Live Longer -- With Chronic Ills, Less Coverage (washingtonpost.com) | | Popping pill may prevent hearing loss | Are electrical appliances dangerous to your health | People near freeways are exposed to 30 times the concentration of dangerous particles

| x-ray type cam | Doctors too embarrassed to discuss sex | Seeking a Remedy for Minority Health Disparities (washingtonpost.com) | Less Expensive HIV Progression Test as Effective as Current Tests in Use | Kids with Down syndrome learn language beyond adolescence | Ion channels allow bacteria to resist stomach acid | Heart failure mortality substantial among elderly | BIG SAMPLE OF U.S. ASTHMA PATIENTS SUFFER FROM MODERATE TO SEVERE DISEASE

| Alzheimer's, nutrition, smallpox, and other 'Human Health Frontiers' addressed by AAAS speakers | Tiny atomic battery developed at Cornell could run for decades unattended, powering sensors or machines | A QUICK-CHANGE ARTIST TINY PROTEIN FOLDS FASTER THAN ANY OTHER | Ancient Defense Mechanism May Still Be Protecting Us | New compound holds promise for lupus and related diseases | Steep increase in antidepressant use, study shows -- October 15, 2002

| Antibiotics Not Always Beneficial for Childhood Ear Infections | Study of German children living near airports shows jet aircraft noise impairs long-term memory and reading ability | MRI can predict risk of heart attacks | Allergic to your DNA | coenzyme Q10 slows progressive decline in Parkinsonís disease | | New Parkinson's surgical procedure shows lasting benefits, according to Emory researchers

| accumulating mutations of 'quiet' genes foster aging | Exposure to atomic bomb radiation associated with nervous system tumors | | more expensive heart treatment not so costly in long run | discovery distinct molecular key to overcoming fear | Keeping the 'Grow' in Growing Old (washingtonpost.com) | The Q10 Cure | How High Tech Is Operating on Medicine | Focusing on Picture-Perfect Diagnoses | 'Vitamin' slows Parkinson's progression

| 'Seek and destroy' stem cells kill brain tumours | Biological clock strikes for men too - at age 35 | That Flaming Hair Could Mean Flaming Pain | Immediate treatment helps delay progression of glaucoma | CIA mind-control trials revealed as secret inspiration behind 'A Clockwork Orange' | Oregon considering universal health care | Gene Prevents 'Brains Everywhere' | Before he had no future. Now he is a talented star pupil | A Kiddie GPS for the Masses | Estimate $3.3 trillion missing from U.S. Treasury | rumsfield quote lost money | BSE meat 'went into millions of burgers' | Special report Personal genomics | Medicare Versus Private Insurance Rhetoric And Reality | Race for the $1000 genome is on | Making Bone Novel form of vitamin D builds up rat skeleton Science News Online, Oct. 12, 2002

| Medical consequences of attacking Iraq | Heavy menstrual periods associated with economic loss | Husband, wife die 15 minutes apart | Mold fears spur questions about biotech corn | Do Some Birds Cheat to Avoid Inbreeding | Child health professionals still believe in 'teething' | What Older Women Want, Men Can't Deliver-Sex Study | Shadow proteins in thymus - Clues to how immune system works | Atorvastatin shown to decrease heart disease and stroke (more follows) | Understanding acetaminophen poisoning | Cancer survival times 'too pessimistic'

| Control of methane emissions would reduce both global warming and air pollution, researchers find | New avenue of HIV damage found | A red flag for lethal prostate cancer | Eczema patients lack natural antibiotic in skin | Man dies after playing computer games non-stop - smh.com.au | Bill Gates healthcare quote | New Telecom Connections for the Deaf | Medicare gets higher marks from enrollees than private insurance

| Man impaled in head with iron spike, survives | Bogus doctors surgery operated for more than 20 years | Man lives after he is shot 25 times | happiness | Pesticide ingredient neutralizes immunity | Study links TV viewing among kids to later violence - March 28, 2002

| Corporate Alpha Males Act Like Chimps | Dirty Hands? Don't Use Soap, Hospitals Say | More Americans Need Flu Shots, Health Officials Say | Chemists create synthetic cytochromes | Cholesterol fighting drugs may also have protective effects against multiple sclerosis | Opioids, narcotic analgesics effective in treating post-herpetic neuralgia | Opioid medications a good bet for shingles-related pain | Is there a link between soy formula and attention deficit disorder | sleeping on the stomach increases infant SIDS risk | Disabled seniors formerly on SSDI hit hardest by drug costs | Grandparents Face Losing Battle | Controlling Robots with the Mind | Rapid immune reaction key to staving off AIDS | heart-hearing connection | Second-hand sales blamed for bedbugs' comeback | Tiny nerves from the ribs may restore leg movement in spinal cord injury | Majority of Texans favor federal health plan

| physical activity opinion survey demonstrates perceptions do not meet reality | Researchers discover target for new anxiety-reducing drugs | Moderately High Homocysteine Tied To Stroke, Alzheimerís Risk | Soon, the end will come as no surprise | When Body Language Lies | | Pheromones, in context | Morocco's miracle mule | Medieval remedies undergo a renaissance ... American Medical News

| Plastic Disc Designed to Detect Rotten Food | Researchers find mosquito genes that reduce transmission of malaria parasite | Malaria's deadly secrets laid bare | 39% of botswana adults have HIV | Warning on linking genes and human behaviour | WHERE HAVE ALL THE NEW MEDS GONE | Genetically altered strains spread by wind | Non-Lethal Weapons Shoot to Hurt | various cancer developments | Surprise: Pharmacistsí care program boosted patientsí satisfaction, but also hospital, ER visits | promising new target for anxiety-reducing drugs | Blocking enzyme found to ease anxiety without causing sedation | Needle-Free Blood And Tissue Measurements

| Tiny Body-POWERED Battery Could Run Medical Implants | World Wide Wounds - The Electronic Journal of Wound Management Practice (including woundcare, wounds, and dressings). | Yanking the Yuck Factor From Medicine | Neural stem cells improve motor function in brain injuries | Wrong proteins targeted in battle against cancer | Clay sprays control HABS; disease may affect more than salmon | Synthetic vitamin boosts bone growth | | | Contact lenses 'boost sexual success' | New technique widens the lens on cancer, could lead to new therapies | Contraceptive pill increases fertility levels | Patients to get chemically sterilised blood

| Mystery of Membrane Fusion Unraveled | Why women cradle babies on the left | Surgery using mesh patch eliminates recurrence | genetic signature' of stem cells | new hope for people with manic depression | | ABCNEWS.com Color Contacts Can Carry Risks | Targeted Therapies Science News Online, Sept. 14, 2002 | Mothers-in-law increase child's risk of death | some immune cells aim to fight cancer, others hold them in check | liquid ventilation

| One in one hundred babies in the U.S. are involved in a car crash while in the womb | Sticky Situations Science News Online, July 14, 2001 | Inter-Bacterial Communication | Quorum Sensing | Gene therapy reverses muscular dystrophy in animal model | Strong ethnic identity affects well being for some individuals | Big-Bottomed Sheep Have A Rare Genetic Mutation That Builds Muscle, Not Fat | Young childrenís optimism places new skills within reach | Vaccine Shortage Left Holes in Protection - Report | Tales About Rampant Toxic Mold

| White and Black grandmothers have different responses to raising grandchildren | Do Women Prefer 'Manly' Faces | Conflict places the mentally ill at risk of harm | Vitamin E fails to join heart-health regimen | Chipset could give sight to the blind - Tech News - CNET.com | Stress Cited in 'Out-of-Body' Claims | Doctors create out-of-body sensations | How food benefits mood | The Blank Slate | Tiny, magnetic spheres may help overcome gene therapy hurdle

| Brain probe triggers out-of-body experiences | Sucrose results in more weight gain than artificial sweetners in overweight individuals | Study Finds Kids' Prescriptions Rising | Bionic man comes a giant stride closer | Controlling Robots with the Mind | Lungs may become drug factory | Panel Urges Tougher Warnings for Acetaminophen | Student Living Cancer-Free After New Therapy

| Immune Cells Used to Stop Severe Cancer (washingtonpost.com) | Imaging apparatus characterizes drops in 'dirty' laboratory environments | Pregnancy hormone estriol shows promise as multiple sclerosis treatment in first human trials | Actonel significantly reduced moderate and severe vertebral fractures | Doctors going back home to rural areas - Sep. 21, 2002 | Epilepsy Drug Could Help Prevent Migraines Study | Ultrasound blood purifier tackles fat problem | chemotherapy patients benefit from heart failure treatment | Patients often miss out on nutrition counseling, at cost to health

| Don't overlook terrorism's long-term effects on elders | | Curing ills of health care will be costly | Right side of brain learns language skills after stroke | Home injury found to be a major cause of deaths, largest study of its kind finds

| Lorenzo's oil finally proven to work | AIDS researchers study 3 proteins - Sep. 26, 2002 | single moms in poor, rural areas aren't ruled by setting | Bad role models lead junior doctors to regret choice of career | Job satisfaction among senior doctors generally high | Most patients take less than two minutes to tell their story | shocking truth about road trauma | Flirting, dating and mating face a brave new world | Ecstasy-Viagra Combo Grows Popular in Clubs | Cipro, related antibiotics over-prescribed, fueling microbe resistance | | Treatable depression often accompanies even mild memory loss | New Compound Said to Stop HIV, Aid Immune Response | Housebound elderly benefit from early intervention | Bush to Extend Health Care Benefits to Fetuses (washingtonpost.com)

| Nasal spray for women who are sniffy about sex | Salve for the Body and Mind ||| | Equity for Mental Illness (washingtonpost.com) | Scientist links old cell phones to tumors | Research May Take The Anti Out Of Antioxidants | Hospital costs much higher for motorcycle crash victims who donít wear helmets

| Biological alternative to electronic pacemakers | mouse stem cells for human brains | | Vitamins C and E support breathing following an operation

| HIV could aid heart transplants | one reason for exploding health costs | A 7-Year-Old Patient Offers Some Rules for the Grown-Ups Who Work in Hospitals | Full-Time Dads Die Early | Athleticism and body weight tied to ALS and other motor neuron diseases | A finger-saving saw - September 9, 2002 | Nicotine's double link to cot death | Correcting Infant Vision Can Stop Further Problems | RealAge Health, Fitness, and Diet Tools for a Younger You |

| The Smell of Success | New Procedure Kills Liver Tumors Without Surgery; Cures Some, Extends Life For Others | The Best, Worst and Most Dangerous Jobs | Premiums Rising, Coverage Shrinking | Flexible joints associated with chronic fatigue syndrome, researchers find | Vaccine Prevents Stroke In Rats | sight to the blind | Radical solutions needed to tackle NHS nursing shortage | Benefit of public defibrillators is marginal | Are people with mental illness more violent than other people? |

| Insulin smoke signals breakthrough | Flashing lights probe fetal vision | HMO Premiums Jump Nearly 13 Percent (washingtonpost.com) | New Dietary Guidelines (washingtonpost.com) | Enzyme May Help Brain Clean the Slates | Sensing tanks, as well as cancer | safer drugs | first functional evidence for mammalian pheromone receptors | new target for development of anti-cancer drugs | cause of chronic lung disease | Sharp Discovers Germ-Killing Technology


| polls on social welfare issues 'nearly worthless,' scholar says | Tattoo to monitor diabetes | Reason Forever Young The new scientific search for immortality | | Living Longer, Looking Younger | | best way to fund the NHS | Data shows life of kidney transplant |

| Insurance Industry Battles Bill Mandating Mental Health Coverage | Policy change could ease organ shortage | The Dangers of Mystery Meat (washingtonpost.com) | Twofold difference in referral rates between US and UK | scientists find genetic pathway to potent anticancer agents | New pathway to cell death found lurking outside of nerve cells | Protein transforms sedentary muscles into exercised muscles, researchers report | Scientists create 'endurance' mouse - August 14, 2002

| Children aren't hurt or helped by sharing bed with parents | Work on bacteria-killing chemical coming to fruition | Initially recommended drug dosages often too high, study finds | Tobacco firms used financial ties to weaken market for anti-smoking products | Armed with AEDs, police save lives by cutting response time | Cannabis-like Brain Chemical Blocks Out Bad Memories

| Medical privacy rules are relaxed | Unraveling the Secrets of Human Longevity - Scientific and Educational Website on Aging-Longevity | Medicated Ecosystems Human Drugs Alter Key Aquatic Organism | Outlook for US stem cell research brightens | Sick nerve cells may cause schizophrenia | Medical physicist treats spinal tumors faster with new procedure | Jumping genes can knock out DNA; alter human genome | | New spine repair technique may offer hope for osteoporosis sufferers

| More men moaning 'I've got a headache' | | Hormone jab is a hunger buster | The Nursing Bill A Quiet Triumph (washingtonpost.com) | Structure of key receptor unlocked; Related proteins will fall like dominoes

| Techies go for ice-cold afterlife | 'Clean' human stem cells grown | Heat sensitive materials change color when hot | Brain can reorganize after traumatic injury | Fat Chance: Cancer drugs may also thwart obesity Science News Online, Aug. 3, 2002 | First, you market the disease... then you push the pills to treat it | Attention acts as visual glue | Retroviruses shows that human-specific variety developed when humans, chimps diverged

| One gene, two eye diseases | | Funding source has impact on conclusions of clinical trials | Paradise in a pill

| | Menopausal women Use it or lose it | Sound unlocks the brain | Sleep apnea linked to decreased libido | Who's going to drive Miss Daisy | Sex Genes Of Fish Disrupted By Common Household Products

| Edible Film Controls Growth Of Bacteria On Chicken | Scientists reveal the secret of cuddles

| The Serious Search for an Anti-Aging Pill | What are the Odds of Dying

| More quality, not more weight, may make vehicles safer, U-M researcher says | Man proud of his four kidneys | link between cooking and carcinogens | Paranormal beliefs linked to brain chemistry | Men die young, even when they're old

| AI caretakers for Alzheimer's sufferers

Quick blood test for heart failure proves successful in multinational trial | Rare childhood bone disorder linked to gene deletion in two Navajo patients | Stem cells could determine how long we live | Strange Blood | | Enzyme Could Aid Cancer Fight | shedding Light on Cataract Lenses | | | Plastic surgery to the'nines' |

Children Injured on Paper Routes | | | hormone may spur dramatic weight loss | Women's better emotional recall explained | |

| seatcheck |

Flavored Milk Gives Kids More Calcium But Not Fat & Calories | Caution on Hormone Replacement Therapy (washingtonpost.com) |

Gene Sleuths Find a Link to Asthma | | Diabetes treatment linked to increased blood pressure in animal study | 'Rock-paper-scissors' preserves biodiversity in bacterial neighborhoods | How Modern Chemicals May Be Changing Human Biology- The World & I Online Magazine | |

Making the most of lymphopenia | Strongest medical evidence seldom considered newsworthy | Let's talk about sex -- And pain | no link between weather and stroke | Researchers discover molecular 'switch' that tells body to store or burn fat | | | Malaysian authorities grapple with cow dung-sniffing addicts - smh.com.au | |

Buckymedicine Science News Online, July 13, 2002 | | Test to detect date-rape drugs | | What your doctor doesn't know could kill you#1 |

| Does That Java-Jolt Affect Coffee And Non-Coffee Drinkers Alike | Human brain paid off by long life | biological basis for human cooperation | MIT technique could improve cartilage repair | Drug Wrecks The Power Plants Of Cancer Cells | GM genes found in human gut |

| Sensor can detect alcohol in vehicle | | The cigarette wars are heating up | Persuasion replaces coercion in animal experiments | The Electric Meme A new theory of how we think | researchers switch off cancer gene; trick cells to self desruct | Heart experts call for urgent action to implement new findings on cholesterol-lowering treatment | Undisclosed payments to doctors recruiting trial patients is unethical | VR hallucinations used to treat schizophrenia | New drug fights rare form of blindness | potential shingles prevention in a childhood vaccine | Gene glitches link pot with schizophrenia

| Battling Bacteria | | How Organisms Protect Themselves Against Transposons |

Decision making at the cellular level | fuzzy' polymers could improve the performance of electronic brain implants |

| Pharm Pollution Science News Online, June 29, 2002 |

| Cell-Phone Buzz Contradictory studies heat up radiation question Science News Online, June 29, 2002 | | | Cell type crucial in causing asthma identified | brain abnormalities appear early in psychoses |

| | AIDS Threat to Global Security | | | Do Tranquilizers Really Relieve Stress |

| Irritant breakthrough in understanding allergies | | Experience alters how we perceive emotion |


Our scientists grow human body part | | Women Consistently Choose Brain Over Brawn For Mate |

| Brain expression response linked to personality | With cues from nature, scientists develop new method to purify drugs |

| Manipulation Of Chemical Waves Holds Promise For Medical Research | | Protein simulation can be done three times as fast |

Fatal Crashes To Rise 155% By 2030 Among Older Drivers |

| Transplant Triumph Cloned cow kidneys thrive for months Science News Online, June 8, 2002 | Stripping Away Big Pharma's Figleaf | Vision To Blind | Bandage Could Repair Damaged Tissues |

| Computer Assisted Social Activity | Eye drops delay glaucoma | Urine test predicts Alzheimer's disease | Immortalizer Technologies Project |

| New Drug Stops Diabetes in Its Tracks | Methamphetamine use on rise with American women | Common gene mutation linked to drug addiction |

| Genetic engineering could salvage once-promising anti-cancer agents | Findings show exceptional longevity runs in families | Longer lives in rich nations 'increases incidence of cancer' |

| How couples therapy helps in the workplace | Hearing Aid |

| Newsday.com - 29 States Sue Bristol-Myers | Pharmaceutical giant blocked generic cancer drug | Defining Risk From Meatborne Parasites |

Our Mind Electric | Patent claims add to cost of tailored medicines | | | potential target for treatment and prevention of osteoporosis | Estrogen may dictate what problem-solving strategy brain uses |

| Scientific American on Human Aging May 13, 2002 | Life Expectancy May 08, 2002 | PFI hospitals are not value for money | New consent rules may threaten our health | | | | Our Conscious Mind Could Be An Electromagnetic Field |

| better way to 'silence' neurons | Boozy Rats Offer Clues About Alcoholism | Likely Carcinogen in Many Foods | The Conscious Mind May Be Electric | | Sepsis on the increase in U.S., according to Emory University and CDC study |

| Small Steps on the Anti-Cancer Frontier | Menopause dashes sex life | Implantable Pump Shoots Pain Relief Into Spinal Fluid | |

| Inflatable muscle suits for elderly | older children, adolescents grew heavier in Brazil, China, U.S. over past 30 years | Freedom from the Menstrual Cycle |

| Humans Still Follow Old Mating Rituals | Bill to Boost Industry Fees That Fund FDA (washingtonpost.com) | Rubber bullets condemned by Israeli doctors |

Junk food firms fear fat litigants | first scientific proof that handwriting is unique to each of us | Wildmeat Overhunting threatens species and people |

tobacco industry surveillance of public health groups | New drugs could markedly alter Alzheimer's, but disease will not go away | Can Bacteria 'Talk' Through The Air Study Says Yes | Implant may stabilize schizophrenia patients' treatment | | Their Annual Checkups Should Be Complete (washingtonpost.com) | Peptide promotes new growth in injured spinal cords |

| Business Suicides Japan's Death Trap | 'Cheerleader' brain signal may act as a task master, Science study suggests | Just 2.5% of DNA turns mice into men | Underwater show stoppers | | Human genetics Dual identities | MIT's biorubber ushers in new possibilities in tissue engineering | what big-city women really want Men with money | | | Happy by Nature (washingtonpost.com) | Medical journal statistics potentially misleading | Medical press releases may exaggerate results and fail to include study limitations | Methods used in reporting results of new treatments may be misleading | |

European cancer prevalence shows large differences between countries |

| Robo-rat controlled by brain electrodes | Cellphone exposure on trains | Human Ears Make Noise -- Discovery Channel -- ears, noise | Stem cells help brain repair, make new neurons and blood vessels after stroke | Higher nocturnal blood pressure predictive of kidney disease in diabetes | 'White coat effect' has adverse effect on blood pressure readings | Robo-docs |

Surveillance cameras to predict behaviour | | The Social Net Science News Online, May 4, 2002 |

| RU-486 Report Card (washingtonpost.com) | Borderline practice of medicine delivery | Preschoolers Seeking Novel Stimuli May Develop Higher IQ's | | Networking slows down protein evolution, study reveals | We Remember Scenes Better When They're In Color Than In Black And White | |

Is Hypnotism Science or a Sideshow | | Surprising findings on Medicaid kids and the ER |

| The Corporation as Family The Gendering of Corporate Welfare, 1890-1930 | Medical Residents Sue Over Work | Brain-Imaging Cap Under Study For Space And Earth Use | no natural limit to life expectancy |

| Abortions Outpace Adoption 80-1 at Planned Parenthood -- 05-08-2002 | Waiting to have a baby | Ecstasy link to damage of the brain 'misleading' the public | | Memory isn't 'lost,' just out of sync | Pop-up car bonnets will help reduce pedestrian deaths | High visibility speed cameras may increase road deaths | |

Steep rise in 'no religion' preference is forged by politics and demographics | Parasite or partner Study suggests new role for junk DNA | | Worked Till They Drop (washingtonpost.com) | Desks harbor more germs than toilet seats |

| Peripheral 'Swatch' watches are a powerful force in body’s circadian rhythms | Tibetans retain resistance to the oxygen-deficient disorder hypoxia regardless of altitude | Eliminating battlefield transfusions |

Spinal cord recovery hurdle cleared | Restorative rather than usual home care for elderly patients enhances their function and well being | Firstborn people prone to heart disease | | Simulations Help Solve Puzzle About Aquaporin | |

| Technology Blamed For Increased Workloads - Survey | Complete tadpole eyeballs grown in lab | New Plastic Forms Shapes Inside Body | Sex at birth linked to latitude | Whooping cough strikes back |

| | Men's murky motives for romance | brain activity believed related to sudden infant death syndrome | Making mistakes more beneficial than avoiding them for some people | Senior citizen drinking problems labeled 'invisible epidemic' |

| What's so bad about good sex | Common cholesterol drug prevents, reverses MS symptoms in mice | New drug leaves diseased cells nowhere to hide | protein transforms sedentary muscles to resemble exercised muscles | | Women in the workplace mentoring and flexibility are keys to advancement | Men regain evolutionary driver's seat |

| Bush Presses Senate to Outlaw All Human Cloning (washingtonpost.com) | Couch potatoes 'are created in the womb' | New enzyme a step towards exercise pill | | link gene with kidney stones |

| | Jumping genes make designer animals easy | Surgeons call for legalised trade in body parts | Nature's own antidote to cocaine | Neural Stem Cells Can Develop Into Functional Neurons | CRP levels predict risk of sudden death | | Testosterone aids older men's brains, UCSF study says | Patients needlessly suffering from chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting | brain activity theory | Compulsive Reading |

| Does weather play a role in stroke | 'Happy' mice skew results | Keeping autoimmunity in check may depend on balance in the immune system | Drug That Stops The Brain `rusting' Offers Hope | Reawakening the creative mind | | A Pill to Stretch Your Day | |

| Mattress bugs may link to cot deaths | Ten percent fatigue at work within one year | Parkinson's brain renewal advance | | Genetic Issues, Besides Cloning, That Lie Ahead | Homeless Urban Children in Developing Countries Found to Be Healthier Than Expected | Street Children Struggle, But Fare Better Than Previously Thought April 10, 2002 | | Food Safety Report Ignites Angry Debate (washingtonpost.com) |

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