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| Yahoo! News - Birdflu Outbreak Sends Shock Waves Through Northeast | all beverages, even those with caffeine, count toward the daily water allotment | Most Americans need to eat a lot more potassium — 4,700 mg a day, roughly double current consumption | Potassium lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of kidney stones and bone loss | Potassium is found in bananas, spinach, cantaloupe and numerous other fruits and vegetables | The food industry opposes the salt change | Because blood pressure rises with age, the new report says people over 50 should strive for 1,300 mg, and 1,200 mg for those over 70 | Yahoo! News - Virtual Reality Makes Chemotherapy More Bearable | Yahoo! News - Smoking Leads to Impotence and Infertility, British Report Says | Scripps scientists say genetic mutation doesn't protect against HIV and plague | Yahoo! News - History offers lessons on flu's threats | Yahoo! News - Home Safety for Seniors | Gene therapy jab burns off fat | New study demonstrates key benefits of RISPERDAL(R) CONSTA(R) in young adults with schizophrenia | Risperdal(R) Consta(R) significantly reduces the need for institutional psychiatric care | sometimes you can't believe anything that you see | Researchers pinpoint brain areas that process reality, illusion | Healing an Error-Prone Medical System | is now the fourth leading cause of death of Americans and the only major one that is on a seemingly relentless increase | Just a Few Simple Steps Can Keep the Air Flowing Freely | the syndrome is now believed to be responsible for as many as 12 percent of all sudden deaths | New Germ Labs Stir Debate Over Secrecy and Safety | Race may be a factor in treatment of rectal cancer patients | Death rates for certain complex surgeries lower at teaching hospitals | Study examines inappropriate medication prescribing for elderly patients | 'Dry eye' in women may be linked to sex hormones | Genes influence memory in families with Alzheimer's disease

| about half of the variation in memory performance among individuals is due to genetics...The other half is due to environmental factors such as education | Chronic cough significantly impacts life quality in women | Rectal cancer treatment gaps, especially for African Americans, seen in new study | Clozapine effective for controlling dyskinesias in people with severe Parkinson's | UT Southwestern researchers find leptin turns fat-storing cells into fat-burning cells | A common cleanser is cheaper and faster way to separate DNA for genetic analysis | Habits Attacking Mortality in Your Sleep | Early fevers associated with lower allergy risk later in childhood | Yahoo! News - Emergency Rooms Fail Test on Treating Food Allergy | Yahoo! News - Early Fevers Equal Lower Allergy Risk for Children | Yahoo! News - A full night's sleep Not everyone needs it | Being positive 'doesn't help cancer patients' | Study Optimistic attitude provides no help against cancer | Yahoo! News - Optimism No Help Vs. Cancer, Study Says | Cancer study finds attitude doesn't affect survival rate | Optimism No Help to Cancer Patients | Combining surgery with novel treatment may improve survival rates | Survey shows impact of psoriasis is more than skin deep | Witches were ergot poisoned | Mercury damage 'irreversible' | Cancer tests 'can do more harm than good' | Healing a Bad Back Is Often an Effort in Painful Futility | Hot towels help revive cat found frozen to ground | Cold air and low humidity during the winter months can mean more nosebleeds for children

| Yahoo! News - Bat Saliva May Offer Stroke Treatment | Yahoo! News - Bird Flu Twice as Deadly as Last Outbreak-Doctor

| Can too much sleep kill you | Yahoo! News - Avian Flu Virus Reported Found in U.S. State | Yahoo! News - Mercury Damage Seen in Children of Fish Eaters | Yahoo! News - Bird Flu Detected in U.S. as Virus Wanes in Asia | Yahoo! News - Stomach Cancer Rates Drop in Europe | New data show botulinum toxin type A to be highly effective treatment for excessive sweating | A little stress may go a long way toward boosting skin's immunity | Sleep shortage takes toll on middle schoolers | Kidney injury's harmful effects on bones blocked in mice | PROTECTED WHEAT VARIETY WOES-WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW CAN HURT YOU | Manual techniques may ease tough deliveries without need for episiotomy | Cholesterol drugs may lower risk for mental impairment after stroke | Lucky number Seven factors may increase clot buster use for stroke | The Brain's Word Act Reading verbs revs up motor cortex areas Science News Online, Feb. 7, 2004 | Love That Dare Not Squeak Its Name | scientists have found homosexual behavior throughout the animal world | Metabolic syndrome may be an important link to stroke | Pesticide exposure among agricultural workers varies by job task | Popular drug for chest pain may promote blood vessel damage | Study Details 30-Year Increase in Calorie Consumption

| Drug Discount Card for Elderly May Confuse as Well as Help | Yahoo! News - Pill-popping replaces healthy habits | Yahoo! News - Scientists Says 1918 Flu Is Birdlike | Yahoo! News - Report Urges Diversity in Health Jobs | Yahoo! News - U.S. exports bad diets | Yahoo! News - CON ED'S HOT DISCOVERIES | Researchers determine reason for deadly spread of 1918 influenza | Lots of low-fat food is better than small portions of high-fat food | New MS research shows remarkable findings | MIT team discovers memory mechanism | Substances found in blood may predict development of preeclampsia | A link between thimerosal and the brain Can vaccines affect central nervous system function | Bacteria lingering in body may pose future food poisoning risks, Stanford study finds | Twenty to 40 percent of people with listeriosis...die even after antibiotic treatment | Cooling helmets may provide innovative stroke treatment | Corkscrew device retrieves clots, quickly reverses stroke damage | Blood-diverting catheter holds promise for stroke treatment | Baby in stroller dragged 1.5k in US hit and run survives - World - www.smh.com.au | Yahoo! News - Man Lives with Dead Brother for 18 Months | Misfire Why Brain Structure Makes Unintended Shootings Inevitable | Large-scale analysis of women with androgen excess thorough treatment can reduce symptoms

| No harm in extended internet use | Heavy Internet use may be therapeutic for those people facing social isolation and loneliness, | babytalk is essential to the full development of a baby's brain | Adequate sleep is important to the healing process, and sleeping in the hospital is notoriously difficult | Bacterial DNA Reduces Inflammation In Mice | Can nanopulses heal | Smog-busting paint soaks up noxious gases | Gene-altered mouse produces fish oils | Puffer fish biotoxin provides promising relief in cancer pain | School sports don't keep kids away from tobacco | More sex partners means more trouble for teenage girls | Avoid fried foods, chips, crackers...[reduce]...commercially baked pastries, cookies, cakes, muffins and breads | Yahoo! News - Panel Antidepressants May Cause Suicides | Yahoo! News - Israeli Twins Born from 12-Yr-Old Frozen Embryos | New findings bring mixed blessings to those looking to combat jet lag | Making new muscle Researchers in Rome produce a mouse that can regenerate its tissues | Study questions premise of impending US physician shortage | Ricin Poses Postal Risk, but Different From Germs | Few disabled kids with psychosocial problems receive mental healthcare | Distance to hospital affects heart attack survival | The developed world is failing to invest in sexual and reproductive health care because it has greatly underestimated the benefits | The longer white infants from low-income families are breast-fed, the less likely they will be overweight as young children

| Yahoo! News - High Aspirin Doses Best at Preventing Colon Cancer | Research Links Month of Birth to Disease | Scientists develop plant that produces potential anti-carcinogen | Hormone Use After Cancer Can Be Risky, Study Says | Regimen Benefits Children With Cerebral Palsy | Benefit of Bed Rest Is Largely a Wives’ Tale | inflammation may well turn out to be the elusive holy grail of medicine, the single phenomenon that holds the key to sickness and health | anti-inflammatory eating...plenty of fruits and vegetables, fish three to five times a week, olive oil in the diet...green tea...turmeric | pollution solutions include avoiding...cleaning products, pesticides, paints and adhesives; perfumes and fragrances...carpets | Lupus...can be controlled to a degree, through stress reduction | boys are more likely than girls to have developmental disabilities involving language | Behavior For Preschoolers, a Station Break | When the body reports pain more and more often, less and less pain stimulus is needed to set off a pain signal | In the sensitized patients...the scratching will not suppress the itch but instead it will directly induce itch and further scratching | Yahoo! News - Combo Drugs Best for Rheumatoid Arthritis | Current smoke alarms pass life-saving tests | Risks of HRT could have been revealed much earlier | Concerns over the value of animal experiments | Antisocial behaviour schemes may fail to deliver

| Drinking extra fluids during a cold may not be beneficial | Superflu is being brewed in the lab | If they manage this, they will have created a virus that could kill tens of millions if it got out of the lab | Within the next decade, the whole thing will be solved | researchers might end up engineering extremely dangerous viruses that would never have evolved naturally | Mom's Smoking Tied to Adult Children's Lung Disease | New study seeks to establish mechanism between areas of the brain and continence | Seeking a mechanical solution to nation's number-one children's illness | Batteryless implants to monitor heart | First robot moved by muscle power | New findings on memory could enhance learning | Earlier diagnosis of schizophrenia improves results of treatment | Contraception study supports convenience, simplicity | Scientists experiment with bird flu virus to test how dangerous it could be | Man believed God was commanding him to kill, court hears | UCSF doctors see epidemic of fatal medical mistakes Authors say hospital system changes can prevent errors that kill thousands | Medical errors are said to kill up to 100,000 Americans every year | Enough Staying Human in an Engineered Age by Bill McKibben | Cell Protein Gives Monkeys Innate Immunity to H.I.V., Researchers Discover | Only 36 percent of health workers receive influenza vaccinations each year | U.S. to Study Importing Canada Drugs but Choice of Leader Prompts Criticism | 2 Cancer Drugs, No Comparative Data | Yahoo! News - Epilepsy Drug Effective Against Migraines in Study

| Letting patients measure their own blood pressure at home could...enable many people to get off medication | Oral sex linked to mouth cancer | The researchers are not recommending any changes in behaviour | Yahoo! News - Botox May Aid in Chronic Neck, Back Pain | If Uncle Sam made shots universal, a stabilized vaccine industry might be ready for the killer virus doctors have long feared | Extra kidneys give hard-drinking brothers the edge | Researcher warns of ear-piercing infections | Poor Sell Organs to Trans-Atlantic Trafficking Ring | Adolescent brains show reduced reward anticipation | Teen brains show low motivation | it explains why they need extreme stimuli to achieve the same level of brain activity | The difference in activity may be exaggerated when the reward is not instant, which may explain why teenagers have difficulties achieving long-term goals | Antibiotic provides promise in treatment of spinal cord injuries | Smoking in movies returns to 1950s levels | Yahoo! News - Simpler method for CPR coming | Yahoo! News - Ten Grams of Dietary Fiber Cuts Heart Risk - Study | The brain can make up for loss of senses Study | Real pain dulled in virtual worlds | Study shows women's medication use higher than expected | Specialists Laparoscopy can help infertile women avoid months of unnecessary treatments | Just how much water do we really need The answer may depend on our age | International critical care doctors release first-ever guidelines for sepsis

| Hazards Aspirin, to Aggravate Your Asthma | When Your Doctor Goes to the Beach, You May Get Burned | Brain Scans Substantiate Feel-the-Pain Sentiments | it is now clear that autism crosses class boundaries | Diabetes is a disease that ages its victims rapidly | most centenarians have a lot more than average H.D.L. proteins, the good cholesterol, in their blood | They often got the same diseases that their sons and daughters-in-law got, but 30 years later | And they were, for the most part, unless they had diabetes, fairly healthy right up until the end | Even when they had serious diseases, the progress was slower | When asked specifically, none has exercised. None was a vegetarian. Not a single one ate yogurt throughout his life | they have special genes protecting them from their environment | The more children a person has, the greater the risk he or she will become obese | Mayo Clinic discover important clue to new treatments for lymphoma, breast and colon cancers | Antibiotics may not be necessary when treating children with a simple skin abscess | Vitamins: Too Much of a Good Thing | Preventative bed rest during pregnancy may be more harmful than helpful | Mammal mums can alter their offspring's sex | Women who were sexually abused as children more likely to smoke | Kidney transplant patients who develop diabetes show poor short-term outcomes | Heart disease associated with oral health | MCOs shortchange minority Medicaid patients

| New discovery may lead to therapy for incurable blood cancer | It appears seven hours or even five or six is safe for people who aren't sleepy during the day | As you ratchet down from seven hours to six or five or four, there's a progressively greater price in illness, accidents and mental malfunctioning | Yahoo! News - Vertex Drug Reverses Cancer in Animal Study | Yahoo! News - U.N. Disease Early Warning System Proves Its Worth | Food tastes stronger when you're hungry | ’The Anatomy of Hope’ Care of the Vital Organ | DNA Vaccine Protects Against Anthrax | Yahoo! News - Robot unveiled to help disabled | Yahoo! News - Dutch find cocaine in tomato paste | Finland...suffers from some of the world's highest rates of suicide, depression and alcoholism | Electric pulses show promise as a new technology that can heal or kill unhealthy cells | a single bout of strenuous exercise 24 hours before a simulated dive significantly reduced the number of bubbles in the pulmonary artery | Yahoo! News - Milk Good for Gout, Study Says | Yahoo! News - Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Malaria, TB Faces Crunch | Yahoo! News - Anthrax Treatments Promising In Tests | Cups of coffee can ward off diabetes | Excessive coffee drinking has been linked to a range of health problems, including miscarriage, insomnia, anxiety, diarrhoea and an irregular heartbeat | Yahoo! News - Deaths due to obesity rise 33% in 10 years | Obesity to surpass tobacco as top US killer | Breast self examination increases women’s concerns but has no effect on mortality | Study clarifies impact of diet on the risk of gout

| consumption of meat...significantly increases the risk of gout and that consumption of all types of seafood tended to carry an even higher risk | people living mostly on high-carbohydrate rice and vegetable dishes in Asia are trim throughout their lives with almost no risk of | Beta blockers usage low despite insurance | Gotta Hurt The irreconcilable conflict between drug control and pain control | opiophobia, an unreasonable fear of narcotics that leads to untold suffering by millions of Americans | the gap between the government's assurances and the painful reality | One pill a day could keep food and nicotine cravings away | Implanted defibrillators not covered for half of patients who could benefit, study finds | Why don't heart patients take their medicine Study finds forgetfulness at the top of the list | Study Finds That Teenage Virginity Pledges Are Rarely Kept | Yahoo! News - Study Obesity Could Erase Health Care Gains | Yahoo! News - Losing a Child Increases MS Risk | Yahoo! News - Striking Benefits Found In Ultra-Low Cholesterol | Sleepless Nights Could Be Sinus Trouble | Biology behind homosexuality in sheep, study confirms | Coronary aneurysms are independent predictor of mortality, should be aggressively monitored | Study finds implanted defibrillator reduces heart failure deaths | Study finds vertebral fractures are underreported | Reduced scarring helps nerves grow through spinal injuries | Household activities release a cloud of dust, increasing exposure to particulate pollution | Data shows new drug, rimonabant, helps smokers quit while limiting post cessation weight gain | New research shows rural South Africa faces stroke crisis similar to affluent western countries

| it also causes numerous unwanted side effects, including hypothermia, sedation, memory impairment, motor impairment and anxiety | Marijuana has been reported effective in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, nausea caused by chemotherapy and wasting caused by AIDS | Many patients can reduce serious heart disease risk factors without medication | Inpatient cardiac risk management program promotes lifestyle changes | Progenitor cells predict heart disease severity | Study shows 'gaming' in heart transplant system | New policy stops transplant heart gaming put potential still exists | Emory researchers find race and gender gaps in treatment of heart attack | Multi-center trial compares three medications in patients with heart failure | Lack of awareness about stroke hinders use of life-saving drugs, precludes testing of new therapies | Off-label use of migraine drug gives children relief, study says | Studies led by Mount Sinai researchers reinforces potential benefits of new stroke-prevention drug | Environmental enrichment lessens protein deficits in mouse model of Huntington's | Diets high in fat and animal protein linked to increased risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma | Hospitals following heart attack guidelines have better outcomes | Evidence suggests that the brain can switch to 'automatic pilot' during learning | Abortion may not, after all, affect birth weight of future babies | Young Broccoli Haters Get a Break | Cholesterol Targets Should Be Set Far Lower, Study Finds | owering cholesterol far beyond the levels recommended by most doctors can substantially reduce heart patients' risk of suffering or dying of a heart attack | Defying Psychiatric Wisdom, These Skeptics Say ’Prove It’ | New Microbes Could Become the ’New Norm’

| Thawed Ovary Tissue Yields Healthy Embryo | Yahoo! News - Brain Changes Seen in Gay Sheep, U.S. Study Finds | Yahoo! News - Defibrillators Cut Death Risk by Wide Margin | Coffee is 'health drink' says Italian | Visuospatial tasks during trauma may reduce intrusive memories of that event | State-required continuing medical education does not affect heart attack care | Heart attack deaths increase during winter holidays | Implantable cardiac defibrillator use significantly lowers heart failure mortality | New test detects cirrhosis of the liver in an early stage | Device detects, traps and deactivates airborne viruses and bacteria | Sequencing project results in six-fold reduction of effective size of maize genome | Needles stuck in brain for 29 yrs (March 5, 2004) | Teen brains show low motivation | Yahoo! News - Parents' Example Vital in Children's Eating Habits | Yahoo! News - Pain Relievers Work Against Blood Pressure Drugs | Yahoo! News - Sweet White Potato Extract May Help Curb Diabetes | Sunny Solution Lotion speeds DNA repair, protects mice from skin cancer Science News Online, March 6, 2004 | Killer Waves Scientists are learning how to predict tsunami risk | Yahoo! News - Violence Against Women Terrifyingly High - Amnesty | Extracts of sage and lemon balm may help to improve memory and behavioral problems in people with Alzheimer's disease | Why Cousins Wed | Gallstone Disease | Smoking linked to blindness

| Pre-eclampsia linked to increased cancer risk | Long term risks of medical radiation often ignored | cauliflower...dark lettuces, such as romaine and red leaf lettuce, spinach, broccoli and Brussels sprouts...carrots, winter squashes, sweet potatoes | cantaloupe, oranges and grapefruit...tomatoes, red peppers and strawberries | Rinse with an antiseptic rinse | Innovative reconstructive surgery improves appearance, outcomes for skin cancer patients | Depressed moms want pediatricians to hear them | may help explain why the U.S. has experienced more severe and widespread outbreaks of the West Nile virus...than Europe has | the research...does not prove a connection with West Nile disease in humans | The evidence here is anything but solid | Yahoo! News - Study Obese Women Earn 30 Percent Less | Yahoo! News - Study Warns U.S. Facing Asbestos Crisis | Yahoo! News - Working Poor Face Higher Obesity Rates | as reliable access to healthy food declines, the likelihood of being overweight goes up | Yahoo! News - Acupuncture's secret Blood flow to brain | Painkiller linked to rise in overdose deaths | Mysterious virus may thwart HIV | studies of thousands of patients failed to find any link to disease in the liver or anywhere else | Pioneering treatments for irritable bowel syndrome, post traumatic stress disorder | Freeze-dried sperm can fertilize rabbit oocytes | Hopkins researchers find MRI useful tool in diagnosing inflammatory bowel diseases in children | Educational program increases some safety behaviors for older drivers

| Internet program and videos net nutritional benefits for kids | Dairy, moderate fat, carbohydrate intakes reduce obesity in young teens | Yahoo! News - US Surrogate Mother Gives Birth to Own Grandkids | Autopsies have dwindled for a number of reasons | Researchers Retract a Study Linking Autism to Vaccination | Deep Brain Stimulation Restores Quality Of Life For Parkinson’s Patients | Discarded Cell Phones, Printers, Keyboards May Be Hazardous Waste | Vitamin B-12 levels linked to bone loss in aging women | Light-sensitive gloves reduce risk of germ transfer | Gonorrhea test may give false-positive results | A Shortage of Meningitis Vaccine | Transporter’s function provides support for eating vegetables, limiting antibiotics | Improving treatment of medulloblastoma, a common childhood brain tumor | Cancer health risk significantly underestimated by EPA's ambient model estimates | Providing cribs may help protect at-risk babies from SIDS | Yahoo! News - Study Anti-Bacterial Soaps Don't Deliver | Rapid growth linked to childhood cancer | New index measures risk of death from blood clot | Cleansing The Blood Of 'Bad' Cholesterol | Crystal methamphetamine use increases HIV risk | Widely used anti-nausea drug may interfere with cancer chemotherapy | Linezolid is superior treatment for drug-resistant pneumonia

| a combination of two drugs can cut the transmission of HIV from pregnant women to their babies to ...just 2 per cent. | Deaths Go Unexamined and the Living Pay the Price | saffron has been a versatile medicine since 3,500 years ago | Bacteria Run Wild, Defying Antibiotics | Even With Vaccination, the ’Whoop’ Is Back | Hygiene Got Germs Regular Soap Will Do | most common infections are caused by viruses, not bacteria...people at higher risk for infectious diseases should use alcohol rinses or wipes instead of soap | Targeted antiviral prophylaxis of flu case contacts could successfully contain pandemic influenza | Eat That Big Healthy Breakfast and Lose Weight | The Girl Who Feels No Pain | Yahoo! News - Breast-Fed Babies Have Lower Blood Pressure -Study | Yahoo! News - Greek Scientists Find Way to Weaken Cancer Cells | Yahoo! News - Study Asthma Rampant Among Homeless NY Children | Dads miss opportunity to learn about their kids | Adolescent survival rates for osteosarcoma have not improved for 20 years | Cough and cold care kits reduce antibiotic use | Celebrity friends key in teen development | Fat It isn’t always bad for the heart | Minors able to buy nicotine replacement therapy products | Screening removes West Nile from bood supply | Orthokeratology contact lenses cause permanent vision loss in children | NIH researchers test promising new therapy for blinding eye disease

| Blacks at greater risk for developing cataracts | Wavefront-guided LASIK improves contrast sensitivity | Patients should be consulted before dialysis treatment begins | Ohio woman gives birth to six babies in one minute - Feb. 27, 2004 | Yahoo! News - Vitamin D gains favor as health key | Long Flights and Thrombosis | Yahoo! News - Folate Strategy in U.S. Works Better Than Thought | arousal and desire are often disconnected in women | psychology is more important in their sexuality than it is in men's | the disconnection between arousal and desire in many women was so profound that they often don't have any desire for sex until they are physically in the act of lovemaking | Drugs limit deadly side effects of graft-versus-host disease | Yahoo! News - Cutting Out the Cadaver | Yahoo! News - People Don't Eat the Right Fruits, Veggies Experts | Yahoo! News - Elderly With Pneumonia Need Antibiotics Quickly | Yahoo! News - History of mental illness doesn't prevent gun buys | Yahoo! News - Vitamins could help 2 billion kids | Lactation program increases rate of breast feeding | University of Toronto scientists light a path for new nerve cells | Odorants enhance survival of olfactory neurons | Study points to possible cause of asthma exacerbations | as much as 90% of antibiotics fed to food animals are excreted unchanged in animal feces and urine

| Mouse model mimics real-world plague infection | Yahoo! News - UVA Rays May Play Bigger Role in Skin Cancer | US Medicare seen in the red in 2004-trustees | Is Hidden Mold at Home Making You Sick | Why is ours so awful | Making smart drugs that deliver the right kind of punch | Almost half of rural North Carolina Adults report using 'home remedies' | Be picky when served large portions | Artificial prions created | Ingredient in asthma inhaler drug may counteract inhaler benefits, according to Pittsburgh study | HIV-blocking microbicides go on trial | A little music with exercise boosts brain power, study suggests | Cholesterol-lowering drugs may help stroke patients get well | New insight into how tumors evade the immune system | Smoking linked to accelerated cognitive decline in the elderly | New guidelines recommend early neuroimaging tests for cerebral palsy and related disorders | Lack of parental support during childhood is associated with poorer adult mental & physical health | Study finds little effects in patients who take prescription drugs and dietary supplements | Collagen level can impact risk of incontinence and prolapse in women | New study highlights misunderstanding surrounding risks and benefits of tamoxifen | Antibiotics within 4 hours of arrival at hospital better for pneumonia patients | Moderate amounts of alcohol may help prevent death from CVD in men with hypertension

| Too much sleep can lead to restless nights | UCSD pharmacologists collaborate on new approach to drug design | Insight into alcohol-nicotine interaction might lead to new quitting method | Excess body weight linked to formation of uric acid kidney stones, UT Southwestern researchers find | New tumor suppressor may play important role in deadly brain tumors | When it comes to allergies, Americans don't make the grade | Ribozyme package effective against hepatitis B virus | Hybrid Mosquitoes Blamed for Peculiar Pattern of West Nile Virus Spread | Safety of long-term large doses of aspartame | Could There Be Evils Lurking In Aspartame Consumption | less than one percent of those who experience a reaction to a product ever report it | a 10 percent increase in the incidence of common primary malignant brain cancer since 1985...occurred one to two years following...aspartame for beverages in...1983 | Of approximately 100 independent studies conducted on aspartame, over 90 percent have demonstrated significant health risks | Yahoo! News - Can 14 'super foods' rescue our health | recommends eating a diet rich in spinach, tomatoes, blueberries, broccoli, oats, wild salmon, turkey, soy and walnuts | The brave new world of cellphone add-ons | a high-intensity ultra-sonic electromagnetic sound cone that is inaudible to the human ear but fatal to any sperm cell within a range of six meters, or about 18 feet | Cheap blood test heralds speedy stroke diagnosis | 500,000 women...will die in pregnancy and childbirth this year and every year — completely unnecessarily | Buprenorphine may help those addicted to heroin and cocaine | Parents need to listen to their teens before the teens will listen to them | Yahoo! News - Bushmeat Sparks Fears of New AIDS-Type Virus | Yahoo! News - Baby Survives Eight Organ Transplants

| Phthalates...have long been suspected in connection with rising infertility rates, particularly among men | New study reveals big disparity between countries in breast conservation rates | New Canadian study demonstrates clear survival benefit of treatment in trials and at large centres | New monkey virus jumps to humans | Long-lasting medication shows promise for treatment of heroin addiction | Prevention program curbs drug abuse among middle-school youth | Behavioral symptoms may indicate increased smoking risk among adolescents | Novelty-seeking teens may be more easily influenced by tobacco advertisements | Yahoo! News - Muslim Veil Could Cut Cancer Risk | Healthier milk straight from the cow Cows fed rapeseed yield spreadable butter. | Afghan midwives teach expectant mothers to replace superstition with sanitation | Prototype system developed by Wright State computer engineer allows blind to 'see' | Eating a lot of fat, she said, will make you an emotional zombie | Carbs are essential for effective dieting and good mood, Wurtman says | New drug may help fight some lung cancers | Yahoo! News - 'Designer' Orange Juice May Lower Cholesterol Study | Families, media and education crucial in preventing eating disorders | New study supports use of PET scans in early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease | Current policy for complex surgery is misguided | Random drug testing in schools is unworkable | Stark differences in care at top US hospitals revealed | Novel prostate cancer marker may lead to earlier diagnosis and fewer repeat bioposies | Protease-inhibitor cocktail protects, increases anti-microbial action of promising new peptide | Loss of smell linked to key protein in Alzheimer's disease

| Laughter really is the best therapy | Genes Help High-Altitude Dwellers | Movie Experiment Hints That Our Brains Work Alike | Keyboards, phones 'dirtier than toilets'. 12-03-2004. ABC News Online | People may live 'for centuries' (March 4, 2004) | Dental caries, the disease that causes tooth decay, is infectious | Making the case for a dental caries vaccine | Nutrient during pregnancy 'super-charges' brain | Childhood obesity leads to adult diabetes, researcher says | Study examines why new lung cancer treatment is effective for some patients but not others | One million disabled adults lack adequate help with essential needs | Two better than one where lowering blood pressure is concerned | Mouse antibodies thwart SARS virus | There's so much entrepreneurship here that is superseding what is truly needed | An M.R.I. Machine for Every Doctor Someone Has to Pay | the total number of victims at somewhere between 50 million and 100 million worldwide | ’a comparable figure for today's population would be 1,750,000 | Life expectancy in the United States for 1918 dropped by 10 years | The pandemic probably changed the course of history | the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said that in a worst-case scenario 422,000 Americans would die | Tissue cells can revert to stem cells | Yahoo! News - Yoga Helpful to Some Fighting Cancer

| Yahoo! News - Protecting Your Kidneys | Liposuction fat turned into stem cells | Erik Baard reports on how antidepressants may tinker with our evolutionary mating instincts | Prenatal exposure to second-handsmoke greater for disadvantaged children, study finds | Study supports new theory for nicotine's protective effect against neurodegenerative disorders | National study Health care access for poor children improves, but gap in care for uninsured grows | Light to moderate drinking during pregnancy may lead to learning and memory deficits in adolescents | Alcohol consumption can damage hearing | Childhood abuse may predict social phobia, agoraphobia, and PTSD among adult alcoholics | Yahoo! News - Polio reappears in countries where it had been eradicated | Yahoo! News - High-Level Job Linked with Excessive Drinking in Women | Going low tech, low cost to ease the terrors of dementia | Disability researchers identify barriers to independent living | Yahoo! News - Poor Yemenis Seek Nirvana with Narcotic Leaf | Around the Globe, Drug-Resistant TB Is Rampant | When Big Brother Invades the Examining Room | Consequences Extreme Grief Is Linked to M.S. | Low frequency noise causes extreme distress to people who are sensitive to its effects | A new hypothesis about Alzheimer's disease | Yahoo! News - Experts Warn of Deadly Human Influenza Pandemic | Advice for Treating Prostate Cancer Revival | Yahoo! News - Desperate Afghan Makes an Ass Out of Himself

| Video games, not TV, linked to obesity in kids | Smallpox vaccine may cause harmless skin rashes | Life expectancy of diabetics 12 years less than others | Study finds fewer, but more advanced, colon cancers in postmenopausal women on E&P hormone therapy | High association between welfare, poor health Study | Optical glucose sensor holds promise for diabetics and intensive care patients | Home blood pressure test may be better than office test for predicting cardiovascular events | Transdermal patch as effective as intravenous pump for post-op pain control | Light Therapy Treats MS, Psoriasis | Yahoo! News - Study Parents Don't See Obesity in Their Children | Yahoo! News - Pentagon Bankrolls Swedish Stem Cell Study | Yahoo! News - Nation's 'web of safety' fails to cover small airports | Can a plant that acts like poison ivy cure prostate cancer? | Blood test heralds speedy stroke diagnoses | Experiments establish 'protein-only' nature of prion infections | Study links radiotherapy and CVD risks in breast cancer patients but it's getting safer | Older people lose out all round in breast cancer treatment and care | Combination therapy drives cancer into remission | Young breast cancer survivors suffer more long-term after effects | New diagnostic tool brings effective treatment closer to patients | UCSF scientists show prion shape affects nature of infection | Mechanism leading to life-threatening infection identified by UCSD School of Medicine researchers | New findings on nerve cell proteins show promise for reducing disability

| Scientists discover why not enough choline results in fewer brain cells, poorer memory | the diet during pregnancy turns on or turns off division of stem cells that form the memory areas of the brain..[any]..deficits can last a lifetime | Trying to Kill AIDS Virus by Luring It Out of Hiding | Beyond the Blame A No-Fault Approach to Malpractice | `Tired Blood' Warning Ignore It at Your Peril | Aging A Lesson for the Immune System | Rising Costs Prompt States to Reduce Medicaid Further | Health Insurers Gain a Huge New Lobby | Fastest-Growing Cancer In Women Identified Radiation May Be To Blame For Rise In Thyroid Cancer | Should only healthy babies be born? | The 'forgotten epidemic' killing millions - Sep. 21, 2003 | Hangovers Hit Women More Often Than Men | Hormonal changes in satisfied and dissatisfied shift workers across a shift cycle | Nasal contribution to breathing with exercise The effect of race and gender | Can heart failure impair thinking | Uninsured face higher death risk from aorta problems | New cancer patients' coalition aims to change the face of European health policy | Standard treatment for lung cancer should be changed, say scientists | US prostate cancer deaths down one third in men aged 50–74 Europe following | Epilepsy drug helps beat cocaine addiction | The Methuselah Mouse Prize | Doctors, Hospitals, ERs Struggle to Handle Wave of Obese Patients

| Starve a tumor, or feed a tumor | Study Finds Simple Way To Reduce HIV Transmission From Mom To Baby | Someone Please Make Radiation Drugs, U.S. FDA Asks | Yahoo! News - Study Links College Binge-Drinking to Marketing | Yahoo! News - Outlook for Living to Healthy Old Age Improving | Yahoo! News - U.S. religious leaders visiting China say they see no U.N. link to forced abortions | a case study of what happens when people are given free rein to have all the medical care they could imagine | Medicare enrollees in high intensity regions have 2 to 5 percent higher mortality rates than similar patients in the more conservative regions of the country | Patients in Florida Lining Up for All That Medicare Covers | Typically, 50 percent of men and 80 percent of women do not show symptoms at all (Gonorrhea) | Mobiles 'make you senile' | Half-Full or Half-Empty (bad habits and health) | Scientists find new way to preserve blood platelets - Sep. 12, 2003 | 'Human-cow' created (September 15, 2003) | Cash up, tooth fairy baby teeth have useful cells - www.smh.com.au | On the horizon of glucose monitoring A review | Study shows melatonin supplements may make standing a hazard for the cardiovascular-challenged | Tight rules, police presence may limit use of Vancouver’s new drug injection facility | Report finds 'no convincing evidence' that psychological debriefing reduces incidence of PTSD | Diabetes drug may be new tool in treating breast cancer | Sphingosine kinase inhibitors may hold key to halting growth of some tumors

| Another US airport travel hazard – dirty hands | Controlling the internal clock in darkness | HIV seen as less threatening in era of new treatments | Sensory cells for hearing and balance are fast-developing, UVA researchers find | Enzyme discovery sheds light on causes of rare disease, cancer | Phages point the way to novel targets for antimicrobial drug discovery | The risk of intimate partner violence varies by ethnicity | Women who drink may be at greater risk of cardiovascular complications than men | First year of widowhood most harmful to mental health, according to study involving 70,000 women | Marriage appears to be beneficial to women's health, but only when marital satisfaction is high | Genetic clues may show which women face breast cancer risk from HRT | Teen brain changes increase cigarette addiction | Lens Replacement Material Holds Prospect Of 'Young' Eyes For People Over 40 | New Gadget Could Help Drivers Keep Focused on the Road | Yahoo! News - Legionnaires' Bug Common in Home Water Systems | recommends that a super-heated flush be performed about every 2 to 3 months | Yahoo! News - Industry discourages study of new drugs' effectiveness | Retirees Alarmed at Threat of Cuts in Drug Benefits | Comfort Foods Switch Off Stress, Scientists Find | Medical History's Oddballs Go Prime Time | Legless prisoner escapes - www.smh.com.au | Study suggests smallpox vaccine may fight aids | First-line use of voriconazole yields better outcomes for life-threatening fungal infection

| North American mammographers prone to more false positives, study finds | Old drug works new tricks for iron overload heart disease | Overlooking racism may lead to undiagnosed mental health disorders | Some forms of cancer behave in an unexpected way | Consumer-driven health care research findings released | What Crisis? GAO Malpractice Premium Spikes Don't Force Out Docs | Illinois wants Canadian drugs | Yahoo! News - New Way to Test for Alzheimer's Disease | Study Links Older Bipolar Drug to Fewer Suicides | Federal Workers' Insurance Premiums to Rise Less Than Others' | Childhood abuse related to alcoholism in Native Americans | New blood test could detect lung cancer in its earliest stages | Heart-stopping drugs | New Commonwealth Fund analysis compares candidtes' health care reform proposals | Many children in Medicaid managed care do not receive same quality of care | Study of hip replacement patients finds 80 percent eligible for minimally invasive surgery | UCLA scientists invent search-and-destroy method to flush HIV out of hiding places in body | Brief telephonic questionnaire detects early signs of dementia | Screening for depression at primary level could be next trend in healthcare | Technique reduces time spent on radiation doses | Study shows dramatic increase in wrist fractures over 30-year span | Longer commute for cancer treatment associated with better survival | Yahoo! News - Compound Slows Parkinson's Disease in Mice

| Yahoo! News - Docs' Cell Phones May Spread Hospital Infections | Scoliosis | High dose asthma inhalers linked to cataracts | SARS fears to put burden on hosptials | Yahoo! News - Millions Condemned to Die as Health Policies Fail | DNA gets criminal status New York City policy of charging genetic material in lieu of a person raises technical and ethical concerns | Tumor-Busting Viruses | Mystery Pneumonia Toll May Be Much Higher | Japanese shocked by student gang-rape franchises [ 10sep03 ] | Chronic fatigue syndrome is rare in children | Web-based program optimizes stroke care in rural areas | Faster radiotherapy more effective in head and neck cancer, trial shows | around a fifth of all experiments in fields such as cancer and microbiology involve the wrong cells | Yahoo! News - Obesity in Children Linked with Asthma Risk | Yahoo! News - Extra Help Eases Childbirth | Yahoo! News - Britain Leads Europe in Binge Drinking | Yahoo! News - Surgery Can Reduce Breathing Problems in Obese Kids | To Your Health Controversy surrounds whole-body scans—a costly screen for silent threats | Data supports extremely early intervention for multiple sclerosis patients | Forget Botox. Anti-Aging Pills May Be Next. | May Your Days Be Long and Stressful | budget problems and other financial issues have forced more than 500 hospital emergency departments to close since 1990

| hospitals' volumes, and therefore revenues, are not impervious to the ebbs and flows of the economy | The Safety of Imported Drugs | Combining osteoporosis drugs produce no added benefit | Combining osteoporosis treatments does not produce better results | Yahoo! News - Family History of Heart Disease Tied to Birth Weight | Intense therapy beats head cancer | You Took a Pill. You Still Hurt. Here's Why. | Respiratory-pacing device found beneficial in heart failure | Cervical cancer – A single vaccine could benefit most women | Ultrafiltration device shown safe, effective and reduces hospital stay for heart failure patients | Empowerment in cyberspace - Electronic discussion helps cancer patients cope | Successful prostate surgery It's quality of surgery not quantity that matters most | Hospital care quality differs markedly by state annual HealthGrades study | People with chronic eye diseases not getting recommended eye exams | Epilepsy drug can stop cocaine use in addicts | Cellular problem discovered behind syndrome of obesity, learning disabilities | Research shows therapeutic cloning can cure Parkinson's-like disease in mice | Measles Cases Rebounding in Affluent Society (washingtonpost.com) | Yahoo! News - Study Cloned Cells Cure Brain Disease in Mice | Yahoo! News - Survey Minorities Feel Cheated in Health Care

| Yahoo! News - Health Experts Not Heeding Skin Cancer Warnings | Yahoo! News - Cash-Strapped States Curb Medicaid Drug Lists | One use every seven years makes automated external defibrillators a good buy | Yahoo! News - Scientist Research Error Undermines Drug Warnings | Yahoo! News - Fish-Oil Fats May Stop Cancer Weight Loss | Bush Administration Ignores 44 Million Uninsured in U.S as it Awards Contract for Universal Health Care in Iraq | Mass. Firm Wins Contract for Iraq's Health System (washingtonpost.com)

| Yahoo! News - Flame retardant found in breast milk | Their PBDE levels were the highest in the world | Yahoo! News - UN Sounds Alarm Over 'Brain-Killing' Drugs | Yahoo! News - S.Korean Study Links Low Cholesterol to Suicide | Yahoo! News - Test May Give Early Alzheimer's Detection | Yahoo! News - Hormone Therapies Offer Breakthrough Against Some Cancers | Health of independent clinical trials in danger, scientist warns | Retinoblastoma survivors face increased risk of a second cancer | More children survive cancer but the after-effects present a challenge to doctors | Sandia nanolaser may help extend life-spans by rapidly analyzing possible neuroprotectant drugs | Internet chat room operators should provide children with virtual panic buttons to help protect them from online pedophiles | New Treatment For People Who Experience Dizziness Upon Rising | Chemists Pioneer New Antibiotics And Nano-Sized Delivery Vehicles | Thalidomide's Surprising Act IV | Yahoo! News - U.S. Abortion Policy Hits Clinics Abroad -Study | Yahoo! News - Study U.S. Workers Curb Habits as Health Costs Rise | Yahoo! News - Energize Your Exercise Routine

| Proposed Rule Would Ease Stance on Feeding at Nursing Homes | Kids influenced by junk food ads | Eye scanner introduced to test for drugs in the workplace | Movie stars get hung up on KGB's anti-hangover drug | Sick Kids researchers link maternal folic acid intake to decrease in deadly childhood cancer | Fetal surgery for spina bifida shows early benefits in leg function, fewer shunts | Improved procurement could more than double availability of life-saving transplant organs | Sudden cardiac death New risk factor first identified in Illinois family by SLU cardiologist | Small changes in hospital practice bring significant benefits to rectal cancer patients | Survival figures for cancer in Europe show large differences between countries | Academic clinical research is under threat from the EU | Nordic collaboration gives new insights into adjuvant chemotherapy | Antigen targeted in therapy for melanoma also prompts immune response in brain tumor cells | Genes can individualize treatment for high blood pressure | Deep brain stimulation offers benefits against Parkinson's | Black Henna 'Tattoos' May Leave Lasting Damage | Yahoo! News - Researchers Overcome Quirk to Clone Rat | Yahoo! News - France, Austria Lead in Cancer Survival | New weapon may help flush stealth stashes of HIV in cells | Making tiny plastic particles to deliver lifesaving medicine | Stunting growth harms women's fertility | Immune alarm system can both amplify and silence alerts, scientists find | Obesity can be harmful to your child's mental health

| Yahoo! News - Male brains give clues to nagging questions | For millennia we have raged against the dying of the light. Can science save us from that good night | Invasion of the high-tech body snatchers | 'Nodding disease' hits Sudan | the institutes had allowed drug companies to reap large profits from drugs like Taxol developed with public money | Energy Dept. Seeks Power to Redefine Nuclear Waste | Institute scientists offer tips for keeping children healthy and happy | Study Racial, ethnic disparities seen in all types of pain | New way of examining lymph tissue detects hidden melanoma | Chronic pain treatment, rehabilitation, and quality of life | Slashdot 3G Waves Causes Headaches, Sharpens Memory | It is child abuse, what we're doing with our kids | Health disparities between radical groups affect joblessness | Research offers insight on treatment for hereditary eye disease | Study 3G phones can make brain hurt - Oct. 1, 2003 | Non-human Molecule Is Absorbed By Eating Red Meat According To Study By UCSD Researchers | Rise In Uninsured Follows Big Jump In Costs

| The Great Pharmacy To the North (washingtonpost.com) | Big on HGH (washingtonpost.com) | Post-stroke treatment with antidepressants appears to reduce death rate | Baby study links antibiotics to asthma | Dating, delinquent friends key reasons why early puberty linked to delinquency in girls | Trojan Horse technique may slow growth of tumours | Researchers identify novel treatment for polycystic kidney disease in animals | Delays in heart attack care erode the difference between two emergency therapies | Does stress-induced impaired pressure natriuresis contribute to renal disease? | New study of obesity, genes and socio-economic status uses individual growth curves | Does a new hypothesis help explain higher levels of hypertension among African-Americans | Largest study to date finds radiofrequency ablation is best treatment for benign bone tumor | MRI accurately depicts spread of cancer to bone | Contrast mammography reveals hard-to-find cancers | Disclosure at the Medical Journals | Big Increase Seen in People Lacking Health Insurance | the proportion of people who were uninsured to 15.2 percent, from 14.6 percent in 2001 | Yahoo! News - AIDS Exacerbates African Food Crises -Aid Agencies | Safety Tips for Online Teens | High blood pressure does not accelerate age-related cognitive decline | Sunscreens fail to offer full protection | What if There Is Something Going On in There? | 'Consciousness' Reality Programming | ‘Good’ chemical, neurons in brain elevated among exercise addicts | Tiny 'test tubes' may aid pharmaceutical R&D | Yahoo! News - Grapefruit Juice and Medication | Yahoo! News - Hair-Raising Facts About Head Lice | Researcher connects dreams to creativity | Teen Herbicide | Africa bottom of 'life' log | Seniors flock to Mexico for medicines | Tribe of 'sea gypsies' discovered [07jul03] | Lightning strikes woman's tongue stud | Science crimes remain mostly hidden | HIV spreading widely in India | the most effective ways to deter the bloodsuckers | Report Challenges Medicare Reform Bills (washingtonpost.com) | A hospital employee accidentally cut off part of a newborn baby's toe while trying to remove a security tag | The Pentagon is firming up a plan to draft thousands of doctors, nurses and other health-care specialists | Your 'Natural' Role Boss or Worker Bee | Smart Body Parts | Environmental Working Group Nuclear Waste Route Atlas | Oil industry tool sniffs out cancer | Device makes Crown Victoria even more likely to burn

| Silencing physicians Bush administration unwisely interferes in doctor-patient relationships | 20 Percent of U.S. Nursing Homes Cause Residents Harm | 17-year study confirms that lead in the soil descends slowly | Evolutionary 'fast-track,' in which the hunted outwit their hunters, could explain why human diseases progress so rapidly | Flavour enhancer could cut salt, sugar and MSG in food Tasteless compound first found to heighten more than one taste. | the Sr isotope ratio provides clues about a person's origins | Is our use of certain antibiotics helping to spread phages, which may also encourage the spread of virulence genes? | Older drug could have exciting new role in treating colorectal cancer | Maine vies for health care triple-crown | Aids cash goes to US bio-defence | personality is reflected through music | Awareness, technology can cut stress injuries for computer workers | wide gaps in the health and access to care among California's children under 6 years of age | AIDS in South Africa The Invisible Cure | The neurochemistry of psychedelic experiences | The parents of Africa are dying of AIDS, and their children are fighting to live | Study Nodding or Shaking Head Changes Opinion | Researchers publish guidelines for Web addiction | UGA research describes mental health among Guatemalan refugees 20 years after Civil War | Canadian hospitals below standards for preventing infection | Nearly 3.2 million American women 50 and older suffer from debilitating dry eye syndrome | Unusual UNC research confirms drivers face multiple distractions | Fast-acting ebola vaccine protects monkeys | Iraq pneumonia spate baffles US | Fewer healthy foods offered in poor, black areas of LA | Purdue scientists discover why we’re all lefties deep down | The Bush administration will soon propose significant cuts in Medicare payments for cancer drugs | A Fight for Free Access To Medical Research (washingtonpost.com)

| Study surprise Gaming can be good for you | Anemia Is Risk Factor For Physical Decline In Older Adults | March of Dimes supports top scientists, new study finds | Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center study shows retinoids kill childhood brain tumor cells | Hidden haemophilia' cuts heart risk | Welsh have 'survival gene' | Hospital SARS Outbreak Shows Masks Not Enough | Cause and Effect Acne A Visible Outbreak of Stress | At Risk Cholesterol Takes Aim at Kidneys | Book Review MERCHANTS OF IMMORTALITY | Want to live 350 years Experts say it's doable | Yawning after you do shows empathy study | Mysterious and fatal pneumonia puzzles Army | 7 more cases of mystery illness | Malnutrition Causes 60% Death Among Children - Minister | The composition of the gut microflora, the community of microbes in the intestine, are very poorly understood, but they are crucially important to our health | Doctor-Assisted Deaths Increase in Europe | Physicians' emotional responses to patients' deaths increase with care length, says Pitt | ID Migraine screener found to be highly reliable in detecting migraine in undiagnosed patients | They can triple or quadruple the life of brain cells | UCF brain cell research spawns hope for longer life | Endostatin Also Effective On Head And Neck Cancers | Natural Hormone Could Reverse Heart Damage | Infants More Vulnerable to Serious Brain Injury From Falling Than Previously Thought | Drug may eliminate transfusions in patients with blood disorder | Study shows new drug reduces advanced Parkinson's disease symptoms | Muscle power aid also boosts brain power | Boy survives after growing in abdomen | Gulf War II Syndrome Military Equipment and 'Pneumonia' | Australian Scientists Propose West Nile Vaccine | Plans to Change Health Corps Blasted Damage to Programs, Agencies Feared | Breast cancer program for low-income women suggests importance of access to screening | The Trojan Clot-Buster Drug-Coated Red Blood Cells Destroy Blood Clots From Within

| Study links preschool snoring, asthma, and nighttime cough | Study shows pharmacist-physician partnership reduces health care costs, bad drug interactions | Vitamins C and E improve cardiovascular health in children with high cholesterol, study says | Parkinson's medication linked to gambling | Hypothesis linking flying foxes to high incidence of ALS-PDC gets boost from new study | Copper link to Alzheimer's disease | Parkinson's drugs linked to heavy gambling | Schizophrenia could cause patients to forget their medication | Memories are made of... what | When the Brain Grabs a Tune and Won't Let Go | musicians and those with compulsive tendencies are the most afflicted | 'Normal' Blood Pressure Health Watchdogs Are Resetting the Risk | Medicare Fees for Physicians in Line for Cuts | Checkups for people with no medical complaint remain the single most common reason for visiting a doctor | Annual Physical Checkup May Be an Empty Ritual | that's a sign not only of waste but of misplaced priorities | men on average said they wanted 5.95 sexual partners over the next 10 years. Women said they wanted 2.17. | the results help explain why men are more likely to be unfaithful | Genosphere project A Citizen's Guide to the Biotech Revolution | Errors Infect Doctor Lists on Web (washingtonpost.com) | Elementary schools need a lesson in bathroom breaks | Medicare+Choice enrollees face continued cost increases in 2003, costs have doubled since 1999 | Stanford research shows targeted DNA vaccine may reverse autoimmune disease | France faces nuclear poser in heat wave heat wave | Did EPA Mislead Public After 9-11? | New Drug Promises Shift in Treatment for Heroin Addicts | Preventing Bites (and Worse) | Report Finds Threat Alerts in Color Code Baffle Public | Engineered Drugs Open New Issue of Regulation as Patents Expire | Virus Shield Ebola vaccine works fast in monkey test Science News Online, Aug. 9, 2003 | Genetic mapping bacteria could lead to blood substitute | Slashdot The Introvert Advantage | 75% of people are extroverts | False memories, failing recall are not an inevitable consequence of aging, research suggests

| Houston lawyer says secret document could shake up church | Professor predicts marriages using algebra | Merchants of death prey on India's sick | More studies warn against hormone replacement | 10 percent of Medicare beneficiaries account for approximately 70 percent of Medicare expenditures | U.S. Develops Fast-Acting, One-Shot Ebola Vaccine (washingtonpost.com) | Gel put springiness back into old lenses | Arsenic's fatal legacy grows worldwide | Jelly lenses could fix ageing eyes | Home visits from community health workers spur blood pressure reduction | Gel implant to fix poor vision [07aug03] | Injured man uses berries, pill bottle to survive six days in woods - Aug. 5, 2003 | Pfizer Moves to Stem Canadian Drug Imports | Nanoparticles to pinpoint viruses in body scans | Drugs to stave off age-induced memory impairment -- perhaps even to foil Alzheimer's disease -- may be on the horizon | Intervention decreases Childhood Pneumonia Mortality | ALCOHOL’S BENEFITS ON BRAIN POWER MAY BE OVERSTATED | New principle guides memory dynamics | Yahoo! News - 'Dead' Man Revives After Night in Morgue | Yahoo! News - Teens Get Sick on Landscape Plantings | Journal reflects rift on universal healthcare | Scientists Urge Journal Policy on Disclosures | They are `academic entrepreneurs,' not simply `scientists | Yahoo! News - Funding Sources May Influence Clinical Trial Conclusions | Yahoo! News - New Poll Support for Space High, But Public Wants Money in Health, Defense First | high doses of testosterone increase sleep disturbances that raise the risk of heart disease | Tipping the Balance of Prion Infectivity | Pinpointing viruses in body scans | New brain cancer treatment extends survival for more patients | Yahoo! News - Cholesterol Drug May Also Prevent Depression | Physicians and patients rarely discuss costs | patients pay about 20 percent of health care costs in the United States

| Ketogenic diet raises cholesterol, lipid levels in children | Most heart attacks caused by an unhealthy lifestyle | SARS virus may be back in Canada | Sex hormone 'controls fear and desire' | Sex matters in health promotion and disease prevention | Synthetic marijuana compound reduces agitation, improves appetite in Alzheimer's patients | Most resistance to Anti-HIV drugs created by good pill-taking patients | Obese individuals may be more susceptible to altitude sickness, researchers report | Yahoo! News - Teen Dies After Prized Fish Stuck in Throat | Older women urged to become lesbians [10aug03] | Yahoo! News - Treating Apnea Reverses Heart Enlargement | UCSF study finds no harm to HIV+ patients with short-term medical cannabis | Painkillers could be key in Parkinson's fight | Teen's Brains Explain Mood Swings | CRP increases in children as weight increases | Toxic protein could explain Alzheimer's and lead to breakthroughs | Promising West Nile virus vaccine protects monkeys | Drives, desires, and DNA | the male desire for greater sexual variety is universal | How To Prevent Brain Damage From Newborn Jaundice (washingtonpost.com) | For Pain and Discomfort (headaches, heartburn) | amnesia...affects about 23.5 per 100,000 people every year | Vatican told bishops to cover up sex abuse | Go Ahead, Kiss Your Cousin | Christian group fights drug plan | Unfair Treatment at Root of African American Preference for Same-Race Doctors, UC Study Finds | Nursing homes not burden to system, says researcher | Severe childhood ADHD may predict alcohol, substance use problems in teen years | Severity of ADHD in children increases risk of drug use in adolescence | For Ugandan Girls, Delaying Sex Has Economic Cost | Medical Establishment Hopes to Thwart Residents' Lawsuit | Preventive Medicine | NASAL VACCINE MAY INCREASE PROTECTION AGAINST RESPIRATORY DISEASE

| Why fear remains high as crime rates fall | Sickness records can predict employee deaths | New Therapies Pose Quandary for Medicare | An Organ Donor's Generosity Raises the Question of How Much Is Too Much | Who Owns Ancient Medical Wisdom | UI Researchers urge advances in meth abuse treatment | Many low income Medicare beneficiaries will still face high drug bills under proposals in Congress | Man rolls between subway rails, survives scare | Sleep Affects Some Memories But Not All | Cloning Yields Human-Rabbit Hybrid Embryo (washingtonpost.com) | Leading bacterial pathogen is sequenced | Almost half of all faculty on Institutional Review Boards have ties to industry | Carnegie Mellon develops new process for growing bone | Brain patterns the same whether doing or just watching, Queen’s researcher discovers | Emory biostatisticians demonstrate method to bolster accuracy of vaccine studies | Childhood leukemia survivors not receiving radiation have same life expectancy as general population | Egyptian mommy gives birth to two-headed girl | Nuclear plants' rules relaxed | W.H.O. Finds Use of Antibiotics in Animal Feed Can Be Reduced | African American teen mothers have greater risk for low birth weight and premature babies | Mind-Expanding Machines Science News Online, Aug. 30, 2003 | Fatigued neurons explain waterfall illusion | Yahoo! News - Don't blame girls, women | Yahoo! News - Girls get extra school help while boys get Ritalin | Yahoo! News - Long-Term Survival After Cardiac Arrest Up Markedly | Yahoo! News - The youngest children in any school year face more stress than their older peers and are at greater risk of developing mental illness | Mystery-death husband tells of flu symptoms, 'then a thump' | Can Toys Really Make Your Child Smarter | Stem cells shown to regenerate damaged lung tissue for first time | Rat study shows exposure to Ecstasy early in pregnancy induces brain, behavior changes | Taking Ecstasy during pregnancy may cause brain damage, behavior problems in babies | Communications training leads to better medical student performance, according to new study

| U.S. pedestrians, cyclists at greater danger than European counterparts | Childhood mental health linked to birth date | Ritalin abuse hits students looking for an exam kick | States to Fight Relaxation of Power-Plant Pollution Standards | Treatment interruption shows no benefit in drug-resistant HIV infection | Bladder cancer survival rate jumps | Bachelorette parties a sign of a new sexuality for women | Designer diseases | New Mayo Clinic approach to kidney transplants means more patients can be successfully transplanted | Immunosuppressant everolimus significantly reduces life-threatening heart transplant complications | New clinical study uncovers mechanism by which chromium picolinate may enhance insulin sensitivity | Northwestern's Cancer Genetics Program pinpoints gene that increases cancer risk by 26 percent | Comparing Prescription Drugs | Man survives horrific construction accident | New Fitness System Turns Couch Potatoes into Armchair Troopers | Scientific American Ultimate Self-Improvement -- [ INTRODUCTION ] -- The brain is still an enigma. But that won't stop us from | Yahoo! News - New Monitor Could Help Patients Control Asthma | Average Age Of First-Time Grandmas 47 | Heatwave Kills 12,000 | Asthma may be 'double disease' | Yahoo! News - A Faster, Cheaper, Better Mammogram | Yahoo! News - GAO EPA Lacked Data for Pollution Claims | New navigation tool offers a virtual world for the blind | Dental procedure may reduce risk of premature birth | Coronary artery calcium can be a warning sign of fatal cardiac event | Amphetamine or cocaine exposure may limit brain changes that occur with life experiences | Existing anti-inflammatory drug could help children suffering from an inherited bone disease | Stanford, Packard research finds better drug therapy for children predisposed to bipolar disorder | New model predicts likelihood of prostate cancer prior to biopsy | Long-term outcome of epilepsy surgery is favorable for many | Yahoo! News - Lizard Spit Drug Controls Diabetes, Cuts Weight | Rising Obesity in Children Prompts Call to Action | Yahoo! News - Experts World Facing Diabetes Catastrophe | Diuretic may help increase brain blood flow in cocaine addicts | Computer Design Yields Better, More Efficient Therapeutic for Preventing Tissue Damage

| Mayo Clinic researchers discover that donor kidney protects itself in new body | EPA to relax rules on pollution controls | The civilized way to beat your children | human life span could be extended by 30 percent if people respond to the chemicals the way rats and mice do to low calories | UCSD study on newly sighted blind people provides clues to development of visual system | Red wine chemical extends life - in yeast | Major depression in adolescence can reoccur in adulthood and diminish quality of life | Gay people the pinnacle of evolution, study says Headlines News Gay.com UK | Genetic Tests in Your Bedroom | SARS Will Appear Again, As Will Other Viruses Incubating In 'Pandora's Boxes' Around The World, UB E | What type of lens is best after cataract surgery – multifocal or monofocal It depends, study says | Prenatal Cares Popular painkillers linked to miscarriage Science News Online, Aug. 23, 2003 | In the arena of public policy, the rules of science don’t apply, even to scientific matters | Yahoo! News - Flu-Fighting Drugs for Seniors Worth the Effort | Yahoo! News - Cancer Deaths Leveling Off, Report Says | Mayo Clinic study reveals new fathers struggle with obsessional thoughts too | UCSD team finds that ethics consultations reduce futile end-of-life treatments | Scanner pictures body's hidden fat | Cutting with light | Gingivitis vs. gum disease What's the difference | Burning mouth syndrome | Blood dilution during bypass surgery associated with kidney damage | Looking for love potion number nine | Complaints prompt scientific journals to rethink ethics rules | Yahoo! News - Report Rural Areas Need Drug Benefit | Yahoo! News - A steady decrease in national cancer cases and deaths that started in 1992 leveled off toward the end of the decade | Yahoo! News - Decrease in Cancer Deaths Levels Off | Yahoo! News - Patients Given Own Stem Cells Escape Transplant | Treating older adults for flu is cost-effective, but preventing it with a yearly flu shot is better | Cholesterol drug increases pain-free walking distance | High cost of life-saving children’s vaccine may be keeping some doctors from giving it | Phone support group helps older people with HIV-AIDS develop coping skills, new study finds

| Adopting some osteopathic traits might help M.D.s boost their patient communication skills | Mental health facilities for kids called deplorable | Food for Thought (and for Credit) | Lack of Sleep Takes Its Toll on Student Psyches | Plugging hole in heart slashes migraines | Yahoo! News - Red Wine Good for Smokers, Scientists Find | Yahoo! News - Teens' Vitamin D Deficiency Brings Worry | Yahoo! News - Adding a single pill to standard treatment for coronary artery disease can save lives and reduce heart attacks | 'During the doctors' strike in the 1970s, death rates fell' | How do people in Africa want to die | Doctors are often strongly affected by patient deaths | Doctors over-estimate survival of terminally ill patients | Families cope better after euthanasia than natural death | Is legalising euthanasia premature | COLLAGEN-BASED WOUND SEALANT | Anemia elevates risk of physical decline in older people | Anemia is risk factor for physical decline in older adults | New Study Sheds Lights On Reasons Behind Teenage Gun Toting | Doctors have feelings, too | Polyherbacy Prompts Need For Physician's Advice | problem of 'false memories' | Generative learning holds the promise of immunizing people against the pitfalls of false memory | Boy with ants crawling out of his eye baffle doctors | There's no shame in being mentally ill, report says | Study shows cancer detector flawed - The Washington Times United Press International | More companies are battling employee stress with meditation | Wheelchair moves at the speed of thought | UCLA study reveals surgeon shortage | 'Human dolphin' breaks record | Holding severed head in place, he defied death | Right-to-die group changes its name | Drug companies battle import proposal | Commission Finds Disarray in Mental Health Programs (washingtonpost.com) | Health Coverage Drops for Young Retirees (washingtonpost.com) | Cell-phone study More dangerous than driving drunk | 'Ape diet' lowers bad cholesterol levels | severe shortage of preventive medicine physicians | Diet as good as drug for lowering cholesterol, says study | Most women can skip Pap smears after hysterectomy | Study Negligent care of disabled leads to deaths | HEART ATTACK WARNING SIGNS IN WOMEN

| Rice makes first rapid, sensitive whole-blood immunoassay | Amnesia, confusion may signal concussion | Happy people may have more immunities to common cold | New study shows green algae extract boosts flu vaccine | Short-term dyslexia treatment strengthens key brain regions | First human tongue transplant successful | Toxic pollutant proves mercurial csmonitor.com | Unhealthy profits DRUGS SHOULD BE A COMMON GOOD | GM food risk to humans very low | A better diagnosis for ovarian cancer | Taking control Lab testing you order for yourself | Is there a way to derail the children's 'Allergy March' | Pediatric food allergies What every parent should know | Could a mandated food additive aimed at better fetal development be a risk for seniors | a surgeon who bungled a woman's sterilisation is liable for the cost of bringing up her child to the age of 18 | Gene-stress combination doubles depression risk | Frequent flyers fears over cosmic rays allayed | Immune 'invisibility' of brain stem cells proven | Multi-tasking diabetes pill shows promise | Changes in deep brain tissue signal an increased risk for strokes | Concern over clinical value of new mood disorder drugs | Anti-inflammatory drugs lower risk of Alzheimer's | PLASTERBOARD COMPOSITION MAY EFFECT MOLD GROWTH | Technology creates new concerns for dying older patients and their families

| Research suggests how steroids cause diabetes and hypertension; liver plays critical role | Doctors more dispirited than they were in 2001 | Almost 70 percent of residents said they had received 51 or more job offers, and more than 40 percent said they had fielded more than 100 offers | Mite-Proof Covers Alone Don't Help Asthma | Head size gives autism early warning | New oral appliance significantly aids obstructive sleep apnea patients in small study | strong relationship between high levels of fungus in the household and...increased...lower respiratory tract illnesses, including croup, pneumonia, bronchitis, and bronchiolitis | Can masturbating keep the doctor away | Antidepressant helps alleviate compulsive shopping disorder, Stanford researchers find | Masturbation could protect against prostate cancer, study suggests

| Those that had the greatest acceleration of head growth also had the most severe autism | New way of treating elderly patients with delirium defies conventional medical wisdom | Emory scientists find anti-tumor compounds in magnolia cones | Inflammation blocks impact of heart healthy diets for some | Teens' distorted body image may lead to unhealthy behaviors | Medicare waiting period leaves over 1.2 million seriously disabled without secure health insurance | Most older people in deprived areas are at risk of social exclusion | Diabetes and Heart Failure Patients Often Treated with Diabetes Medications Considered Unsafe | Researchers Identify Two Types of Childhood Reading Disability With Different Brain Patterns and Different Outcomes | a small area of skin near the eyes and the nose is the point of entry for the brain temperature tunnel | Why do we dream | High-tech 'Batcanes' for the blind | A truly preventive medicine, capable of tackling degenerative diseases like arthritis and Alzheimer's, will be based on diet supplements, not drugs. Drug companies don't like it | Nutrition—the new medicine | Throughout human history the leading causes of death have been infection and trauma. Modern medicine has scored significant victories against both | the major causes of ill health and death are now the chronic degenerative diseases, such as coronary artery disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, macular degeneration, cataract and cancer | Type B malnutrition is a major cause of chronic degenerative diseases | In Finland, simple dietary changes which halved heart attacks and strokes during the 1980s and 1990s led to significantly reduced drug sales | the next wave of healthcare will be food, and the point of delivery will shift from the pharmacy to the supermarket checkout | Percentage of Americans depleted in vitamins

| Study Shows Celebs Have Medical Muscle | Modified mice show super-healing powers | Biological clock more influenced by temperature than light | Drug combination extends survival in mesothelioma | Brain calcium sensor reflects cognitive deficits of Alzheimer's disease | Men with 3 of 5 metabolic abnormalities risk diabetes, heart disease | Scientist proposes new theory of aging | Antibiotic treatment without diagnosis for patients with a sore throat is not cost-effective | There was a striking association in women between being overweight at 70 and developing Alzheimer's disease (AD) ten to 18 years later | Study Couric's colonoscopy caused cross-country climb in colon cancer checks | Study identifies factors increasing risk of psychosocial problems among disabled children | Suicide risk among alcoholics appears to increase with age | Message to pediatricians advise parents to limit movie access to reduce chances of teen smoking | Changing focus of traditional hospital 'rounds' improves patient care | Depression in African-American men may be barrier to high blood pressure control

| Age-Related Stem Cell Loss Prevents Artery Repair And Leads To Atherosclerosis | With Gates's Help, Immunization Initiative Surges (TechNews.com) | approved damages as high as $100,000 to compensate a spouse for the loss of love | Experts Memory Loss Often a Focus Problem | Brain stem cells are not rejected when transplanted | New Approach for Halting Liver Tumors' Blood Supply Shrinks Tumors and Extends Survival In Mice | Long-term, heavy smoking doubles the risk of more aggressive prostate cancer in middle-aged men

| Studies demonstrate differing response from left and right colon tumors | Cadmium exposure and risk of breast cancer Is there a relationship | Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug Applied to Skin Lessens Muscle Soreness | certain jasmines can be hallucinogenic | Sleeping on it works | sleep deprivation below six hours impairs cognitive function | Deadly horse disease rampages across US East Coast | Researchers search for cause of delayed sleep phase syndrome | Food May Trigger Life-Threatening Asthma | perhaps some of the life-threatening asthma that we are seeing may in fact be related to food allergic reactions and have been misdiagnosed only as asthma | Are smoke free hospitals unethical | Brains hardwired to underestimate own strength | Blood test may predict multiple sclerosis | GM vaccine for peanut allergy shows promise | Diagnosis Gets Girl, 5, Out of Wheelchair | A Drink to Your Health | Patients' depression better predictor of poor quality of life | Researchers envision intelligent implants | Brain rewiring during learning boosted by drug | New test opens prenatal genetic diagnosis to all | Wildlife markets and disease transmission | Survival of patients with lung failure depends on health of other organs | Crash victim wakes up after 20 years in a coma | A pill to help children read [09jul03] | Backlash surprises genetic engineers | Bizarre sleep behavior can be terrifying | Disciplined Doctors Disappear From Medical Board Site | Green Aid The Marijuana Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc. | UCLA-led study challenges bipolar depression treatment guidelines | Air dried sperm could allow home storage | STRATEGIES TO BOOST WOMEN’S MULTIVITAMIN USE FALL SHORT | Study Hurricane Floyd boosted long-term use of N.C. emergency rooms, outpatient services | how the body's immune system fights an enormous array of antigens, employing a delicate balance of mutations | Aborted fetuses could become unborn mothers | Womb transplants for women 'three years away' | The Japanese are a bit different. They have practically no heart disease | Five Unhealthy Practices You Can Live With | For Some Teens, a Severe Persistent Headache Is a Nasty Fact of Life -- and Relief Can Be Elusive | Enter a Teaching Hospital in July and Your Care May Fall to A Brand-New Medical Intern. Fear Not, Says One Former Rookie | Dr. Koop- Experts No Proof That Vitamins Prevent Disease | Embryonic hope for damaged spines | New Study Reveals Anger Management Helps Northern Ireland Fire Fighters Handle Stress | Surrogate mothers have no doubts about handing over the baby | Standard depression treatments found effective for low-income minority women

| Is Pot Safe? | Fourth of July grilling should start with irradiated hamburger | Gender preferences in 'comfort' foods stem from childhood | Scientists focusing on how exercise raises immunity | Mechanism Found That Weakens Caregivers' Immune Status | Reducing nationwide obesity starts in neighborhoods | Medical expenses similar for white, black, hispanic Medicare seniors | Emergency treatment for chest pain saves lives | Publishing surgeons' performance may encourage risk averse behaviour | Drug improves the sense of touch, Science study says | NIH Scientist Says He's Paid To Do Nothing (washingtonpost.com) | Wouldn't it be better to be spending the money on doctors and nurses than to be contracting out and losing money | About 20% to 25% of SARS patients end up on breathing machines, and approximately 40% of those die | the existing structure of the Commissioned Corps dates back decades and is no longer suitable to help it meet the demands made upon it | left the Commissioned Corps fractured and decentralized | Taking a Quick Swipe at Cancer | 'Federal civilian retirees, including members of Congress...should not face a situation in which they must rely on Medicare' | 15 percent of students are sexually abused by a teacher, principal, janitor or other member of a school's staff | Blacks more likely to be shot than whites even when holding harmless objects | Breast fluid a better option for detecting cancer | The Mouth Linked to Bed-Wetting, Ear Infections and Tension Headaches | ESA helps Sun-fearing kids | Nanotech strategy could create new organs | Strangers arrange suicide pacts via Web - Jul. 8, 2003 | Rare Versions Of Immune System Genes Stave Off HIV Infection | Testing Method May Be Culprit Behind Abnormal Pap Test Results | Meeting emotional needs of family makes a difference in the ICU | Sleep disorders linked to faulty brain chemistry, study finds | Spectrum of West Nile symptoms includes paralysis | 31 percent of more than 700 doctors surveyed say they sometimes withhold medical information about treatment options from patients | The ethical issue is that we no longer work for patients since we are no longer paid by them | Are Doctors Withholding Treatment Info? | Untangling the Roots of Cancer -- [ BIOTECHNOLOGY ] -- Recent evidence challenges long-held theories of ho | man survives falling the equivalent of 12 stories down open manhole | Injuries Cost China Over $12 Billion A Year | Cholesterol test at 50 spots those most at risk of heart disease | Critical infrastructure research improving public safety | The uninsured turn to the emergency department for dental complaints | Pox to pimples; study says acne-like outbreak not vaccinia | an innovative way to speed the healing of severe bone breaks | Novel cancer drug achieves significant response rate in advanced multiple myeloma patients

| Mediterranean diet backed as a whole | Simple solution for safer peanuts revealed | Counselling can add to post-disaster trauma | Whose DNA Is It Anyway? | One Pill to Cure All | New Drug Plan Far From Cure-All, Retirees Find | Muslim babies’ MMR jabs have traces of pork | High-Tech Device Allows Quadriplegic Man to Take | Better pharmaceuticals cost more | New study demonstrates bone protein can reverse kidney failure | How alcohol use may worsen hepatitis C infection | Restaurants and hotels that go smoke free will not lose dollars by doing so -- contrary to popular beliefs -- and some may even gain revenues | Scientists find genetic link between cancer and premature aging | Ex-Coke worker says some machines tainting drinks | Drug synergy boosts malaria treatment | receiving a traffic ticket reduces a driver's risk of dying in a crash by 35 percent in the weeks following the citation | Australian Miner Amputates Own Arm After Being Trapped in Shaft | The Deeper Problem (healthcare) | Gut reaction A bacterium that causes ulcers and stomach cancer is on the decline, but not everyone is celebrating. John Whitfi | Food Packaging Often More Hype Than Truth, Consumer Groups Charge | NASA to study man who survives on liquids and sunlight - smh.com.au | Pretreatment increases liver transplant survival in rats | First study of children born after in vitro maturation indicates the technique is safe | Scientists find potential stem cells in amniotic fluid – a new source | First proof that polycystic ovarian syndrome is more than twice as common in lesbian women | Scientists find what type of genes affect longevity | AGENT ORANGE FUND | Rape, abuse common in Japan's schools | Cutbacks and skepticism about its effectiveness bring an end to Maryland's largest DARE program | Western countries exploit nursing problems elsewhere to shore up their own health services | A Close Look at Human's Underwater Vision (washingtonpost.com) | Daily hormone shot helps take off pounds, research shows | 06.19.2003 - Researchers warn that AIDS in India could become as dire as in Africa

| Former Rite Aid chief pleads guilty to conspiracy | Independent Science Panel Report on Genetically Modified Food and Crops | Great-granny to be a mum at 79 (June 18, 2003) | Want to be a cyborg? You already are, says author Andy Clark | FDG PET accurately evaluates infection and inflammation | Osteoarthritis patients can benefit from radiosynoviorthesis | Hot proteins may sharpen DNA tests; Help bioprocessing | Reading disabilities can develop quite suddenly after the primary grades | Study of dynamic systems could lead to fewer falls, smoother rides | ENBREL provided rapid and significant relief for psoriasis patients in second pivotal study | Once weekly ENBREL significantly reduced rheumatoid arthritis pain, inflammation & improved function | Molecular 'Piggyback Ride' carries Alzheimer’s protein into brain | Pain really is 'all in the mind' | Teens, and now DEA, are on trail of hallucinogenic herb | Radioactive waste found in supermarket salmon | Men could soon live longer than women, according to experts | Tot survives 25-metre drop, dad charged | Standard operation procedure exacerbates liver cancer | New hope for children with eye tumors, cancer | Risk of eye injuries from airbags very low | Best Way to Measure Pain Just Ask | Behind the Mask, the Fear of SARS | Our troops suffer uranium sickness | Troops show uranium sickness signs, claims expert | They filter out things like breast and prostate cancer (sites) and to have to go to a librarian and ask for the filtering to be turned off in those situations can be humiliating | sexsomnia, in which people who are asleep proceed to initiate sexual activity with their bedmates | A London man was killed by his own dog as he suffered an epileptic fit | Study: Air in portable classrooms more toxic | SIDS 'all in the mind' | UCI researcher pinpoints cause of inherited auditory neuropathy

| Survey reveals adult ADHD often undiagnosed by primary care physicians | English babies leave parents with less sleep | Trends in private Medicare+Choice plans provide warnings for Medicare debate | New ovarian cancer hope for women | First prostate cancer prevention drug found, but not all men benefit | New vaccine based on research at UCLA may stop progression of type I diabetes

| Researching a workout device to help keep the balance system in shape | U-Iowa physician suggests possible enzyme deficiency in cystic fibrosis | Pro-choice’ suicide sites come under legal scrutiny | Study Teens' Minds Wired for Cheap Thrills | Seroquel effective and well tolerated treatment for bipolar disorder | Japan’s chilling Internet suicide pacts | Night fright For some people slumber turns into a horror movie | U.S. SARS statistics questioned in Canada | Some SARS carriers not showing symptoms | Scientists Pursue Origins of HIV | The Plasti-Bone | 'Obesity is a family illness' Research offers clues on how to stop the cycle | SARS death rate lower in countries responding aggressively to initial outbreak | IV infustions of human umbilical cord blood stem cells benefit rodents with ALS, spinal cord injury | NHGRI study may help scientists develop safer methods for gene therapy | Assertive patients are 'deepening inequalities in health care' | Low-dose 'pill' may have less stroke risk for young women | Women's first stroke more severe and disabling than men's | Surgery to prevent stroke worthwhile among those over age 80 | Study finds statins would cut heart attacks and strokes by a third in people with diabetes | Optical biopsies on horizon using noninvasive biomedical imaging technique | Shroud of germs | Maine OKs State-Wide Health Insurance | Antibodies reveal 'hidden' SARS infections | Age, race and gender influence kids and teens beverage choices | ANCIENT CHINESE SECRET MAY BEAT MALARIA | Nicotine-patch treatment works for smokers with long-term sobriety | Taste testing may help identify alcoholism risk | Consumers may have a beef with cattle feed | Girl with four eyes, two mouths and two noses born in Nepal | rapidly training physicians, physician assistants, nurses and emergency medical technicians for all disasters | Injection prevents blinding blood vessel growth in mice | No survival benefit for heart disease patients treated for depression and low social support | Colour vision ended human pheromone use | Some gun dealers willing to make illegal sales | Capricorns nation's 'worst drivers' (June 17, 2003) | Double punch’ malaria vaccine offers new hope | Killer Pricing A Breakthrough AIDS Drug Comes to Market—at a Price Few Can Afford | Ultimate Fitness The Quest for Truth about Exercise and Health | Why are record numbers suffering while pollen counts are lower than ever?

| Boy electrocuted where there was no current | Reefer gladness - Drug users in the next office and atop the corporate ladder | Iraqi man hid 22 years in a wall | Cinemas may trigger asthma | man cut off his toes, fried them up and ate them between two slices of bread after getting high sniffing butane gas | California finds 30,000 caregivers arrested this year | Calf saliva improves toothpaste | Donor cells from new source ignored by the immune system | Need a new bone? We'll print it for you | Decoded male chromosome reveals surprises | Genetically modified grass snuffs out hayfever | Rumors of male chromosome’s demise greatly exaggerated, study finds | Medication may slow progression of Alzheimer disease | Organelle's discovery challenges theory, could alter approach to disease treatment | Male Chromosome Seriously Weird | Radiofrequency, chemotherapy prove effective duo in destroying tumors | Image-guided suite of the future brings precision to minimally invasive procedure | Chemoembolization helps patients with liver cancer live longer | Brain aneurysms successfully treated without open surgery | Heart hormones inhibit growth of pancreatic cancer cells in laboratory, USF-VA study finds | First-ever images of developing dengue virus obtained at Purdue | Adolescents are neurologically more vulnerable to addictions | WHO Says at Least One Year Needed for SARS Vaccine | Survey Seniors prefer Medicare to private plans - Jun. 19, 2003 | One in three adults needs drugs to cope. 19-06-2003. ABC News Online | Cancer could be caught before it develops | Ovarian cancer cells killed by new drug | New approach offers hope to patients with rectal cancer | Half of HIV patients choose alternative medicine | Low Birthweight Link to Diabetes May Be Due to Decreased Formation of Blood Vessels | No evidence that family physicians have a lower success rate treating depression | Shyness linked to brain differences | New treatment approach may help patients with eczema | Uncertainty Plagues SARS Fight | frontline the other drug war introduction PBS | What You Should Know About Monkeypox | You ain't seen nothing yet (epidemics) | Wipe out a brief history of pandemics | A Brief and Opinionated Overview of What's Happening in the Life Sciences Today | It's Hard to Make a Human Why Clones Fail | Physicians' Group Seeks World Free Of Tobacco | High Cost Of Inaction On Health Care (washingtonpost.com) | 'We will either then mandate universal coverage regardless of individual risk assessment or abandon the concept of health care insurance leaving each individual to the luck of the genetic draw' | Questionable Doctors - Introduction

| Make way for the Bionic Man | National Schizophrenia Awareness Day Ignoring the voice within | Japan's 101-year-old bar maid | MP twins, 114, live and die together | Secret of SARS control Follow those rumors | Protecting America's Health The FDA, Business, and One Hundred Years of Regulation | Prescriptions | There is so much shame and secrecy about rape which ultimately keeps rape victims from seeking the help they need so much. We can support one another | Ehrlich Appointee Urges Universal Health Care (washingtonpost.com) | Bring Sizzle Back to a Sex-Starved Marriage | Close communication between identical twins helps them live longer | Man or Machine Part 3 Bionic Man | Peer Pressure, Alcohol and Drugs All Push Teens Toward Sex | 3-month-old Phoenix girl killed by ants during nap | Southeast Asian water babies have supreme aquatic vision | Nature or Nurture | Iraqi man ends 20 years in hiding | Deaths linked to Web suicides - May. 26, 2003 | Women benefit from rehab programs following heart complications, despite lack of referrals | Media to blame for SARS panic | Hysteria grips a forbidden city at the epicentre of a killer virus | World Bank warns of Sars effect | Economic fallout of SARS said worse than 9-11 | Virus Takes Toll on Asian Dynamos (washingtonpost.com) | fears of the illness could grow to include merchandise | Millions trapped as Beijing shuts gates - smh.com.au | Men are more than twice as likely to die during thunderstorms than are women, and most cases involve a vehicle or sports | SARS An Amazing About-Face in Beijing | Some Firms See Gold in SARS-Inspired Sales | SARS looms large for embattled tech manufacturers - Apr. 30, 2003 | Can a Disease Outbreak Help a Country? | Internet played a key role in decoding SARS genome, scientists say | Cases Thought to Be Relapses Now Seen as Other Conditions

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